A different side of saathiya (Episode 9)

Rashi comes seriously to the office and searches for ahem but he is nowhere. She waits for him and as soon as he comes she starts shouting at him what do you think of yourself if I work for you that doesn’t mean you can do anything with me even I do have some self respect. He says wait rashi why are you saying all these to me. She says oh that means you don’t know anything that have happened yesterday so I’ll explain you. She tells him what had happened (mute conversation). He says I haven’t texted you about any party. She shows him the message she got. He says I am not the one who texted may be some other person. Where is the party held yesterday. She says him about the hotel. He checks his phone and says the message of bill amount of jigar’s party paid through his card. And he remembers that he found his phone in Jigar room in the night. He asks rashi to come with him and calls home to let no one should allow Jigar to go outside. Jigar gets the news of ahem’s anger and fears whether bhai have come to know about party incident.

In the modi mansion: Ahem shouts Jigar come down. He arrives and shocks seeing rashi. Ahem slaps him hard and asks him to tell the truth whether he had texted the message or not. He accepts his mistake and tells everyone how he added alcohol in juice and gave it to rashi. Rashi slaps him and says if not you are sir’s brother I would have filed case against you for betraying me do you understand. Ahem says if you want to file now you can do it no one will stop you. Bhai what are you saying you want me to go behind bars. Please aisa mat karo bhai I’ll not do this again. Ahem starts beating him again. His father tries to stop him. In the meantime Kinjal arrives home. The 3 are shocked seeing the scene Kinjal thinks wrong timing entry. They run to stop ahem they all get to know what he did and they all say sorry to rashi and she leaves.

Jigar leaves to his room. Everyone greet Kinjal and she hugs ahem and makes him calm down. She says I’ll go and speak to bhai don’t worry. Ha go and do that and warn him not to repeat. Ahem bhai shaant ho jav Mein sambaloonge. She leaves to Jigar and gives ice pack. What is this are you laughing at my condition. They sit and talk for hours giving hifi’s laughing taunting each other. Ahem arrives Jigar looks angry. He says why are you angry at me I should be the one for the things you have done and insulted me before my PA. He says sorry bhai I’ll not repeat and I’ll go to her home and apologize them. Kinjal winks at ahem. All three go out for dinner and enjoy a lot.

Precap: Jigar apologize rashi and sends flowers to her. Gopi reacts to it and lashes out at sharanya and Jigar. Huge fight amid sharanya and gopi

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    jigar exposed.Jigar apologized.did he rly change?Is Kinjal planning against them secretly?

  2. Tq jasmine you have been commenting on my ff since episode 1. And moreover thanx for following my ff. Yeah I made Kinjal positive. She loves Jigar more than ahem and she is the only one in entire modis who can solve all the cat fights btw the brothers.

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