Different shades of Varun Kapoor (Sanskaar)

Which shade of Varun Kapoor love the most..



OR if anything else then hit your comments in d comments section Okay…the clean-shaven spiffy look is gone.Sanskar (Varun Kapoor)is absolutely devastated that the love of his life, Swara (HellyShah) does not recognize him.To add more insult to the injury, she thinks he’s tried to murder her! This is the latest twist in Swaragini and it’s one that’s making the fandom all teary-eyed. Want proof…just check Twitter.Our hero looks lost, disheveled, bearded and totally distraught that his love story has reached such a point. It is heartbreak No.2 for Sanskar and he’s understandably upset.

As usual,Varunhas nailed the ‘Devdas’ act also and we are in a fix. Is there any emotion this guy cannot project? Don’t you feel that he is one of the most intense young actors right now on TV? He is all smiles off-camera but the intensity is bang on before it. Anger, loyalty, love, devotion, vendetta, you just name it.It has been quite a ride for Sanskar in the past one year. From a revengeful young man who pretends to be crazy to avenge his girlfriend’s death to a supportive friend-cum-fake husband to a loving hubby and now, a lonely one – its one hell of a ride. However, as they say the bestcharacters are the layered one.These transitions have made Sanskar interesting and challenging for Varun. It is one of the nicer roleswritten for men in current shows and we’re grateful for it considering the good-looking furniture we see in other shows.

which shade of his do u like??
which serial??

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  1. Varun Kapoor is the BEST!!!!
    I love his each and every shade… He completely deserves the best actor award…..
    He has done full justice towards his role….

    1. same dear

      1. How Do You Make A Poll??

      2. actually I just gave d options and I didn’t mention that it is a poll but tu made it itself..

  2. Varun Kapoor is the BEST!!!!
    I love his each and every shade… He completely deserves the best actor award…..
    He has done full justice towards his role….
    ~A Sanskaarholic/Varunholic

  3. varun desrves best actors award his each shade role has made him every girls dream boy he’s Mr.perfect who every girl wish to be with
    from a good supporting friend to a mad possive lover each shade of his is great each quality in his is what every girls wants………..
    I am great sanskar/varun’s fan…………….

  4. Aree yr I like his all shades..

    Basically I love varun Kapoor ????

  5. East or west my Varun is the best! So whatever role he gets i am damn sure! He will do it with utmost interest!…..
    He is my inspiration managing both acting as well as studies isn’t so easy bit he dd it. Not a mere one that too an engineer. Its quiet tough & there are many reasons though……
    His looks GOSH! Makes me crazy!!……
    I love his romantic shade & i am deeply missing it!!…..
    I just hope he comes out of it….
    And i request cvs not to spoil his character & pls don’t interfere that sahil. I truly hate cvs always creating problems for my Sanky!
    Love u lotzzzzzzzzzz…. … sanskar!!…..
    Come out of that devdas look asap!…

    1. u typed such a long comment..
      u r really a big fan

  6. I love varun sooooooooooo muchhhhjh that I can’t express in words but his current condition is too bad I can’t see him like this I can’t see him crying bcoz when he cry automatically I also started crying

  7. Sanskar/Varun is the best…..I am his biggest fan…I love him and always dream about him….He is every girl dream boy..He is best actor ever…and he totally deserve best actor award….

  8. Mee too i love his eyes the most ?whenever i look into them some happiness is filled in my heart.when the topic comes to shades he does his each and every shade awesome.but i like to see his naughty side more?

  9. Everything about him is just fab

  10. All roles doing by sanky is so nice. All are superb amazing……….. etc……..

    1. But I like his seriousness intense role.

  11. varun always rocks i jst lve him

  12. I won’t mind even if he acted in a negative,womanizer,badboy role..coz i have VARUN MANIA…

  13. he just nailed every role by his acting… one of the greatest actor of current era….and also soooo…cute..

  14. no doubt he is best actor he can do any type of roles but i like him in intense i love him intense

  15. He is fabulous actor he deserves best actor award he suits for all role .

  16. He was also good in saraswatichandra.

  17. I agree. VK is just too good! I love all his shades. U know what? Latest news is suggesting that to win Swara back he will dress as rockstar and have a long beard and hair and glasses and all. He basically looks like an overgrown gorilla in that look but I love him nonetheless.

  18. Well this one is really difficult… Coz we just can’t choose one as Varun has nailed all the scenes …..he is just amazing m his very huge fan…..so can’t tell one but one and all he just melts and fit in every role and scene be it a grey shade he used to do in starting… Be it a mental person ….be it romantic..devdas any scene he will do it perfectly
    Just luv him ????????

  19. Each and every shade of Varun Kapoor is just awesome 😉

  20. namish Taneja is better

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