A different side of saathiya (Episode 5)


Ahem stops gopi’s scooty for finding address she takes the paper and says hello who are you this is my house address but she finds him staring at her so she waves her hand he says sorry I am ahem modi she says sorry I don’t know you so you are elder brother to Jigar rite and my di is your assistant he says can you please tell the address I have many a works than talking to you. Okay she tells him and he leaves she thinks he is quite handsome but even arrogant how can he say to me miss gopi shah that he doesn’t have time to listen to me but finally she blushes thinking gopi you got the right person and leaves. Ahem picks rashi and ask her mobile. Ahem calls to his mobile Jigar lifts it and continues to say why did you call again I said you not to irritate me ahem says this Jigar is also a kind of mad Jigar says bhai ahem says ha I am speaking sorry bhai ahem says it’s ok just get my phone and if anyone calls get me to conference and he cuts the call. In the modi mansion kokilla and Hetal sit at dining table and are cutting vegetables kokilla says mota Bhabhi I think we should get ahem married as he has already settled in his life I want a perfect girl who takes care for our family just like us and keeps it united. Hetal says ha kokilla even I am thinking of that lets give his profile to a marriage bearau.

Kokilla says no we shall do it on our own and this should be a grand gala wedding as this is the first marriage of this generation in modi’s. In the college gopi was found lost by her friend they ask her what happened gopi says today I saw a man may be love at first sight but don’t know what happens because he is my sister’s boss and sits sad. Jigar reaches to the location where ahem was there but he was late so he couldn’t meet him and gives mobile to rashi and says give it safely to my bhai don’t steal it. She says if you don’t have any trust in me then you can wait here till sir comes and you can give it to him and also she says wait I am your bhai’s assistant not yours so you can’t order me to do things but just request okay. He sharpens his eyes and says see what I can do to you now I’ll just go into the conference I’ll just fire you rashi says you can’t go inside like this in the middle of the conference and calls security he says what is this man I am Jigar modi I own the company for which conference is going. Security laughs at him saying go and see your face and throws him out rashi winks at him and says better luck next time I don’t know what you will do know will you tell your bhai that you are thrown out by security poor Jigar first of all just see your dress when you come outside you are in shorts so now one has believe in you that you are the owner of this company. He yells at her shut up I am going to come to office next week and see how I make you my secretary and then you will call me sir remember. She says okay see you soon I am getting late conference will be done so I have to leave.

Precap: Jigar says ahem that he wants to come to office. One side Gopi reminces ahem in the night hugging pillow on the bed. And on the other side rashi thinks I did a big mistake by insulting Jigar and I didn’t even apologize for the coffee shop incident.

Credit to: aruna

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    gopi fell 4 ahem at 1st sight.RaJi fight ..but still loved their scene

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