Hi here s a different path of our abhi and pragya
Abhi:a charming guy , college student, arrogant towards girls,bonded with his family a lot.make the place louder with laughter with his presence.have no parents
Pragya :pleasent character helping and caring loves her family more .
Mr.kumar :,best father to pragya and advising uncle to abhi
Priya : innocent mother who loves her two children pragya and yogkesh
Yokesh :pragya’s little chubby brother ,soo fair and cute
Bulbul:bragya’cousin elder sister .doing course regarding cooking(catering)
Purab:abhi’s eleder brother loves bulbul from child hood

Others will be introduced as the story goes
So bright the moon s ,every one in kumar’ house s tired .kumar after along day of work ,priya after finishing up the house whole cores and pragya and yogesh exhausted after a battle for remote but no use
Kumar:its late dear ones and u have to get ready tomorrow early to go to ur village na so switch of that dappa(waste box)and come to sleep
Pragya and yogesh : appa plz 30mins its time for kunfu panda/vamsam(at same time)
Pragya:be a boy seeing serials are u not ashamed
Yogesh: o come on who s saying that u studying 10 even wanna see kunpuuu panna in chuti tv
Pragya: uuuu piggy
Yogesh: uuu r donkey then
Priya : enough both of you u both are monkeys only now come and sleep

At past 11.30
Calling bell rang pragya went to see
Priya : who s that praggi
Pragya: aiyoooo its that night beggar ma (loud )
See wat time he s coming… come in other wise dogs will chase u …
some one keeps a knocked ber head
Pragya: its paining ….u kothavaranga(a veggy like beans)
Epi end

So who s that so called night beggar and kothavaranga???

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  1. Nice…

  2. Nice… I think abhi is that kothavaranga

  3. Nice starting yaar the pet names are cute loved it

  4. Nice yaa…..

  5. Saranya24

    ??may be its abhi or purab loved it dear????

  6. Prathi

    Ha ha ha!! Kothavaranga!? Nice dear may be Abhi?? Or her brother some one else!

  7. Kothavaranga … It think it might be abhi r purab very funny names ma

  8. Arey last deewalil se pragya ko marne ke koshish aur ek deewali hogaya phir be nahi ho paya aur kitna keechoge yaar

  9. nice yaaaaaaa

  10. Asmithaa

    Superb.. A doubt.. Pragya collegla padikirala??

  11. Rithi

    Sry for late reply .thanks for ur comments sry for not mensioning this pragya has completed her 10th and waiting for her results
    Abhi is in bba 1st year
    Purab is lawyer newly joined
    Bulbul s catering student gonna complete
    Yokesh s 7th completed
    And its all vacation begining

  12. Rithi

    I dont know hindi and am really sry i couldnt understand and reply u bairi

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