Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 15th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sunanda telling the goon that she will give him the money soon. He gives her 24 hours. Sunanda gets tensed. Shivani overhears her. Sunanda warns Shivani that if she tells anyone about her then it will be not good for her. Shivani gets tensed.

Rupesh gives jewellery to Lata. Lata opens the cloth containing jewellery and gets happy. She says, this is my jewellery. How did you got it back. Maya says, it is your mother’s last memory. It should be with you. Lata says, I can’t believe and gets tears in her eyes. Maya says, we can understand your tears. She promises to get house keys in her hands soon. Lata gets emotional and hugs her saying you are my daughter. She tells Rupesh that he is like her son now.

Maya tells her that it was Vivek’s

plan to get the jewellery back. Lata thanks Vivek and says she didn’t feel Raghu’s absence today. Vivek hugs her. Lata says, I lost my strength, but now I believe that one day Sumitra will fall. Vivek says, yes surely Sumitra will get defeated. She didn’t have family strength with her. She slapped Rajesh that day and today she insulted her parents infront of us. Maya says, Vivek is right. Sumitra can’t do anything with us as we are together. Sumitra didn’t know that we will win soon. Bella nods. Lata hopes it will happen soon.

Shivani thinks about the goon warning to Sunanda. Veer comes and asks her what she is thinking. Shivani says, nothing. Veer says, I can understand that it was a bad experience. You might have scared when that goon kept knife on your neck. I promised that he won’t trouble you. I am with you. He places his hand on her shoulder asking her not to get scared. He then sees Raghu coming and immediately keeps his hand on her head saying my blessings are with you. Then he says, no trouble can come to you until Raghu is with you. Shivani senses his behavior is strange. Raghu looks at Shivani.

Vivek gets emotional thinking about Lata’s words. Maya says, Lata is proud of you. She says, you shall get your place in this house as we are fighting for our rights in Raghu’s absence. Vivek gets Raghu’s call. Vivek asks him not to worry. Maya takes the call and asks how are you and babyji. Raghu says, we are fine here. She asks him not to take any tension. She asks him, if he can send money. Raghu says sure. He will send money tomorrow. Maya thanks him.

Vivek asks her, why did you ask money from Raghu bhaiyya. Maya says, we didn’t have money. We asked our big brother naa. Atleast he could help us with money.

Shivani comes to Sunanda’s room and calls for her. She is about to leave, just then she sees a digger and gets suspicious.

Sumitra father asks her, if they shall go. Sumitra’s mom says we shall go from here. We can’t fight with Sumitra. They are leaving silently. Sumitra asks them, where are you going with bags. His parents say they are going to village and will return once work is done. Sumitra agrees. They leaves. Rajesh gets thinking….Saharia family look at them and thinks it is Rajesh’s turn now. Shivani comes to Raghu and says she got a chance to prove her point and takes him to Sunanda’s room. She shows him the digger and says it is very strange. No one keeps it in the room. Sunanda comes and sees them. She shouts enough is enough.

Sunanda says, it is too much now. Why I should give reason to you for keeping any stuff. She asks Raghu, what she shall do now. She calls Shivani to be detective. She says, she brought the digger as old one was broken. She asks, will you take me to court for this. Raghu asks Shivani to come. Shivani and Raghu go from there.

Shivani starts coughing and wakes up in the night. She takes water to drink and finds Raghu is not there in his place. She comes out of the room and sees someone going out wearing the blanket. Raghu is sitting on the stairs and thinks about his family. He looks at his family photo and thinks he would return soon. He hears footsteps voice and goes in search of him. He sees Shivani seeing someone. Shivani tells him that someone is going near the well. Raghu sees the person going outside.

They follow the person ( may be sunanda). She digs the ground and takes out a jewellery box from the ground. Raghu and Shivani are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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