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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghu walking on the road and thinks about Shivani’s promise. He thinks, from where to get the money for her treatment. The lady who runs the club comes there and tells Raghu that they have a grand fight today in the club. He says, prize money is 20 lakhs rupees as it is dangerous. She asks him to decide if he wants to earn 20 lakhs rupees in one night. Raghu refuses to have the fight. The lady says, you didn’t have money to pay for Shivani’s treatment and says what will happen if you loses Shivani because of your promise.

She asks him to choose between Shivani’s life and promise. Raghu stops her and agrees to fight. She asks him to come on that address and reminds him that he have to fight with 2 fighters. She calls Veer and informs

him that he agreed. Veer tells the lady to remember that Raghu shall not come back alive. The lady assures him that he will be dead. Veer and Madhavi smirks.

Raghu prays to God to make him succeed. Shivani comes and asks what are you doing so late in the night. Raghu says, I was praying to get money for your treatment. Shivani asks him not to worry and says I know you might be worried because of my promise. Raghu says, one has to walk on the difficult path for success and says I won’t let anything happen to you. He turns to leave. Shivani asks, when you will be back. Where are you going? Raghu says, very soon. Shivani looks at him emotionally. Raghu leaves.

Veer and Madhavi sees him going. Veer tells Madhavi that no one can stop them now from winning. Madhavi says, she was waiting for this day since long. She says, I used to see other’s children and hides my tears but not anymore. She reminds him of baba’s words that Veer has to spend a night with virgin bride then she will become a mother. Veer says, I remember, but every happiness needs sacrifice. Today Raghu and Shivani’s relationship will be sacrificed and Raghu will be dead. We will get our family today. Madhavi says, you, me and our kid. They hug. Veer smirks evilly.

Veer comes to Shivani’s room and drops a tablet in her milk. He goes out of room. Shivani comes out of the bathroom and finds the glass with no lid. She thinks she kept the lid on the glass and throws the milk in the plant. The fight starts at the club and announcement is made that the prize money is 20 lakhs rupees. Raghu comes to fight in the ring with two boxers. The lady smirks.

Shivani pretends to be sleeping. Veer and Madhavi come inside her room. Veer asks Madhavi about their family. Madhavi says, she went to atttend the marriage and she sent Shaku on leave for 2 days. Veer asks her to come inside and says Shivani drank the milk. He goes near Shivani and tries to pick her from bed. Shivani wakes up shockingly. Madhavi asks Veer, didn’t you add tablet in her milk. Veer says, yes I added, but don’t know. Shivani recalls throwing the milk. Madhavi asks Veer to take her immediately in the well. Shivani asks, it means you were doing something with me. What do you want? Veer says, whatever we need will be fulfilled if you drinks milk easily. Shivani cries for help.

Veer asks her to shout and says no one is here to listen to your voice. Shivani says, Raghu will come and shouts Raghu. Raghu beats the goons and then gets beaten by them. The lady smirks as Raghu falls down. Veer tries to force himself on her. Raghu gets up and fights with the boxers/ goons. Madhavi tells Shivani that Raghu won’t come as he must be died by now. Shivani gets shocked. Madhavi says, no one is here to save you.

The lady get shocked. The boxers get up after getting beaten by Raghu and throws cement in Raghu’s eyes. Raghu closes his eyes in pain. The lady smiles. Raghu couldn’t see the boxers and his vision turned blurred. Veer is taking Shivani to the well. Shivani tries to fight with them. Veer overpowers her. Raghu gets beaten by the boxers/goons. Sri Ram plays……………….

Shivani asks Veer and Madhavi, what she can do? Madhavi says, she can fulfill their need for kid. Shivani asks how? Veer says, you are a virgin bride. Madhavi tells her that her baba said if Veer spends a night with her then she will become a mother. Shivani gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. These people are sick

  2. Another shit show stupid stupidest show on dis planets
    Lock up the writers producers directors together with the actors n throw away d key stupid Indian people again

  3. I knew she had to become the surrogate mother. That explains Veer’s softness towards Shivani so far. Poor Shivani 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. stupid serial

  5. this is another case of deceit it means the man that wanted to kill veer was their victim may be his wife was killed by veer,and innocent raghu saved him am fed up with all this no bases for it all where is the story going?

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