The Difficult Love (Twinj) ~ Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Twinkle’s pov,
He opened the door for me and I reluctantly sat inside. He walked up to the other side and sat down on the driver’s seat. I observed him looking at me, and again those thoughts ran in my mind. A tear escaped my eye and I saw him moving towards me. I got hell scared, seriously these boys are never to be trusted, I slowly moved back and he was now very close to me, he lifted his hand and slowly put my seat belt and moved back to his place. He smiled looking at me saying “Don’t worry, I’m not going to eat you!” sarcastically. I looked at him blankly and he started driving the car, there was a complete silence in the car.

I kept stealing glances of him, trying to know whether he is really a nice hearted person or just wanted to take advantage of me in near future. In some time we reached their huge mansion and we stepped in together. I saw Usha aunty sitting restlessly on the sofa and as soon as she saw me, she came running to me. “Where were you beta? Don’t leave us like this and go. I know you must be thinking why do I care so much for you, the fact is I can see my daughter in you, who is settled abroad for her studies.” She said concerned. I just smiled saying “Thank you so much for all this aunty, I can never repay all this!” I said letting out few drops of tears through my eyes. She wiped my tears and took me into a hug. “Now you can go to your room, I’ll send lunch for you” she said and I just nodded my head with a smile. I could see Kunj standing behind me with his eyes full of jealousy, seeing him I let out a soft giggle and he gave me a death glare.

I was sitting in my room, recalling all the recent incidents, how I ran away from that place, came here and now how Kunj saved me today. I was really thankful to God for sending me here, I’m really glad to meet Usha aunty, she is just like my mom, always caring for me. How I wish my mom was with me! I will never forgive that man! He is only responsible for my mom’s death and my state! I was so deeply lost in my thoughts that I didn’t realise when Kunj entered my room and was sitting beside me. I looked at him and he wiped my tears and politely asked “Why are you crying?” I jerked his hand away and said “It’s none of your business.” “Okay don’t share it with me but at least you can study with me if you want. You can join my college if you wish to study.” He said, “Really” I asked. He nodded his head in a yes. “Have you studied before in any college? And what are your interests?” he asked me. “I have always wished to study but my fate never allowed me to do so! I’m very unlucky, I have always wished to study business management but..” saying so I looked down. He cupped my face and made me look at him, for some time I was just lost in his eyes, we shared an eye lock. He wiped my tears and I came back to my senses, I jerked away and turned. “Okay so be ready tomorrow by 9am, you are coming with me to college.” Saying so he left without giving me a chance to speak. I sat down on the bed reminiscing the moment when Kunj cupped my face when he saved me today morning and also when we shared an eye lock.

I brushed away my thoughts and thought of going to college from tomorrow. I’m very happy! Finally I’ll be able to study what I want! There was a knock on my door and I found a servant carrying books and a bag for me. I quickly grabbed it from him and hugged them. I was again reminded of my past, those days when I used to study in my school and used to come first in all my subjects. I thanked the servant and opened the books. I could smell the book, the freshness of the book, I just loved the smell. I turned the pages and looked at the topics and was very excited to learn them. “Someone seems to be very happy”’said someone from behind, I nodded in a yes and hugged the person tightly. It was after some time that I realised it was Kunj! I quickly moved back creating an awkward moment for us. “Okay so be ready tomorrow, sharp 9am.” I nodded saying “Thank you!” while he just smiled.

Thank you so much for all your encouraging comments, I’m yet to reply as I was busy in my projects. I’ll try replying them soon. So how was this chapter? Feel free in sharing your views, even the silent readers please break your silence. Are you all excited for Twinj’s college life? Do tell me through your comments!


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    Hey maria lovely and cute
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    Amazing chapter! Well won’t say much as you’ve already surprised me by posting the next chapter as well! So bye ?

  15. Aanya_pandey

    That was an amazing part dear… Bas just hoping twinkle is out from her “NOT TO TRUST GUYS”trauma soon.. hope she soon trusts kunj too.. as she trusts his mother

  16. Shreya098

    Awesome epi…
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    Hey maria
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  19. Shalini15

    Wow Maria it was amazing mindblowing episode…. loved this caring kunj… happy for twinkle that she’ll fulfill her dreams but sad for kunj bcz she doesn’t trust him…. well loved it… really very excited for twinjs college life… pls post next asap….

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