The Difficult Love (Twinj) ~ Chapter 9

In case you missed the previous chapter,

Chapter 8

Twinkle’s pov,
I opened my eyes to find myself sleeping on the bed and Kunj was gone. He had promised to be with me! Why did he leave me alone and go? I was lost in my thoughts when Aunty entered inside saying “Good evening beta.” I smiled seeing her, did Kunj tell everything to Aunty? Is aunty aware of what happened with me? These thoughts again occupied my mind. “How are you feeling now? Kunj told me that you were not feeling well in the college so he brought you home.” Asked aunty with concern. “Yeah, I’m better now” I said faking a smile. “Good! Now take rest.” She said “Aunty where is Kunj?” I asked her. “He is in his room doing some project, wait I’ll send him here.” Aunty said smiling at me. She left the room to call Kunj.

Some time later there was a knock on the door and I got up to open the door. It was Kunj, dressed in a blue shirt with a white jacket on it paired with black jeans, no doubt he was looking handsome. I was just staring at him, when he handed me a box. “Wear this quickly and come, we are going for Alisha’s birthday party” he said. “No.. what will I do there? I’m not coming” I replied. “I’m not considering any of your reasons, just wear this and come.” He said in a strict tone. “Who are you to order me? I said that I don’t wanna come! That’s it!” I replied venting out my anger. “I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to hurt you” he said keeping the box on the table. He cupped my face saying “Look, you’ll feel good there! And mainly you’ll be able to forget the morning incident, please don’t feel bad. I was just saying for your good. If you still don’t wanna come, its entirely upto you. I’m no one to force you, okay.” He said and I just smiled at his care for me. He’s such an understanding man! “Thank you so much for everything!” I said smiling while he just smiled giving a peck on my forehead saying “I’m waiting for you, come soon.” He went out of the room and I could do nothing but blush.

I immediately rushed into the washroom to change my dress. I came out wearing a blue sleeveless top with black jeans. I left my hair open and applied kajal and lip gloss, as I liked to dress up with minimal make up.

After I was done, I immediately ran downstairs searching for Kunj. “You are looking very pretty” aunty remarked “Thank you aunty.” I replied. I saw Kunj standing outside with his car, and I excused myself to go with him. I could see Kunj just staring at me and muttering something beneath his breath! And fortunately I heard it, his words were “Beautiful!” I could again feel the colour of my cheek rising. “Lets go” I said bringing him out of his dream world. “Yes” he replied opening the door for me. I sat inside while he started driving the car. Soon we reached the venue, it was a huge hall, decorated with balloons everywhere, a dance floor in the centre of the hall. On the right side was a small bar, and right on the opposite side were the food stalls. There were many people from our college. “Hey Kunj” Alisha squealed in excitement and hugged him tightly. Kunj hugged her back saying “Happy Birthday Princess!” I just couldn’t see them so close together! As they parted I smiled saying “Happy Birthday” “Thank you” she replied holding Kunj’s hand and taking him to her other friends. Kunj looked back to me and I assured him that I am comfortable, which I was actually not! I moved towards the bar to have a cold drink, and I picked a glass of Coke. I was just strolling around when I saw Alisha insisting Kunj to dance with her, and Kunj agreed. They started dancing while the song played,
Yaara tere sadke
Ishq sikha
Main toh aayi jug tuj ke
Ishq sikha
Main toh yaara tere sadke
Ishq sikha
Main toh aayi jug tuj ke
Ishq sikha

I don’t know why but I was not feeling good seeing both of them dance together! I gulped down the shots without even noticing what I was drinking! I was just so engrossed in their dance. All of their friends joined them, I could see Kunj trying to come out of the dance floor.

Jab yaar kare parwaah meri
Mujhe kya parwaah iss duniya ki
Jug mujhpe lagaye pabandi
Main hoon hi nahi iss duniya ki
Tumhi din chadhey
Tumhi din dhaley
Tumhi ho bandhu
Sakha tumhi
Kunj’s pov,
I tried to come out of the dance floor as I couldn’t see Twinkle anywhere! I thought she would come behind me, after Alisha took me away from her, I was busy in chatting with my friends and that I didn’t realise Twinkle was not with us. Now after everyone had gathered on the dance floor I realised that she isn’t here. I quickly glanced around but she wasn’t there, as I walked towards the food court, my eyes struck on a girl sticking to the pole which was supporting the roof of the hall. In no time I realised that it was Twinkle! I could see her dancing with the pole and a boy drooling over her. I realised that she was drunk! Damn it! I quickly ran towards her and pulled her towards myself making her rest on my chest. “Kunj” she said grinning. I could see a sudden change in her expression, “No.. you go away from here!” she said blinking her eyes with a sad face. I must say she looked cute like this. “First of all you come with me, who told you to drink so much?” I replied pulling her hand. “No..I wont come with you, you are a bad boy!” she said again looking sad. She freed her hand placing it on her head indicating her head was paining badly. “Twinkle, calm down, come we will go somewhere else, you didn’t like this place right?” I asked her holding her by waist as she was about to fall down. I stared deeply in her eyes, I don’t know why, there’s something which attracts me towards her. She looked so innocent and cute!

Everytime every minute of the day
Tumhi ho bandhu
Sakha tumhi
Tumhi din chadhey
Tumhi din dhaley
Tumhi ho bandhu
Sakha tumh

I picked her up in my arms, so that she doesn’t fall. “Put me down! You are a cheater!” she said annoyed. “Twinkle, keep quite!” I replied but she wasn’t in her senses. She kept blabbering “Cheater! You left me alone in the party! You said that you’ll not leave me but you did! I hate you” I put my finger on her lips to stop her from speaking. I realised I had done wrong with her by leaving her alone. She removed my hand from her lips and asked “Is Alisha your girlfriend?” I was stunned by her question! Why did she even ask me this? I ignored the question and kept walking out of the hall. “Leave me…put me down, you bad boy! Put me down! Put me down! Put me down!” she kept on screaming in my ears when I finally placed her down. She started walking like a typical drunkard! She threw her hands in the air and kept on swaying her body with the music. I could do nothing but giggle at her cute antics.

Dil ki takhti par hoon likhti
Ishqan ishqan
Jug kya jaane dil ko mere
Ishqan kiska
Dil ki takhti par hoon likhti
Ishqan ishqan
Jug kya jaane dil ko mere
Ishqan kiska

She was about to fall again when I held her, she jerked away my hand and continued dancing. She kept her hand on me trying to dance with me, then continued with her solo dance. After she was tired and contended, “Kunj! Lets go, I’m tired now” she said in a low tone. I thanked God for making her tired! “Okay now lets go”, I said somewhat frustrated! I held her hand taking her towards the car.


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