A different side of saathiya (Episode 8)


A few days later…
In the modi mansion: Jigar comes shouting ma. She asks ab kya huva. He says have a sweet I got topper this year too. She hugs him. And he gives to entire family and says don’t forget my convocation is next week. Ahem comes home and asks why everyone is gathered in living room did you do anything Jigar. Aap bhi na bhai sab Sal mujhe galat samjatha hein. Ha okay baba sorry tell me now what happened. He says bhai I am the topper of the college this year. Oh congratulations. Tq bhai these wishes are not enough I need to throw party to my friends give me money at least now. Okay go this is my card enjoy to the core today.
In the Urmila house: Gopi says ma and rashiben I got 90% and don’t forget my convocation is next week everyone here is happy for gopi and they will have sweets. She gets call from Jigar. They congratulate each other and he invites her to party. She says sorry I couldn’t make it as my di vl not allow. Okay try. Call ends. He sends sms to rashi stealing ahem’s mobile saying we had a party in the hotel… From the clients so don’t miss it. She sees the sms and texts ok sir I’ll be there in time. In the mean time ahem starts searching for phone and he asks Jigar did you see it. He says no. Ok give me yours I’ll make a call to it and find where it is.as soon as the phone rings he finds it in Jigar room he thinks how did it come here it’s ok. I just got it no. Jigar thinks ab ayega maza miss rashi shah.

In the night: Jigar waits for her as soon as he finds her coming he mixes alcohol in juice and asks sharanya to give to rashi. She thinks of calling ahem but in between she takes the glass from sharanya without noticing her. Gopi is in home imaging I should have asked for permission for party di has gone to the party but I was sitting here with a party invite. Rashi feels dizzy and drinks unknowingly. She will be unconscious. Jigar says ha she got finished. He takes her in his arms and drops her at home. He rings the calling bell and runs away placing rashi at the entrance. After they get inside he goes home. Urmila and gopi gets shocked seeing rashi’s state. They make her sleep.
In the morning rashi was confronted what had happened and you came home drunk. She says what u people are saying you know rite that I never drink. She walks out of home seriously and goes to office.
Hetal and kokilla comes to airport to pick Kinjal. She is coming from Australia completing her fashion designing. She is seen in a white and black frock with goggles. Hetal and kokilla are stunned seeing her and murmurs this is a huge surprise to the family especially Jigar. He loves her a lot. Kinjal hugs them both asks I am excited to meet all you people. Chalo lets go home fast.

Precap: Ahem beating Jigar knowing that he texted rashi in the name of false party. Kinjal enters home and looks at this fighting and murmurs wrong timing.

Credit to: aruna

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    jigar gopi scored well.in d party jigar mixed alcohol in rashi’s juice 2 avenge.Oh!hope everybody will believe that Rashi had’nt consumed alcohol

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