Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivani getting shocked to see the alta on her feet. Raghu asks, didn’t you apply it. Shivani says no. Raghu says, you might have applied it for film shoot. Shivani says no. Raghu tells her that it might have slipped from her mind and asks her to sleep. Sooraj tells Sunanda that he never saw her wearing the payal. Sunanda says it is not mine. She smirks. Sooraj asks, why did you say that it is yours. Sunanda says, as everyone was quiet, I thought I will say it is mine. We can get money if we sell it. Sooraj says, very smart.

Shivani comes to Madhavi’s room for the nail cutter. As Madhavi was not in her room. Shivani starts searching the nail cutter and the alta bottle falls on the floor. Shivani gets shocked. Madhavi comes. Shivani tells her that

she wants a nail cutter and says sorry for breaking the alta bottle mistakenly. She says I will clean it now. Madhavi asks her to relax.

Shaku comes to clean the alta. Shivani asks Madhavi, that the alta is used for special puja naa. Madhavi says, she brought it for special puja. Shaku goes to bring water to clean the floor. Madhavi goes to bring the alta. Madhavi opens the cupboard to get nail cutter. Shivani sees the payal falling from the cupboard. She tells Madhavi that it is the same payal. Madhavi lies to her saying it is different one. She purchased the similar payal as Sunanda. She sees the nail cutter but tells Shivani that she is not getting it and will send it later. Shivani sees the nail cutter and goes.

Vivek applies ointment on Lata’s wounds. Baburaam looks at the price tag and says it is very costly. Vivek asks him not to worry and says he have money. Baburaam asks, from where you got the money. Maya says, Vivek saved some money from chaat shop. Baburaam gets happy and praises Vivek. Baburaam misses Raghu. Lata blesses him.

Shivani is applying Kajal in her eyes. Veer stares her and says shall I come inside Madam. Shivani says yes. Veer says, I came to meet my film heroine. Shivani asks, what is the work. Veer tells her about the film scene and says we will give a different look to enhance your beauty. He moves his finger on her hairs. Shivani says, it will be done by the hairstylist. Veer says, he gives instructions to the hair stylist. He turns her and touches her hair saying we will keep your hair open this way. Shivani feels
strange. Veer says, beautiful and keeps on looking at her.

Raghu comes. Veer tells him to go to get the camera from the supplier. Shivani says, you didn’t tell me about this. Veer says, I would have gone but I am busy. Raghu agrees to go. Shivani gets tensed.

Shivani packs food for Raghu. Raghu says it is not needed. Shivani says, she is feeling bad as he is going leaving her alone here. Raghu says, what I would have done. Shivani asks him to go and says she kept water for him. Shivani’s finger gets burnt slightly. Raghu takes her hand and blows on the finger. Shivani smiles. She asks him to pack his stuff. Raghu asks are you fine. Shivani says yes. Shaku asks Shivani to stop Raghu from going. Shivani asks why? She says it is very inauspicious mahurat after 12. Shivani says, Madhavi said that it is very auspicious mahurat after 12. Shaku says, I doesn’t understand why she said that. She asks her to stop Raghu. Shivani thinks how to stop Raghu.

Shivani thinks how to stop him. Her mangalsutra falls from her neck. Shivani gets shocked. Raghu asks, what happened. Shivani says, it is very inauspicious and asks him not to go today. Raghu picks the mangalsutra and says its hook got close. He gives it back to Shivani. Shivani says, I am feeling as if something bad is going to happen. She asks him not to go. Raghu says, I will return soon. Don’t worry. Shivani stops him and requests him not to leave her today. Raghu says, he is going for only a night. You are saying as if I am going for life. He asks her to take care and promises to return soon. He leaves. Raghu gets tensed.

Shivani worries for Raghu and says she couldn’t sleep entire night today. She says, come back soon. Veer comes there and gets close to her calling her name. Shivani gets shocked. He says I brought something for you and shows the necklace. It is a gift for doing a film. Shivani asks, why you brought it for me. Veer says, it is for my film’s heroine. Shivani refuses to take it. Veer asks why? Shivani says, it is really costly and valuable. Veer says, you are valuable. Shivani thanks him and says she can’t accept it. Raghu would have refused to take it. Veer says, I have to make you wear it. He forcibly places it around her neck and says it is looking beautiful on you. He leaves saying he is going for a meeting. Shivani recalls Veer getting close to her. She thinks what happened to him and gets tensed.

While Shivani is asleep, Veer applies alta on her feet. He says, our tapasya will be completed today. He asks Madhavi to dress Shivani as a bride, so that all the devtas get happy. Raghu comes and is shocked to see Shivani dressed as a bride.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. How sick

    1. This serial is total bull shit

  2. This serial is awesome,that’s why it’s always been in top of trp chart..other low rated bullshit shows r insult in the name of serial..

  3. Why the f**k is Veer acting like that? I hope he isn’t planning to make Shivani his surrogate mother cause that’s the only thing it could mean 🙁

  4. all this is rubbish is shivani not in mumbai for her treatment?after veer had given money to raghu what are they waiting for no one is talking about the surgery any more and why is it that shivani is always in other peoples room looking for one thing or the other what kind of careless sleep is that that a man covered in blanket will always come to carry her out and she will not wake up even raghu will not know is it every evening that their drink or food is being laced with pills?this is not making any sense at all

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