A different side of saathiya (Episode 11)


On the day of jigar’s convocation
Everyone got ready and gathered in the living room. Jigar comes downstairs Hetal and kokilla smile seeing him. He comes very formal in a black shirt and with a clean shave. He hugs baa and Kinjal. She is seen in a pink colour salwar. Whereas ahem comes in a suit which is of blue colour. Everyone leaves.
In the Urmila house…

Gopi rashi and Urmila prays khanaji before leaving house. Gopi is in blue salwar and rashi is in green.
In the college: The host announces the topper of the bachelors degree in the college is gopi shah. Ahem listens to the announcement and smiles looking at gopi. He claps for her and tells kokilla she is the one girl whom he liked and says she is sister of rashi my PA. After a few announcements. Modi’s hear the topper of the masters in the college is Mr.jigar Modi. Rashi gets shocked listening to this name and says I can’t believe what is happening. Now comes the best student of the year and it again goes to….
Gopi is seen praying khanaji please

Ahem staring at gopi…
Rashi putting hands on gopi’s shoulders and says don’t get tensed…
Hetal and kokilla tensed
Jigar says ma don’t worry I am the one who receives it. Kinjal says over confident bhai. No baby I already knew it I didn’t tell you people because I want to see you peoples faces while I am receiving it. She smirks…
And then the name announces as Jigar Modi. Everyone is seen happy gopi seen sad and rashi is consoling her and murmurs how these people can get this. Character less. Ahem sees gopi feeling bad but congratulates Jigar on this. Rashi and gopi along with Urmila comes to meet modi’s. All 3 congratulates Jigar. And the whole modi family wish the same to gopi and she thank everyone but Jigar says anyone will definitely congratulate after achievement rite he says. Rashi smirks at him itna attitude kabhi nahi milegi oh sirf Jigar modi ki pass hi mil jata. He says did you say anything. No
Kinjal sees ahem staring at gopi as she is talking to Hetal and kokilla where as Urmila is busy with baa.

Sharanya comes there and hugs Jigar and kisses him forgetting about his family and all get shocked. He thinks I was happy thinking one problem is done and the next one started in my life. Now I have to answer too many people today for this girls behaviour. I am done please save me. In the mean time Kinjal comes and says she is my friend and she is from foreign so please don’t mind ma and leaves sharanya says sorry aunty it’s a habit of mine. Thanks Kinjal. It’s ok bhai.
All come to modi mansion: Ahem gets a call and seems very happy. He comes and hugs Jigar. Bhai what happened. Nothing all the legal formalities have been done you are the CEO of our company now. Tomorrow is your first day. He says this is the best gift bhai and hugs him. Kinjal also hugs all the people have sweets. Kinjal comes and gives Jigar a suit and asks him to wear it tomorrow as it is one of the most important days of his life. Ahem comes and says oh that means both brother and sister are having good time without me. He gifts Jigar. What is this. Open karo pehle. He opens it and finds a watch in it. You have to wear this tomorrow otherwise I’ll not allow you to enter office.ok bhai and hugs. He gets teary eyes. Hetal and kokilla gets happy and prays khanaji in donom ko sab Ki buri nazarom se door rehna.

Precap: A black car stops and a person gets down rashi looks at him and says wow he is so handsome. The screen freezes at Jigar in black glasses and a white suit with a rolex

Credit to: aruna

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    Jigar became d topper n all r very happy.he is d new CEO..cool

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