The Difficult Love (Twinj) ~ Chapter 10

In case you missed the previous chapter,

Chapter 9
I was not going to continue with this ff, but it was because of Chiku that I’m posting this one. So this is again a chance for you all, if I dint get much comments now, I will stop it and I’ll not continue even if anyone wants me to!

Kunj’s pov,
“He was saying the truth Kunj!” said Twinkle, “Who was saying the truth? I think this is just the effect of your drink, come on sit inside the car!” I said sternly. “No..No..No.. I wont sit in the car! I want to tell you the truth of my life!” she said in a childish tone. “Okay then tell me what is the truth of your life!” I asked her, “Umm..Nothing” she said and burst out into laughter. I loved her cute antics, “I was just joking! And I fooled you! Yayy!! I fooled you” she said while laughing. I just couldn’t do anything but admire her. She was really a unique girl!

Dhoop paani pe baras jaaye..

Yeh.. Saaye banaaye, mitaaye

Main kahoon, aur tu aa jaaye, behlaaye

Har doori sharmaaye

Tu saath hai, ho din raat hai

Parchhaaiyan batlaaye

When she is normal, she is so quite and shy and now she’s just the opposite! “Kunj!” she screamed. “What happened now?” I asked her again pissed off at her behaviour. “I want to eat ice cream” she said and started crying like a baby. “From where will I get ice cream now? We’ll have it tomorrow okay?” I said trying to convince her. “No..No..No.. I want it now itself” she said and started hitting my chest crying like a baby. This was enough for me!

Tu saath hai, or din raat hai

Saaya sa hai, maahi ve! Maahi ve

Meri har baat mein saath tu hai

Mahi ve, Maahi ve

Mere saare haalaat tu

Maahi ve aye aye aye ye.. O..

Maahi ye aye aye aye ye.. O..

She was just acting childish! She kept on hitting my chest when I held her hands tightly and pulled her towards myself. I felt an unknown pleasure seeing her so closely. We both shared a deep eye lock. I tucked her hair strand behind her ear which was falling on her face as she closed her eyes. “Kunj..” she could barely speak, “Hmm…” I replied, “I want ice cream” and she again started her song “I want ice cream, I want ice cream…” “Stop it!” I screamed, I could see tears flowing through her eyes, did I do wrong by shouting? I quickly wiped her tears and hugged her saying “Okay we will go and have ice cream now!” I said finally making her happy. “Yayy” she squealed in happiness pecking my cheek saying “Kunj, you are the best!” I found myself blushing at her way of expressing happiness.

Haaye sataaye, manaaye, sataaye

Tu.. Rulaaye, hansaaye.. Bhi tu hi

Humsaaye.. Har doori sharmaaye

Tu saath hai, ho din raat hai

Parchhaaiyan batlaaye

Tu saath hai, ho din raat hai
Saaya sa hai, maahi ve, maahi ve

I touched my cheek where she had unknowingly kissed me. Suddenly a loud sound was heard! It was thundering. “Kunj!” she said in a tensed tone and quickly hugged me. I hugged her back feeling relieved to have her. I don’t know why she means so much to me! She really means a lot to me, I realised. I quickly unlocked the car and made her sit inside and ran to the driver’s seat. In no time I started driving the car forgetting about the ice cream. I could hear a soft voice and I turned towards her, she had gone into a peaceful slumber saying “Kunj, ice cream” I smiled as wide as I could seeing her sleeping so peacefully.

Meri sab raaz, kal-aaj, tu hai
Maahi ve, Maahi ve
Meri har udaan ek tu
Maahi ve aye aye aye ye… O..
Maahi ye aye aye aye ye… O..
Maahi ve… Maahi ve…
After parking the car I looked at Twinkle, who was busy in her sleep having a satisfying smile on her face. I guess she might have forgotten the morning incident by now! I just hope so! I picked her up in my arms and entered the house, there was a silence that prevailed. I quickly climbed up to her room and placed her on the bed carefully trying not to disturb her sleep. I removed her sandals and placed it beside the table and pulled the blanket over her. I smiled seeing her sleep peacefully and left the room not before pecking her forehead. “I like you!” I said and rushed out of the room.

I changed my clothes and laid down on the bed pulling my blanket over me remembering all the moments spent with her today. She is really cute! I kept on thinking about her as if I had lost my sleep! There was a big smile on my lips remembering her cute antics. How she was demanding for an ice cream and how he pulled her towards himself, and finally the moment when she kissed me. I tried my best to widen my smile but unfortunately my jaws started paining. I finally pulled over the blanket up to my face trying to sleep.

Next morning, I woke up quite early. I quickly took a bath remembering yesterday’s incidents, and it something struck in my mind. I immediately wore my clothes and stepped into the kitchen, “Kunj.. how come you woke up so early today?” asked mom, “Actually.. you always advice me to get up quickly so I decided to take your advice.” I replied, “Ohh great” mom replied not yet satisfied with my answer. “So why have you come here?” mom asked, “I want to make lime juice for myself” I said lying, “From when did you start having lime juice early in the morning.” She asked me suspiciously, “Maa.. why are you acting like a detective! I just want to have it, there’s no reason for it!” I said pissed off. “But I never asked you the reason!” she said making me all the more mad at her! “Maa..” I said in an irritating tone! “I’m just joking, wait I’ll prepare it for you, you go and sit outside.” She said. “Okay maa, thank you!” I said hugging her.

After a few minutes the juice was ready, I quickly climbed up the stairs and entered into Twinkle’s room without making maa realise what I was upto. I closed the door slowly and saw her eyes trying to open because of the rays of the sun. I quickly kept the glass on the table and kept my hand such that the sun rays were blocked. She slowly raised her hands and placed it on her head wincing in pain. I touched her forehead and was shocked, she was having a high temperature.


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