Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st July 2014 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghu taking out car keys from his pocket and it falls near the bed side. Raghu bends to pick it. Veer gets shocked as Shivani is kept behind the bed. Raghu covers the way and asks Raghu to help him with the script. Raghu says, how can I help you. I will see if Shivani is awake. Veer says, she is sleeping and takes Raghu forcibly with him. Madhavi gets up from the bed and changes Shivani’s saree and makes her sleep on the bed. She sees the alta on her feet and gets shocked. Veer and Raghu come to the room. Veer gets Raghu busy in his talks. Madhavi wipes the alta from Shivani’s feet. Veer thanks Raghu for helping him with the script. Raghu says ok and gets in his room. Madhavi comes out of the room without Raghu seeing her. Raghu sits on the bed and looks

at Shivani. He thinks what had happened to you. He rushed back home worrying about her.

Madhavi tells Veer that they got saved. Veer says, but tonight is wasted as their tapasya is incomplete. He says, mahurat is only for 48 hours and says only tomorrow night is left. I did so much magic on Shivani to get her in my control. He says, don’t know what is the relation Raghu and Shivani have. Madhavi asks him not to worry. Veer says, what will happen if this continued to happen tomorrow. Madhavi tells him that Shivani is making Raghu jealous and we will also play the same game to keep them apart. Veer smiles.

Sumitra comes to her room. Electricity goes. Sumitra wonders how she will sleep without electricity. Maya comes and says you will get sweet dreams and a good sleep. She brings hand fan for her and rotates. Sumitra sleeps. Vivek comes to the room. Maya tells her that house keys are on Sumitra’s neck. Maya takes the key print on the soap.

Shivani wakes up in the morning and sees Raghu. She asks him, when he returned home. Raghu tells her that he returned in the night as was worried about her. Shivani gets happy and laughs. Raghu gets shy. Shivani says, you looks so cute. Raghu says, I am just doing my duty. Shivani asks, if your responsibility is complete now. She gets tensed and is about to tell about Veer and Madhavi’s incident, just then Veer enters their room and thanks Shivani for sending him a bouquet of red flowers with a card. He says, you made me so happy and starts reading the card. Shivani says, what nonsense. I didn’t give you any bouquet. Veer says, you are joking and laughs. I really liked your gesture. I will keep this safely. Raghu looks surprised.

Shivani tells Raghu that she didn’t give any bouquet to him and asks him to understand. Raghu says, I know what are you doing. You are trying to make me jealous and tells that he heard her conversation with Dadi. Shivani says, he was right, but now she didn’t send Veer any bouquet.

Shivani comes to Veer’s room and asks what is this joke. Veer asks what? Shivani says, why will I send you bouquet and gets angry. Veer says, I know why you gave me this bouquet as I am a producer of your film. Girls are ready to do anything for a producer. He says, you should be thankful to me as I gave 20 Lakhs rupees for your treatment. Shivani gets shocked and annoyed. He asks, did I ask anything from you. Nothing. What is wrong if you gave me a bouquet. He tries to place his hand on her shoulder, Shivani stops his hand and leaves angrily. Veer smirks.

Maya tells Sumitra that she brought pan for her. Sumitra doubts her. Maya says, I understood that I have to make you happy for my happiness. She gives pan to Sumitra. Sumitra is about to eat the pan, but then changes her mind and asks Maya to eat her pan instead of hers. Maya says ok and eats her pan. Sumitra feels dizzy and falls on her bed. Maya smiles and then calls Vivek inside the room. They tries to unlock the locker with the keys. It was not opening. Sumitra opens her eyes and asks shall I help you. She gets up from the bed and scolds them. She tells Maya that she is 20 steps ahead of her. She says, she came to know about her plan when she saw soap on the keys and says she will punish her family. Maya says, I am only involved in this. Sumitra asks her to shut up and says Saharia family will eat only once, a day. They get shocked.

Shivani asks Raghu not to take money from Veer for her operation. Raghu asks what happened. He tells that the operation date is near. Shivani keeps his hand on her hand and gives him promise not to take money from Veer. Raghu gets shocked.

Veer tries to get close to Shivani. Shivani wakes up shockingly. Madhavi asks him, didn’t you give her tablet in the milk. Shivani gets shocked. Madhavi asks Veer not to waste time and take her in the well.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wat the hell man what going on

  2. Veer pratab and his wife are so sick .they are such rich people an the stoop so low and also raghu is so dumb

  3. i asked a question sometime ago about why raghu and shivani are still in pratab house instead of facing the treatment that they came for?raghu has also made some money from the fight he was made to do so why are both of them not thinking right,the writers now want to bring horror into this or is it taking the toll of fear files?

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