The person is shown wearing a checked shirt and blue jean not so formally
Person:aei karuvachi. I have said u a lot of times to call me as abhi and not as rapichakaren(night beggar)or kothavaranga.
Prgya: oooo mr so called abhi the one who comes at 11.30 and kocking the door and yelling maaaa is night beggar only and a tension party like u will be worth called as kothavaranga and u am warning u if u again call me……
Priya:praggi u started ur fight nowitself let him in my poor child he s facing everything and even u now…(turning towards abhi)
BujiBoo just come dont give her ur time come lets have dinner

(Pragya in mind ,hhann he s buji boo and chlm for u and u love him more than ur daugh and son……..)
Abhi:maaa ur little hard with her see her face got like a balloon .
Pragya: oooi dont be tooo happy inside i know u will b and dont act(shows face to him and went to her room)
Priya:buji have a good sleep morning we r going vijayputar(village)
Abhi : maaa from young u r calling me buji but y…..
Priya :do i need a reason (she smiled and went to her room)
Everyone dosed off
Its early morning.A beautiful 2storey village house s shown .in middle it has a rain receiver(if it rains it will reach the ground as there wont be roof but some steel cross.a laid’s voice s heard .the face s shown .she s a old lady.a young man with white t shirt and casual pants wearing a specs using lap s shown
Man :pati y r u this much harsh with servents today

(Pati:purab ,bulbul pragya and abhi’s grandmom .loves her grandchildren.and living with purab and bulbul as they lost their parents in a accident together.)
Pati:ooo purab what to do with this lazy goose .i said her to clear 3rooms but she did only one and how could my dear ones will be comfortable.
Purab :if thats the cause am very happy my dear bro will be staying in my room and let ma and papu and that booth kutty in one room.
Pati: kanna are u fine with that
Purab :of course s but ask that devil s she k to have my princess in her room
A girl s shown havinsg a bowl in her hand
Girl: devil …….are u saying me at any case mr mavponda .(turning to pati) ooo pati u know i would love to have my sweetie in my room (looking purab )

And u marponda as a punishment for calling me unfair and telling my sweet bubbly as booth kutty u will taste my new recipe now
Purab: god am dead .i beg ur parden ms beautiful bulbul leave me yarr
Bulbul : not so easy taste it and u have to say me what it s to(saying that she put a spoon on purabs mouth)

Epi ends

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