The Difficult Love – Prologue

“Please leave me!” a girl says struggling to free herself from a man trying to abuse her. The man does not listen and tries to molest her.

“Please leave me” saying so she pushes the man, but the man does not agree to leave her so he again forces himself upon her.

He tears her kurti and starts kissing her bare neck, while the girl tries to push him away, but the man now has a firm grip on her. He finally removes her kurti kissing her cleavage. He also goes on to unlock her bra and is successful in it. He starts kissing her br*asts and pressing them while the girl tries to push him crying harder.

Finally she is successful in pushing him, she takes her clothes and tries wrapping them around her crying heavily but the man holds her again and tries kissing her but she slaps him hard and runs away from there.


So some of you might have already scrolled down to see the author, well I’m Maria, the one who ran away from here because of the low comments. But after seeing your comments on my last chapter of ‘It was not my fault ‘ I was really happy as many of had commented. I felt really bad and decided not to quit. I hope you all support me again.

So coming to this story, this will involve some scenes like this, so please tell me if any of you have a problem. And this is just the prologue I’ll start posting the episodes only after 11th January because I have my tests starting from 4th January.

So share your views through your comments, and tell me whether I should continue this or not.



  1. Kanchi


    |Registered Member

    Hey maira I agree ki we don’t get comments same with me but we write to show our writings n all thanks to chiku di she encouraged me n well ur writings r so good as compared to me so keep writing n never pose hope love u bye

  2. Priya23

    Hey maria… I missed u so much dear.. M very much happy to see u back.. I know that u will not be able to stay away far from us and come back soon with ur another super ff…. And don’t be sad i will always support u dear…
    Now the prolg is nice and very much interesting… M very much exited to know that who’s this man and.girl.? And I don’t have any problem with ur story..and m OK with it the way u want to shape up ur story. So plzzzz post soon.. Will be eagerly waiting 4 it..
    Stay happy and keep smiling…
    Love you dear….

    • Angel20



      Hey Priya,
      Even I missed reading your comments. Yeah that’s true, I can’t stay away from you’ll. Thank you so much. Glad you found it interesting.

      With Love💕

  3. Adya


    |Registered Member

    Hey Maria di..
    Well firstly I swear a didn’t scroll down.. seriously!
    Now let me tell you that pls don’t think to stop writing this time ..Ok ??
    The plot seems quite interesting..Nd moreover unique.. We’ll wait for the next one but only after your exams..
    Studies are more important than anything.
    Do continue..
    Loads of love

  4. Chiku


    |Registered Member

    Hey maria!!! Finally u r back❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️The prologue is very interesting. Waiting for the episode.
    Post soon

  5. RUTU.....


    |Registered Member

    Hey Maria It seems really amazing I’m glad to see u again waiting for next one dear and yaa ‘All the very best for your exam’😘😘😘😉

  6. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Hey You are back 🙂 Missed you 🙂
    Interesting start Want to know what happens next 🙂 Post soon 🙂 Happy new year in advance 🙂 Love you 🙂

  7. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Hey Maria,
    Glad to see you back and I’m quite happy to know that you’ve changed your decision of quitting TU. Also, all my hearty wishes for your examination. Rock over them 😁 And no one here has problem with it, so just go for it 🙂

    Loads of Love and Support!
    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

    “Happy New Year in Advance!!”

  8. |Registered Member

    It’s super amazing….. Super Mario….. Finally u r back….. Thank u for coming back….. Best of luck for ur tests…..And intro is interesting and fantastic
    Lots of love,

  9. Ria


    |Registered Member

    Hey Maria,
    That was an amazing prologue. Looking forward to the story. All the best for your exams. Thank you so much for reconsidering your decision.

    Early greetings for a Happy New Year!


  10. SidMinTwiNj


    |Registered Member

    Hey Maria
    I’m so happy to see u back… It seems so interesting and amazing… Do continue… Waiting for 11th Jan…

    All the best for your exams rock the exams and come back with a bang…

    Happy New Year in Advance…

    Love you😚

  11. Shalini15


    |Registered Member

    Hey Maria, firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and I’m really very sorry for not commenting on your last ffs few episodes and also on ss… actually I was very busy that time and not active TU so couldn’t comment… now reading all ff…. really sorry for that….

    Well this ff seems very interesting with lots of suspense… looking forward for it… will be waiting 11 january….. all the best for your exams…..

    Pls do read my ff too its not that good as your but phir bhi if you are free then do read it….

    Lots of love♥♥


    • Angel20



      Hey Neha,
      It’s ok dear, I understand. And thank you so much, I’m rally glad you found the prologue interesting. Thank you again! I’m sure you also write good and maybe better than me because I haven’t read it yet. Can you please tell me your ff’s name, I’ll read it once my exams are done!

      With Love💕

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