Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Raghu and Shivani following the blanket clad mystery man/woman. They hide when the person turns. The person holds the digger and starts digging the ground. Then takes out a box containing jewellery. Raghu and Shivani look on. The person turns and is shocked to see Raghu and Shivani. It is revealed that it is none other than Sunanda. Raghu and Shivani get shocked too.

Raghu tells Sooraj about Sunanda’s doings. Sooraj says, I feel sad, but not because of her. He says, I am upset that you both saw her hiding the jewellery. Sunanda smiles. Sooraj says, we are husband and wife. We do all the work together. Raghu and Shivani are shocked. Shivani asks, how can you betray your own brother. Sunanda says, one can get her loved one murdered for money. Veer Bhai

has so much money. He won’t get to know anything.

Raghu says, it is stealing. Sooraj says, he has the equal rights as Veer. Shivani says, you should have asked Veer. She suggests her to apologize to Veer. Sunanda asks her not to interfere in her personal matters and suggests her to close her mouth. Shivani says, no. She says, I will tell the truth to them. Sunanda says, do you think Veer will trust you. Sooraj is Veer’s own brother. He will trust him and not you.

Raghu says sorry to Shivani for not listening to her. I am very apologetic. Give me punishment. Shivani says, she don’t want to punish him and keeps quiet. Raghu asks her not to keep quiet and holds his ears apologizing her. Shivani pretends to be still angry. She asks him to bend. She laughs and asks him to relax. He asks her to tell. Shivani says, I have forgiven you. Raghu says thank you babyji and then says Shivani. Shivani says, I wants to tell you something. I am feeling bad for Veer and Madhavi. They are getting betrayed by their loved ones. I wants to tell the truth to them. Raghu says, Veer won’t believe it. Shivani says, now I can sleep peacefully. Raghu says, me too. He asks her to sleep. Blanket clad person comes to Raghu’s room and takes Shivani in the well. He opens the door in the well and goes inside. The man is probably Veer. Door closes.

Postman comes and gives money order to Vivek. Vivek says, Raghu sent 2000 Rs. He says, you did the right thing by asking money from Raghu bhaiyya. We can buy medicines for Maa now. Maya takes the money and says I will tell you how to use the good use of this money. She says, you will get respect in your parents eyes. She asks him not to tell them that Raghu sent the money. Vivek says, he can’t lie to them. Maya says, you are not doing anything wrong. You deserves the respect.

Shaku screams.Everyone come there hearing her screams. She tells Dadi that she heard ghungroo’s voice and when she came here. She saw a woman wearing red saree and was ready as a bride. She tells that she saw her going near the well and then she was vanished. Madhavi asks, who was that woman. Shaku says, I couldn’t see her face. Veer says, it is just your suspicion. Shivani sees a payal and picks it. She says, it is someone’s payal. Shaku says, it was that woman’s payal.

Sunanda asks Shivani to show the payal and says it is mine. It was lost since many days. I was searching for it. She says, I won’t roam here like a bride. Dadi tells Shaku, you have gone mad and asks her to sleep. Shaku says, I am saying the truth. They goes inside. Shivani gets tensed. Raghu and Shivani go to their room. Raghu asks her to take rest. Shivani rests on the bed and looks at the bridal henna/color on her legs. Raghu gets shocked too.

Veer gets close to Shivani and suggests her to style the hairs. He acts suspiciously. Raghu comes and sees him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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