At kh(kumar’house)
Pri: s everyone ready.
She gets a s from all rooms
Pri:then y my all mokeys rooms were closed stilll
Ab:(with grey t shirt and blue jean) maa am ready ….u r sooo cool in this pecock coloured saree and.did u even mension papu as monkey now
Pra:seee thats him praising u but making conspiracy against u and appu(entering hall with light peach ful hand t shirt and long skirt )
Yo: but i support my buji(with blue jean and black shirt formaly)
Pra: bootha kutty u joined him na wait i wont give u icecreams when we get it
Ab:oi karuvachi he my champ and dont dare to scold him
Ku:ooo my sweeties enough now get in the car

Ku&pri in front
Pra,yok,abhi are in back .
Car enters a village named vijayputar
All greeny landswith crops boarded with mountains
Pra saw there a lake a part of it was with lotus and she started her nagging.
Ku:buji plz u know if she stars then there wont be a end so pick her some lotus na ask the fellows there they would help(said after stopping the car and everyone came out of car and walked near lake .at that time it started raining and all ran towards a big baniyan tree near by except abhi &pragya
They started to dance crazyly
Yok: ooo this s the only thing they are together

Pri&ku nodded positive

At vh(village house)

Bul:ce on without saying anything u r just emptying my boul
Pur: ooo its so sweet am lost for speech u r really a best cooker
Bul stared him
Pur: i mean Chief ( thinks of course cooker always geting heat and making sound)
Bul: enough now guess my dish
Before purqb could say a car came and pati came to receive our Kumar’s Family
Pati ku &pri were busy talking were other three came to rabul .
Bul: oohoo see my lovely baby came
Pressing yok cheeks. And holding prag hand

Ab: ooo my dumpling didnt see me .its s not fair
Bul :oooobuj how could i forget my lovely boy
Pur: k lets go and everyone get some rest yar u travelled a lot
Ab:something seems to be wrong da anna wats that
Pur:(taking abhi to other corner )come on cant u see wats there in table
Ab: a boul but wats in that
Pur: god and that devil only know .dont u remember she punished me to walk for office when i last time wrongly guessed her avarakaai(broad bean) sidedish to be vendakai(ladys finger)side dish by the way thanks for saving me this time
Pati:everyone tom we r going for some special place so be prepared

Epi end

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