As I came out of the theatre, I saw our entire family with teary eyes. As soon as they saw him in my hands, they looked at me. “CB is fine. Doctor said that she will regain her consciousness within few hours.” I told them. Everyone took a breath of relief and looked at me. “And??” everyone chorused looking at him who was in my hand, looking all over confused with this sudden noise. “And it is a boy!!” I told them in a very excited tone. Immediately, everyone squealed in happiness. Kartik and Samhita wished me and took him from my hands. Within a few sec, the whole family surrounded them. I smiled. But, I could not see my mom. Where did she went?? I went in search of her. She would be very happy to know this. But, where did she go? My eyes were frantically searching for her. Finally, I saw her sitting near the ganesh idol. I saw her teary eyes. I immediately hugged her. She was shocked first, but later she hugged me back. She looked at me. “Maa” I called her. The tear which were at the corner of her eye, rolled down. “Sorry maa, I took this many years to realise this.” As I said this, she kissed my forehead. “I know beta, someday this will happen. And the mistake is mine too. I am sorry vidyut” she told me between her tears. I hugged her again. How much did I crave for this?? After seeing the selfless suffering of a woman, I realised the value of a mother. The greatness of a mother. Suddenly, with a sudden jerk, “How is ammu? Is she fine??” she asked me panicking. “She is fine and I am a father of a boy now.” I told her smiling. “Is it??” she asked me in joy. “Oh god! I am becoming mad due to the happiness!! Does he resemble u or her?? Is he healthy??” She bombarded me with questions. Duh! She too have started this question bank business. CB’s impact. “I am going to see my grandson” she went from there eagerly. I looked at my mom going. I didn’t expect all these would happen. Directly or indirectly, my CB is the reason. From the day she entered my life, my life has totally changed. I have changed. This change is a beautiful one. The arrival of our child is going to make my life more beautiful. My chain of thoughts were disturbed as I felt a hand over my shoulder. I turned. It was arjun. He hugged me shocking me more. Well, we are not so close to each other and moreover, we hardly talk. “Vidyut, I am sorry. Initially, I was not happy with yours and ammu’s relation. I thought u were not suitable for her. But, today, I realised that u are the best for my twin. I am happy that u are beside her, through every thick and thin. Even when I lost the hope, u did not. Your love brought her back.” I saw his eyes, which were glistening with a layer of tears, as he uttered these. I hugged him back. “Can we start fresh?” he asked me forwarding his hand. I smiled as I shook hands with him. “You are so lucky that u got your son as a birthday gift.” He smiled at me. After hearing that, it hit me. Yes, he did say the truth. My son and I share our birthdays. This thought made me smile like a mad. “Did u see him?” I asked him. He shook his head in no and we made our way to see him.

My eyes searched for him as I opened my eyes. I looked all around. Only a nurse was beside me. “Congratulations, mam! You are blessed with a boy.” She told me. I smiled and looked into the cradle, where our son was sleeping. I picked him gently and pecked his forehead. Our child. The symbol of our love. I stroke his head gently. This joy of creation cannot be expressed in words. I wanted to see gym boy now. Suddenly, I heard the sound of the door opening. There he was. As soon as he entered, he pecked my forehead and took me into his embrace. “Are u ok, CB?” he panicked. I could sense his pain. I nodded. “Gym boy, I told u that it will be a boy.” I grinned widely at him. “You win, Mrs. Singhania!” He told me. “See gym boy, u and our son share your birthdays!” My eyes sparked as I said this. “He is the best gift that I had ever got. Thank you so much” he told me as he stroke my head. I smiled at him. He took our son in his arms and kissed him on his head. I looked at them adoringly. “So, Mr. Singhania, what was that??” I asked him. “What was what??” He asked me, confused. “Don’t act, Mr. Singhania!” I told him. “I never thought that u will say that in this type of situation.” I was really shocked, surprised and very happy when he said those 3 special words to me. Those 3 words just made me revive. That vanished my immense pain. “Even I didn’t expect that CB.” He told me as he held my hand tightly. Our eyes locked. I know that he was in more pain than me when I was in that condition. I feel complete now. “What didn’t u expect?” Aju said as he entered thereby breaking our eyelock. “Yo, bro!” He waved at gym boy. My eyes widened and they laughed. “So from now, I have to tolerate this brother-in-law duo too.” I said. I am overloaded with happiness now. Aju and gym boy have become friends now. Everything is on the right path now. Aju hugged me from the side. “You made me cry, meenakumari. You have to pay for this. For sure. Do u know how scared I was?” He said in a cracking voice. Tears welled up in my eyes. “Stop being senti guys!” sid and the others barged in. “Aww! he looks so cute!” Sammy exclaimed as she took him from my hands. “Sammy! give him to me.” aju asked her. “No ways. I will not.” Sammy told him strictly. Sammy is also pregnant. She is 6 months pregnant and Katy is becoming mad due to her mood swings. “What shall we name him?” Deeps asked curiously. “We’ll name him Ansh” katy said immediately. “No, we’ll name him Virat” annie shrieked. “I know that u have a crush on Virat kohli. But, that doesn’t mean that u’ll name my nephew like that” Sid said. “Annie, u didn’t tell me that u had a crush on virat!” Aju said. “Ha, this sid doesn’t have any work than pondering over others crushes” I told them. Annie gave me a hi-fi. Ok, leave all that. “We’ll call our champ as ashish” Aju said excitedly. I looked at gym boy. He laughed at me. “Stop it guys!” I yelled. “We’ll decide about this later.” I told them. “Ammu! Not fair yaar!” aju yelled back. “Sammy, U didn’t have anything from the morning. First eat and then u can play.” Katy dragged Sammy forcefully who was playing with the baby, while aju smirked at her and took him from her. “U! I will see u later!” Sammy told furiously, shooting glares at aju. Gosh! They both fight like kids. “Champ! I am aju. Your mamu. Give me a hi-fi!” aju talked to him as if he understood everything. “Aju! he is small. U are talking to him like he is a 5 year old” deeps told him. “Champ, she is deeps. Your mami.” Our baby looked at her. “She is looking so old na?? U can even call her dadi. She won’t mind.” he said in a mocking tone. I giggled. As he said this, he received a smack on his shoulder from deeps. All giggled. I looked at gym boy, who was standing near me, holding my hand and watching this smiling. His smile always make my heart flutter. Deeps noticed, to my embarrassment and took the others from there. “Finish your romance soon! I want to play with my nephew!” That idiot aju yelled. I threw the pillow at him. “Meenakumari! I told u na that I ought to be in the cricket team. Every time, I catch very well.” He said raising his collar as he caught the pillow. “Idiot!” I screeched while gym boy and deeps burst into laughter.

“You know CB, within minutes, u scared me to death. I can’t express that dark hours of my life in words” he said as he clasped my hands tightly. I saw his teary eyes. “Gym boy, I know that u will not let me go. Your love will not let me go. You know gym boy, the moment u said I LOVE U to me, that moment is so special for me till death” I told him cupping his face. “CB! Don’t ever dare to talk about death” He roared in anger. “I can’t live without u” His cracky voice made my eyes teary. He placed his forehead against mine. Suddenly, our son started crying. He picked our kid from the cradle and fondled his hair. “Gym boy, Look how he is looking deeply, just like u!” I exclaimed. I always wanted to have a son just like him. He stopped crying. “Woah! Our son had already joined your team” I pouted. He laughed. “No problem, our daughter will be in my team” I told him. “Daughter??” he gave me a puzzled look. “Our next kid!” I whispered in his ears. He looked at me shocked. I pulled his cheeks. “You are so cute Romeo!” I chirped. “Duh! Don’t start that romeo game gain” he replied coldly. ” By the way, I must say that Mrs. Singhania is very naughty” he told me as he grinned at me. I blushed. “Well, what shall we name him?” he asked me. “Now, u don’t start that again.” I told him. “But, I have a name for him in my mind. I wanted to name him ‘Aadit’. It is a mixture of the 3 important persons in my life. A from aju and D and T from your name and I from Katy @ Kartik. Do u like this name?” I asked him curiously. He nodded smilingly. “Aadit Vidyut Singhania” I chirped happily as I stroke our kid’s head. Gym boy hugged me from the side. “Excuse me, if u are done, can I take my champ with me?” That aju barged inside. He took him and went away talking to the just born baby as if he is his friend. As he left, gym boy bent down on his knees. I was confused. “CB, The way which I confessed u was not the way it should be. Mrs. Amaya Vidyut Singhania, I LOVE U so much” He told me sincerely, looking into my eyes. His chocolaty orbs, deep voice just made blood rush over my cheeks. He stood and came near to me. He placed his lips over mine and it was a passionate one as the ecstasy of our love drove us mad. “I love u” As he drifted apart, he told me again. “Love u more!” I whispered in his ears. Life is so good. I am thankful to god that I am blessed with such a beautiful family. The destiny, which I cursed first made my life into a life full of happiness and joy. Never ever I thought when I first met him in my house, on the day he came to see me that we both will be bound into such a sacred relationship. Every day, every single moment in my life is meaningful just because of him. He paints each and every moment in my life with DIFFERENT SHADES OF LOVE!!

“Aju! Look how cute does he look when he looks at me like that!” deeps exclaimed, keeping her hands on her cheeks. “His cheeks are so chubby that I feel like pulling them again and again” she told me as she took him from me. “Deeps, when we are going to admire our child like this?” I asked her as I gazed her intensely. She turned crimson hearing that. “Ajjuu!” She fumbled. “You look cute when u blush” I chucked as I pulled her cheeks. Well, all is well now. A year back, everything seemed complicated to me. But now, all the complications are disentangled and I am breathing freely in overdose of love. My twin is happily married and now is blessed with a cute son. My bro is happily married too and is expecting his little bundle of joy. And I am also happily bound to this pure relationship. My thoughts were broken as my champ started to cry. He looks exactly like my meenakumari while crying. Actually, I expected a choti meenakumari so that I could tease her just like as I tease ammu. But champ is just awesome. I am looking forward when will he call me mamu. He started crying loudly. “Champ, ssh! don’t cry mera bacha!” deeps tried to quieten him, but in vain. “Probably, he is hungry” she told me. As I took him from her to take him to ammu, he became quiet. “Champ, this is not done!” deeps complained. Immediately, he lifted his right hand towards me and I placed my hand over his small, pink hands. “Yay! He gave me a hi-fi!” I squeaked in joy. “Well done, champ!” I told him as I kissed his cheeks. I lifted him and approached her room. As I placed him in the cradle and was about to close the door, I heard vidyut saying, ” Your bro always comes in the bad timing” I chuckled hearing that. I am happy for my twin and my cousin. The lives of three of us have been of different shades. But for ammu, I am damn sure that those shades are of love!

Guys, Deesh here. Here I am presenting the last chapter of this ff. This was a beautiful journey and I am becoming emotional as I am ending this. Every story has its end and so does mine. I know that I ruined this story with this ending. Sorry guys, I have no option. I am in 12th grade and I am flooded with exams. My ongoing revision examinations, which is till the month of february makes me very busy. It is so difficult to adapt into the writing mood and changing into studying mood. By doing that, I think I am not doing justice to both of them. Actually, I wanted to complete this in my vacations itself. Initally, I thought of winding this with 15 episodes. But your lovely comments made this journey to reach this point. In this ff, I wanted to show even ragini can be loved the same way as she loves laksh in the show. I don’t want to hurt u guys, but I am not satisfied that laksh loves her the same way as she does. So, in this ff, I tried my level best to show that even she could loved the same way. I bow my head in gratitude to each and every reader, even silent readers for being with me through thick and thin. Thank u so much guys for your heart warming response. I am a single child and through this ff, I got many sisters. I will be back with another ff after my boards. I will post an epilogue, may be on tomorrow. Thank u so much guys. I can’t express my gratitude in words. Loads and loads of love to u my friends and sisters!! Keep smiling, stay blessed and take care.

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    1. Deesh

      Sorry yaar sree. I had to end it. Thank u so much sree. Am glad that u liked it. U have been supporting from the beginning. I am so happy that this ff has entertained u. Will miss u dear.. Take care. 🙂

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      Thank u so much lovely dear. Thank u for ur constant support. 🙂

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      Sindhu di!! U have always been my di and u will surely be. Thank u so much for your continuous support. Will miss u di!! Definitely, I will come back with another one after my exams. Love u di. ?

      1. Sindhura

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    1. Deesh

      Sally sisso!! I have already said this, but again I am saying. I should say. Because of u, this pair happened. I am so grateful to u. If u had not suggested me vidyut, I don’t know whether this ff would have travelled this much. And sissy, pls don’t talk about death and all. Thank u so much sisso. I’ll come back soon. Thannnkkkkssss a lot. Love u so much!! Will miss u. Take care. ???

  5. Asw

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      Thank u so much dear asw. Glad that u liked this ff. Thanks for supporting. ☺

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      1. Deesh

        no prob dear riyu. it is [email protected].

      2. Deesh

        riyu, I have replied u. check it out dear..

    2. Deesh

      Riyu baby!! As I read ur comment a tear skipped from my eye. Choti, please don’t say like that dear. I am not able to bear ur sadness. I am feeling very bad that I hurt u. Elder sister should not hurt her little sister. But I had hurt u. Who said that we will not talk here after?? We will talk. I promise u that we will talk for sure every day in this ff. You know riyu, I always wanted a sister especially younger one. Today I am having mixed feelings. I don’t know whether I should feel happy that I got a younger sister or feel bad that I have hurted her. I am overwhelmed riyu with your limitless love. I know that u are sad. But sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry riyu. I am helpless choti. You know na that managing a ff and exams is very tough. So I had to take this decision. Riyu pls don’t be upset dear. U may have commented late. But according to me, u may be late but ur comment always makes me happy and smile. You will not lose ur elder sissy. I will be your elder sissy always. ALWAYS. Don’t worry dear riyu, soon I will be back. Your comment made me cry now. Love u loads mera sweetheart. Take care and don’t cry. Love u. ???

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      2. Thanks for trusting me Deeshu…I already messaged you…Just see…

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      Akshata yaar. I will miss u so much. You have been my first supporter and ur comment is special for me. Missed u in the last epi. Yes dear, I will be back with another one after my exams. You know akshu, u are the one who mentioned aadit. Yes he is dear. You’ll see more of him in the epilogue. The way u described ammyut in ur comment is just awesome. Thank u so much dear. If u haven’t commented that day, I don’t know whether I would have wrote this ff till this level. That comment motivated me and I am so grateful to u for that. Thanks a lot dear. A big hug to u and love u loads. Take care. ??

      1. Akshata

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      Sorry jazzy for replying late. You are absolutely correct dear jazzy. I think that dragging makes a story lose its charm. Thank u so much for your love and support. Will miss u so much. But don’t worry jazzy, we will mock sally sisso ??. Epilogue will be posted today. Thanks again jazzy. Take care buddy. ?

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      Sorry yaar Naimi. I am replying u very late. My maths exam was suddenly announced today and we came to know about it only yesterday night. So I could not reply u. Sorry dear. You know naimi, u are very keen. U observe every little detail of my ff. I will miss u more dear. I just love when u give a long comment. Thank u so much Naimi. I will be back soon. And epilogue is waiting. Hope that u will like it. Don’t cry dear. I just hate when my friends cry. I am sorry for making u cry. I will say to dora of course. She thanked u for ur birthday wishes, which I forgot to tell u in the last epi. I will miss u so much naimi. Love u loads. Take care. Keep smiling my friend. ??☺

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      Sweety sorry for replying late. I had an exam today that’s y. How are u sweety?? How is ur vacation?? Thank u so much sweety. Neenga enaku starting LA irundhu support panreenga. Romba thanks sweety. Sorry sweety ennala unga wish a fulfill panna mudila. Idhuku mela pona romba bore adikumnu thonuchu. Adhe maadhri neeng enna deeshu chellam nu koopduradhu enaku romba pudikum. Edho nammaloda family member koopdura maadhriye irukum. Thank u so much again. Love u. ?

      1. Berdilla

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      yes she really needs a scolding. I am also waiting for that yaar. Am also a person who does not become emotional that much easy. Hi-fi!!

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      Hey Lisa! Where were u yaar?? Missed u yaar. Thank u so much dear. Glad that u liked it. Thanks for ur support till the end. Will miss u. Take care. 🙂

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      Ragz!! Don’t say sorry dear. Gosh!! Such a big compliment!! Thank u so much dear. Am so so so glad that this ff is one of ur fav. U made my day!! Thanks again for ur love and support. Love u loads!! ???

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      Vk! Sorry vk na sudden aa mudichadhuku. Actually studies of idha manage panna kashtama iruku.. Adha. Adhoda idhaidhuku mela drag panna nalla irukadhu nu ninachen dear. Thank u so much for ur love and support vk. Will miss u too. I will come back soon dear. Take care. ?

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    Gonnnna missss u n dis storyyyyy chooooooo vala much yaaaaar!!!!!! Plz b bck sooon….wl eagerly wait for u…keeeep rockng n stay blesssssed my sugarpie 😉 😉 love u choooo much…n thnx a ton for dis wonderfulll storyyy..its being a beautiful journey wid u dear….always keeep smiling n take care of urself…n dont forget me 😉 love u yaar 😉

    1. Fairy

      N allll d very very veryyy bst for ur xamzzzzzz……dear u”ll surely rock it my sweetypie….. ???????????????love u

    2. Deesh

      Cutiepie!! What a cute comment yaar!! Pls don’t be upset sweetheart. I will be back soon dear. I will pray that u get a hubby like gym boy 🙂 am glad that this story has entertained u. I am very happy that u have a special place for this ff. Love u more cutiepie!! Thank u for ur lovely support and boundless love for me and this ff. Will miss u and ur comments a lot!! How can u say that I will forget u?? Never ever cutie. This was a lovely journey with u all guys. Keep smiling and take care. Thank u so much for ur wish dear. Love u!! ???

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