A different side of saathiya (Episode 6)

In the night in the modis mansion Jigar comes to ahem and says I want to join office. Ahem says no first you complete your education and then after an year you can take over the company. Jigar says please bhai I want to work. Ahem says I have a doubt whenever I ask you to come you haven’t come for work and now why are you so desperate to work is there any reason. Jigar hesitatingly says no bhai please let me… Ahem says I’ll think of it later leave now good night I am so tired. Jigar murmurs this bhai is also there na he wouldn’t listen to me always and says I am your friend. But I have to teach that stupid Rashi a lesson.

In the Urmila house: Gopi and rashi are on either side of the bed one thinking of ahem and other for Jigar. Gopi blushes hugging pillow and thinks when will you meet me again. On the other side rashi thinks of how she had hurt jigar’s ego and feels sorry for him. How stupid I am I didn’t even say sorry to him for what I did before instead I have thrown him out from the area of conference.

Early morning kokilla does aarti everyone was present there except Jigar. All will be waiting at the breakfast table for him and he finally wishes everyone good morning and sits for breakfast. Kokilla asks why didn’t you come for aarti he says sorry kaki I haven’t got up early so please excuse me this time. Ahem says excuses are not meant that is why I am not letting you into the office first change yourself responsible at least wakeup early everyday then I’ll think of it. Please bhai aap bhi na subhah subhah shuru karte hai. I am leaving to meet my friends I’ll have breakfast outside I can’t bear these lectures bye people. He leaves. Ahem murmurs I don’t when he will change. Kokilla asks ahem I want you to get married are you ready. He says okay ma lekin kuch time dedona. Ahem reaches office and asks rashi do you have a sister she says yes sir she is doing her bachelors in the same college where your brother is doing. Ha okay okay ill give you details of a project go through the file and give me all the important note of that and then you can fix a meeting with them you can leave now. Ok sir she leaves.

Jigar goes to the restaurant with friends while paying the bill he finds his card is not working and calls ahem bhai what happened my card isn’t working and I got insulted before my friends they paid my bill. Ahem says Jigar hold on I have many works that taking to you. By the way I am the one who blocked your card so don’t worry. He cuts the call. Jigar says what the … is this. How could I go for shopping sharanya said she would come to the mall. And now I don’t even have petrol in my car. I will be gone now this time if I try to escape she will kill me for sure how I have to manage this. He calls Hetal and says ma I need money please give me she asks what happened to your card is it blocked by someone. He gets shocked and says how do you know ma bhai have done it. She says go and meet him. Anyone in this house will not give you any money. Okay don’t worry I’ll beg him. Hearing this kokilla and Hetal laughs .
Fb starts

At breakfast table after Jigar leaving ahem tells all the family not to give money to Jigar ar any cost for atleast one week you people don’t know how much was his card bill that is almost equal to half of the whole family. Kokilla asks why didn’t you tell before we would have confronted him. Ahem says ma no need I’ll just handle it.
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Jigar goes to meet ahem in the office he sees rashi but he doesn’t care for her and directly enters his cabin. Rashi thinks why is he so serious something happened.

Ahem smirks at him Jigar says I need money. Ahem says sorry I couldn’t hear you. He asks rashi to get a file and he throws it at Jigar. Go through it. Jigar sees the file contains the monthly bill on his card. He was dead shocked seeing he got a bill of total 10lakhs for last 3 months. So now you understood rite why did I block it. He has no words but says bhai I need to go for shopping today I want money. How much do you need. He says give me 50000 I’ll adjust how dare you to ask me such a huge amount. From now on ill give you money for one month at once that to as you want to join office you can come with me and go with me why do you need money then. Rashi laughs listening to it.

Precap: Sharanya asks Jigar why you’re not allowing me to buy clothes… Kokilla and Hetal go to airport to receive kinjal

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    as jigar is a spendthrift ahem blocked his card so he has no money 2 spend on sharanya.what will jigar do now

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