Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 18th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 18th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Madhavi coming to Shivani and asks her to taste the kheer. She looks at Shivani wearing the necklace and says it is mine. Shivani says, Veer gifted me for working in his film. Shivani says, I will give it to you. Madhavi goes. Shivani wonders why he gifted his wife’s necklace to her. She thinks to talk to him. Veer is talking on phone and says he is busy at night. Shivani comes to him and says how can you do a big mistake. She shows the necklace and says how can you give Madhavi’s necklace to me. Veer says, you must be having a misunderstanding. Dadi and Madhavi comes. Shivani tells Dadi that Veer gifted her Madhavi’s necklace.

Madhavi asks Shivani, who told you that it is my necklace. Dadi asks Shivani to rest and says you are stressed

because of shooting. Shivani wonders what is happening with her. She says, Madhavi said that this necklace is hers, then why she lied. She thinks something strange is happening. She thinks Madhavi told her wrong about the Mahurat. She gets scared and calls Raghu. Raghu doesn’t pick her call. Shivani gets tensed and hopes he is fine.

A blanket clad woman(Madhavi) drops some tablets in Shivani’s milk and mixes it. Shivani comes and drinks the milk. She feels dizzy. Madhavi closes the door. Veer comes wearing the blanket to some place, may be inside the well. Shivani’s photo is placed there and a cradle is shown. Madhavi is seen wearing ghunghat and takes out her ghunghat and smiles. Madhavi throws the sindoor on Shivani’s photo and smiles. Veer smirks and congrats Madhavi. He says that the day has come for which they have waited so long. Madhavi says, she gave tablets to Shivani and Raghu is sent by him out of the city.

Madhavi says, no one can stop us from fulfilling our motive. Veer laughs. They does pranam to the devil. Veer comes to Shivani’s room while she is asleep and applies alta on her feet. Madhavi comes holding a plate and smiles. Veer says, our tapasya will be completed today. Dress her like a bride so that all the devtaas gets happy with us. All our wishes will be fulfilled today. She gives the plate to Veer. He applies ashes powder on Shivani’s forehead. Madhavi switches off Shivani’s phone. She tells that no one can stop them from doing black magic on Shivani. She says, even God can’t stop us. Raghu is driving the car and thinks of Shivani. He thinks to call Shivani and realizes that he forgot his phone at home. He stops his car and calls Shivani from the shop. He gets tensed as Shivani’s number is switched off. Raghu wonders why her phone is switched off.

Shivani is seen dressed up as bride and sleeping. Veer says, Shivani is looking beautiful. We are searching for a beautiful bride since long. He asks Madhavi, are you sad. Madhavi smiles and says she can sacrificed 1000’s Shivani for his happiness. She asks him to take Shivani to the well. Veer takes Shivani in his arms. They hear the car’s noise and Madhavi sees Raghu coming. Raghu comes inside the house. Madhavi informs Veer that Raghu has come back. They get shocked. Veer says let me think. Madhavi says, I will change Shivani’s clothes. Veer says, we doesn’t have time. Raghu will come inside. Raghu comes to Shivani’s room and finds Veer standing. Raghu asks, you are here? Veer says, Sameer demanded changes in the script. I came to Shivani to discuss the script but she is sleeping. He smiles and sweats. Raghu asks, are you fine? Veer says, I gets tensed because of shootings.

Madhavi is seen sleeping on the bed while Shivani is kept backside of the bed. Veer asks, how come you are here. Raghu says, he got worried about Shivani and that’s why came home. He says sorry and says shall I go in the morning as it is night. Veer hesitantly says it is ok. Raghu thanks her. Raghu takes out the car keys and it falls near the bed. Veer gets shocked. Raghu goes to pick the keys. Veer and Madhavi get tensed. Raghu bend down to pick it, but doesn’t see Shivani.

Veer comes to Shivani and tells her that she made him happy by presenting a beautiful bouquet. Shivani is shocked. Veer says, how do you know that I liked red roses. He starts reading the note saying thank you Veer for changing my life and giving a chance to me. Shivani looks on surprised as she has not sent any bouquet to him, while Raghu looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What the f**k is happening?

    1. Hee Hee this serial is turning into a nightmare…..
      Ha ha ha

  2. Stop the movie. Its all scrap………

    No story line, fake and on real. No lesson in it that preaches good family values.

    I have recommended my house hold to stop watching this move. It is really Bad as it has lost its value.

    Happy weekend!

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