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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the boxers beating Raghu. Raghu couldn’t see after they threw cement in his eyes. He recalls playing with Shivani blindfolded. He recalls Shivani asking him to hear the voice carefully. The boxers raise their hand on Raghu. Raghu beats them. The lady gets shocked. All the people watching the boxing get happy. Raghu wins.

Veer and Madhavi take Shivani in the well forcibly. Shivani sees her photo, lemon and a knife there. She asks what is all this? Veer smirks. Shivani warns them that Raghu won’t leave them if anything happens to her. Veer laughs and asks what are you talking about? Can dead people be back to take revenge. Shivani gets shocked. He tells her that he sent Raghu to death way and he went silently. Shivani holds his tshirt and asks where

you sent my Raghu. She requests Madhavi to tell. Madhavi smiles.

Shivani cries. Veer asks her not to shout. He says, nobody’s voice can reach till Raghu. Raghu is dead. Shivani says no…….She says, my love can’t die. I have full faith on my love. You both can’t do anything wrong with him. Veer asks her to shout, but Raghu won’t be back. Shivani cries badly. She shouts Raghu…Raghu….and cries. She asks Madhavi, why are they doing this with them? What they have done to them?

Veer turns Shivani to his side and tells her that you haven’t done anything wrong with us. You are making our life better. We should be thankful to you. Shivani is confused and surprised. He says you are so precious for us. Madhavi smiles. He says, we have everything but life is incomplete still. Today you will complete our incomplete life. Shivani asks, what do you want? What can I complete. Madhavi says, you can give us a kid. Veer says, you are precious to us as you are a virgin bride. You and raghu haven’t consummated your marriage.

Shivani recalls telling Madhavi about her relation with Raghu. Madhavi says, that day we have decided to bring you to our home. Veer says, we make you get out of the chawl. Madhavi says, we was finding such bride since long. Our baba said that if Veer spends a night with a virgin bride then I can become a mother. Shivani gets shocked. She asks them how can you both be so superstitious. Veer and Madhavi say that they have full faith on their baba.

Shivani says, you both have gone mad. How can you do this with me. She reminds him that Raghu saved his wife. Veer says, that’s why Raghu is still alive and tells that he would have been killed by now. He tells about the man whom he killed. He tells that he kidnapped his employee’s wife before the wedding night and that woman committed suicide. That man couldn’t collect the proofs against me and that’s why tried to kill me. He says, that’s why he called you at money square. Shivani gets shocked with what she heard.

Shivani says, you both are very bad. Madhavi tells her that society and family doesn’t let the barren woman to live peacefully. She says, we went to every doctor and failed to have a child. Our babaji said that we will become parents. Shivani asks, what you have done. You killed someone for your selfish deeds. You both are blind. She says, if you become a mother then can you show your face to your kid. Madhavi is speechless. Veer asks Madhavi to go and says the mahurat is going. Madhavi comes to her room. Veer holds Shivani and says there is no one between us. Madhavi asks Babaji to give her strength and thinks why her heart is shaking. She recalls Shivani’s pleas and drinks water. She is in dilemma.

Doctor applies bandages on Raghu’s wounds. Raghu thinks he is at peace as he managed to get the money for Shivani’s treatment. Doctor asks him to take rest. Raghu holds the briefcase containing the money and is about to leave. She hears the lady scolding the boxers for failing to kill Raghu. She asks them to go. She is about to call Veer, just then Raghu comes and asks her what you were saying? You wanted to kill me? Why. The lady says, she doesn’t mean to say that. Raghu asks her not to lie. He asks her to tell the truth. The lady says, you are misunderstanding me. Raghu warns her to tell the truth else he will call the Police. The lady gets shocked and tells him that someone gave 1 crore rupees to her for killing him. Raghu gets shocked and asks who? The lady answers Veer Pratap. Raghu gets more shocked and couldn’t believe.

Shivani asks Veer to leave her else she will shout. Veer asks her to come to him. He forces himself on her. Shivani pushes him and runs. Veer tells her that Raghu is dead. Shivani holds something and hits on his head. Veer’s forehead starts bleeding. He gets angry and slaps her hard. Shivani falls and calls for Raghu. Veer says, he is dead and asks her to keep quiet. Shivani cries taking Raghu’s name. Veer gets close to Shivani. Raghu comes and sees him on top of Shivani. Shivani shouts Raghu. Raghu angrily comes and pushes him. Shivani hugs him. Some mantras are being played. Veer gets shocked.

Raghu beats Shivani Veer and is about to kill Veer. Madhavi and Dadi comes. Madhavi asks him to stop. Dadi asks the Inspector to arrest them. Police arrests Veer. Shivani falls down. Raghu calls her name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Raghu beats Shivani ?????

  3. its a mistake raghu beats veer,am disappointed by madhavis behaviour cant veer and the wife go for adoption?stupid couple

  4. Nice episode

  5. At last, Ragu has d money, he wins love and it’s time to put things rite at home

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