The Difficult Love (Twinj) ~ Chapter 11

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Chapter 10

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Twinkle’s pov,
I slowly opened my eyes withering in pain. I was having a severe headache. As I opened my eyes I could see him sitting in front of me staring at me with a glass in his hand. I kept my hand on my forehead trying to recollect what had happened the previous night! “Sonakshi..” he said keeping the glass aside and touching my forehead.

“Oh shit! You’re having a high temperature! Let me call the doctor.” “No..I’m fine, its okay” I replied trying to smile. “No you are not, let me call mom.” He said handing over the glass to me and rushing downstairs. I slowly tried to get up keeping the glass again on the table. “Twinkle.. what happened?” aunty called me out bringing a bowl of water and a cloth. “I’m fine aunty.” I replied, “Don’t lie, just look at yourself!” she said touching my forehead. She quickly placed the soaked cloth on my forehead. She continued saying something regarding my health but I wasn’t hearing. I was just trying to recollect what had happened yesterday. I remember me and Kunj had gone to Alisha’s birthday party and then she pulled Kunj with her and I started having soft drinks seeing them dance. And after that I dint remember anything!

After some time aunty left me alone to take rest but I was still thinking where had Kunj been all this while. He had not even come to see me. I slowly stood up in order to check where he was and also t ask him what had happened yesterday! I slowly climbed down the stairs, and saw him coming inside the house with a bag in his hand. “Hey, why are you coming down? Go and take rest, see I have brought medicines for you.” He said, “First tell me what had happened yesterday night? I don’t remember anything.” I replied, “Actually.. yesterday you and me.. now I guess you can understand the rest.” He replied making me shocked at his confession. “ What happened..?” I asked him in a choked voice. All flashbacks of my old times ran through my mind and I felt dizzy. Finally my body gave up, and as I stepped on the last step, I fell in his arms. “Twinkle..!! Wake up! I was just joking! Please wake up!” he said as I slowly tried to open my eyes with tears flowing out. He wiped my tears saying “I’m sorry. Please don’t cry, I can’t see you crying!” we being still in the same position. “Hi” I heard a loud sound, and we both looked towards the door! I saw a girl standing there with a huge grin on her face carrying a big suitcase.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I disturbed you both!” she said embarrassing us. We quickly stood properly. “Niki!” Kunj squealed in happiness and gave her a warm hug. While I just wondered who was she? Kunj has so many girls in his life! All sticking around him! I seriously don’t like him sticking to every other girl! Chipkus! “How are you princess? You know I missed you so much! You didn’t even tell that you’re coming” he said again taking her into a tight hug. “I wanted to surprise you and maa! Where is she?” she asked. “Vaise bhaiyya who is this new girl? Your girlfriend?”she asked in excitement.

Although she tried to ask that in a low volume, it was clearly audible to me! I stood there embarrassed. It was now that I understood that she was his sister. “Shut up!” Kunj said punching her stomach. “Niki” aunty came running and taking her into a tight hug with her moist eyes. “Maa..”Niki squealed. “Why are you crying mom? Ab bhi na, sad moments pe bhi rote ho and happy moments pe bhi rote ho! I really can’t understand these ladies!” she said in an irritated voice and the trio burst out into laughter. “Twinkle..come here” aunty said finally realising that I existed. I smiled and walked towards them, “She is Niki, my daughter, and she is Sonakshi my new daughter” she said turning to Niki. “New daughter?

Maa I was not here that doesn’t mean you bring one more daughter.” “Chup kar drama queen” Kunj replied making me giggle, “Hi.. I’m Nikita Sarna, naam toh suna hi hoga” she said forwarding her hand and I smiled saying “Hi..” “Vaise good choice! My bro is really a hero and you both look like a perfect couple” she said whispering in my ears leaving me embarrassed. “I’ll make some snacks for you, till then you’ll talk! Aunty said going towards the kitchen “Abhi toh drama kar rahi thi! And now secrets, uh?” Kunj asked curiously. “It’s a secret between me and my bhabi!” she said with a wink. I was all the more embarrassed and I rushed to my room feeling the rising colour of my cheeks. I blushed at the thought of being called bhabi.

Kunj’s pov,
“Oye.. stop your nonsense! She’s not your bhabi!” I said blushing inside at the thought of being married to Twinkle. “Acha.. then who is she?” Niki asked me with curiosity. I narrated her the entire story about how we met and how mom convinced her to stay with us. “Ohh! I’m so sorry, but I like her and I have no problem in making her my bhabi!” she said winking and I could do nothing but blush. “Ahh.. blushing uh, bhaiyya! You love her right?” she asked me, “Are you mad? I don’t love her!” I said retorting. “Hmm..I can see that in your eyes.” She said teasing me. I looked at her who was smirking at me. I really don’t know what’s cooking in her naughty mind!


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