A different side of saathiya (Episode 7)


Jigar gives an angry look at rashi and shouts at her how dare you to laugh at me. She murmurs I don’t understand why this Jigar modi always scold me do I don’t even have a right to laugh. Ahem asks her to leave. She walks out of cabin and thinks I hope something big is going to happen as sir was so serious. She stands outside the cabin and peeks through it silently. She finds ahem speaking to Jigar seriously and Jigar feeling tensed (mute conversation). She finds Jigar coming out so she is about to leave but her dupatta got stuck in the door. She tries to pull it. Jigar opens the door. Rashi is about to fall Jigar holds her they get an eyelock. Ahem shouts didn’t you leave. Sorry bhai I am leaving. Rashi gets up and he leaves. Jigar thinking of rashi why am I feeling like this that I have a connection with her. He comes out of it and says noway this girl is my enemy I shouldn’t leave her. He leaves to meet sharanya for shopping he doesn’t allow her to buy clothes she confronts him. He says the entire thing.

Oh god I have never thought this would happen it’s ok I’ll buy myself don’t worry. He says sorry baby I love you so much because you are bahut samazdari ladki. Ho baby I love you too. They leave for lunch. In the college gopi says her friends that don’t bother me from now on by this dirty issues I have to start studying for my exams they are approaching and I should receive the medal this year anyway.the people around her ask why are you so desperate of that. Yeah because I have a freedom to the core from my parents so I don’t want to disappoint them by education so even I party more than you people I’ll never neglect my education babies.

Okay okay lets chill this is going so far today is the last party before exams and lets enjoy keeping away all the stress. They all make a cheerse. Jigar leaves home dropping sharanys. He feels so tired and thinks of relaxing and falls asleep he reminisce rashi and wake up. He thinks kya hogaya Jigar Toda sambalo. He starts studying for the exams just a week ahead.( Till now I didn’t tell this that this gopi and Jigar are toppers for their bachelors and masters degree respectively in the college).

In the night kokilla comes to ahem and shows him photos of girls for his match but he lost himself to gopi. He says ma I need to tell you you something which is important. Ha bolo beta he says about gopi. She says should I speak to her mom no mom let her love me first then you can go further.

Screen freezes at gopi and ahem face

Precap: Gopi and Jigar receiving medals in the convocation. Rashi opens her mouth knowing Jigar is the topper of the college.

Credit to: aruna

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    its a surprise that gopi n jigar r toppers in coll tho they seem to be losers.gud that they r studying.cant believe that ahem is also in luv with gopi.jigar holding rashi from falling n eye lock were so sweet.jigar is always thinking of rashi.wow

    1. Tq so much yeah even they seems partying every day and lazy but they aren’t in real. Just wait and see how gohem and raji become couple.

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