The Difficult Love (Devakshi) ~ Chapter 5

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Chapter 4

Sonakshi’s pov,
I was sleeping as sun rays peeped in through the windows disturbing my sleep. I opened my eyes to find Usha aunty standing in front of me with a big smile holding a mug, “Sonakshi , coffee for you!” said aunty smiling. “Aunty, what’s the need of all this?” I said getting up from the bed and taking the mug in my hand. I bent down to take her blessings and she said “Sada khush raho!” (Always remain happy) “I have arranged your clothes for you in this cupboard, you can freshen up. I smiled and she left the room, I quickly drank the coffee and felt so good! I looked up to the cupboard and started noticing the room, it was quite big, there was a dressing table beside the bed and a cupboard kept on one side and the walls were painted in light blue colour. And a tv kept on the other side. I loved the ambience.

Some time later I moved out of the room wearing a pink kurti with black patiala on it! I stepped out surprised, it was a huge mansion just like the one which I had dreamt of! A big smile crept on my face as I climbed down the stairs. I was busy adoring the house and I didn’t realise that I was already down, I was about to fall when two strong arms held me, I looked up to see the man and he was Dev! I glared him angrily saying “Leave me!” I fell down with a thud! “How dare you?” I asked angrily while I saw him laughing at me. I got up quickly “You all boys don’t respect women! Why cant you respect us?” I said venting out my anger. “Ohh hello! It was you who asked me to leave you and I just obeyed you! So just stop your nonsense! I dint have any free time to waste with you! Useless girl..” “Excuse me! You called me useless? You are one!” I replied angrily. “I’m very useful you know, wait I’ll show you.” He said moving close to me, I feared and moved back when I realised my back had touched the wall. “Please go!” I asked him, “Don’t hesitate baby, I know you want this”, he blocked me by keeping his hands on both the sides. Tears started flowing through my eyes remembering the torture I have had already, I have again landed up in hell! I thought to myself. He wiped my tears asking “Hey, why are you crying?” “Please leave me! Don’t do this to me. I’m fed up, please” I begged him crying profusely. “Dev!” I heard a loud stern voice, I couldn’t see clearly with my eyes filled with tears, everything seemed to be blurred. “What were you trying to do Dev? Why is she crying?” the voice was similar to Ishwari aunty’. I ran to her and hugged her. She hugged me back, she asked me to go back to my room and I ran back to my room.

“Dev! What were you trying to do?” I could hear aunty ask him. “Mom, I was just..” “Don’t trouble her! Already she is very sad.” “But mom..” I entered my room and cried. Why god? Why? What wrong have I done, why this punishment? Every time someone has to take advantage of me! I cant live here, especially with that boy! I will leave right now. I stepped out if the room and found no one outside. I slowly climbed down the stairs and so that no one can hear me. And quickly I stepped out of the mansion. I was walking on the road blankly remembering all the tortures I had gone through. Why am I even alive? I have no reason to live in this bl*ody world. I was busy walking blankly when I noticed a beach on my left. I walked towards it remembering my old days when my mom used to bring me here. It was fun with her. She would make excuses so that my so called father allowed us to come here.

I would make sand castles and show it to mom. She would praise me for making such beautiful sand castle. Those were the golden days of my life. I could see hardly anyone on the beach, it was a week day, I figured out myself. I stepped into the waters now with the only intension of never stepping my feet on to the ground again. I have decided to end it! End all the problems of my life, by just ending my life. I thought again is my decision right? I’m recalled of all the incidents in the recent past and yes! My decision is right. I walked deep into the waters and my shoulders were drenched in water. Suddenly I felt a force pulling me and I realised I was under a broad chest and two strong arms wrapped around me. I felt relieved. For the first time I loved being in someone’s arms. It was really a different feeling.

We slowly pulled away and I found Dev standing in front of me. I washed away all my thoughts , “Why did you pull me? Let me die!” I said wiping my tears. “Are you in your senses? Why do you want to die? I mean you have not turned old also!” he remarked trying to cheer me up. I punched his chest slightly while he smiled. I just looked at him and we shared an eye lock. I broke it saying “Please let me die! I don’t have the courage to live more, bear more pains! I have already had a lot.” “What pains? You can share it with me.” He asked. “Boys are never to be trusted!” I remarked remembering my dreadful past. “Please tell me what is bothering you.” He cupped my face. I removed his hands from my face saying “I know your intensions! I’m not a fool.” “Okay you don’t want to tell me, fine! But you have to come with me, you don’t have a choice! Mom has sent me here and I have to obey her orders so stop your nonsense and come with me.” He said holding my hands pulling me out of the waters. I tried stopping him but in vain. He had tightened his grip on me.

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