I slowly opened my eyes as I felt the warmth of the morning rays. His cute, sleeping face came into my view. I slowly caressed his hair, which has become my addiction now. I looked at him. Here, I was, in the embrace of my gym boy. I smiled. Today is a new dawn for a new phase of our life. I am gonna become a mom. MOM! I am going crazy with happiness that I could not sleep properly last night thinking about the future happiness. I placed my hand on my belly and caressed it. Soon another hand joined mine. It was obviously my gym boy. I flashed a smile at him. “Happy anniversary gym boy” I wished him. He flashed his signature, small smile. “By next year, we’ll have our baby with us on our anniversary!” I told dreamily. He nodded smilingly. “Why aren’t u talking?” I asked him, confused. “I dddon’t kknnow.. Words aren’t coming from my mouth. I am enjoying this feeling, CB.” He told me. I saw a tear drop at the corner of his eye. Seriously, in our 1 year old relationship, I have never seen tears in his eyes. I know that he is extremely happy. “CB, Will I be a good dad for our child?? ” he asked in a serious tone. I clasped his hand tightly. “You will be the best dad in this entire world” I told him. “I just hope that I don’t hurt him as I hurt u. I want to shower with infinite love on my child. I promise, though I am busy, I will spend quality time with him. I don’t want my child to suffer like me.” He paused. I could notice that he was trying hard not to let his tears overflow. I held his cheek. My eyes were covered with tears now. “What happened gym boy?? I know u have hurted me. So do I. But none could shower so much love on me like u do. And I know that u will love our child more than me.” I told him in an assuring tone. What suffering was he talking about?? I didn’t want to ask him. Some bad happenings in the past, perhaps. “You know CB, in childhood, I used to be a lively boy contrasting to my current personality. But when I realised that my parents could not spend quality time with me unlike my friends’ family, I found myself being drifted away from them. That loneliness killed me from inside. I don’t want our child to suffer like that. I will not let him suffer. Never.” he told me as he hugged me tightly. Poor gym boy. Now I knew why he is not close with his family, unlike me. I rubbed his back. “I know gym boy. If u crave for their love, then it’s not too late. Even now u can mend everything.” I told him. After that compelled london visit of mine, his already strained relationship with mummyji became worse and she stopped talking with him. However I try to bring them closer, I am not able to. He just gave me a blank look and went to the washroom. I sighed. This man is so stubborn! I looked at the time. 7.00. a.m. I had a meeting today. I opened the closet. As I was thinking what to wear, “You are not going office today.” I heard him saying. “I want u to take rest today. You can go after some days. You’ll become tired. I have asked shanaya to come. She will take care of u.” he told me. “What about the meeting then??”I asked him. “Don’t worry. I have informed everything to your PA. She will take care. And one more thing, hereon, u will not work late night and overtime. I will help u with those.” he told me as he placed his hand on my shoulder. “But, I will feel bored.” “It’s not that u should not go to the office. You can. U just attend the important meetings. The rest, I’ll manage.” This man! He always takes all the burden on him. He himself has a huge business to look after and he says that he will help me too. “Are U mad?? Even I can’t risk your health.” “Don’t worry CB. I have arjit and dad. I’ll manage. U just take care of yourself. I just want u both to be healthy” he said as he wiped my tears and kissed me on my forehead. I looked at him adoringly. This love and care for me always makes me special. Though he looks a cold hearted person, he has a really beautiful heart. He amazes me everyday with a new shade of his. And I am falling for him more. “Fresh up and come down. I know u will skip meals if I am not there. So, I will go to the office after making u eat.” “Yes mommy!” I bowed my head and he chuckled. “Drama queen” I heard him say as I went to the washroom.
It was 12 in the noon. I was missing him terribly. Shanaya di, departed a few mins back, as she had a work. Everyone in our families were overjoyed hearing the news. Just then, I received his call.
“How r u?”
“Gym boy!! It’s just 3 and a half hours since we met last and u are asking this for every hour!!”
“Sorry. It’s just that I… I… am missing u.”
“I am missing u more!! Stupid gym boy!! See, I told u na I will be bored. Time is not moving. Each second is so long!”
“Shanaya must be there.”
“She got a work and had to go. She said that she will be back in 2 hrs.”
“Hmm, hope she does. Had lunch??”
” going to have”
“If u are gonna miss ur meals, then I will come there and make u eat.”
“Then, come na. I am missing u like hell.”
“Even, I am missing u CB. I will be coming in an hour. Have lunch and take rest.”
“Love u” I told him for which I received a “bye” in return. Till now he had not told me those 3 words. I don’t know when he’s gonna say. Stubborn gym boy!! The door bell rang. I was surprised and happy to see Aju and the fab 7. “CONGO!!!” They yelled making me go deaf. “Guys, how come u are so fast?? I informed only at 8. ” I told unable to overcome the shock. “It’s just that we wanted to meet as soon as possible and here we are!!” sid told me as he hugged me. “Ammu, u look thin. Are u having ur meals properly?” katy asked me in a concerned tone. “Come on katy! Now u don’t start again. Already that gym boy is making me mad with his constant phone calls and advice.” I pouted. “Ammu! congrats! Am soooo happy for u!!” sammy hugged me. I smiled. “So, choti meenakumari is gonna come.!!” Aju yelled. I glared at him. “How dare u call my daughter as choti meenakumari?? I will break ur bones if u ever dare to call her like that!” I screeched. Others giggled.” I will call her only like that!!” he stuck his tongue out at me. I threw a pillow at him. “I’ll call her as pari” katy said dreamily. “Katy!! u are so old fashioned!! We’ll name her ashna. Nice na??” sammy told him. “Oh sammy bhabhi! Let’s call her Sanya” annie joined. “Arey yaar! What if the child is a boy?” sid asked them. “I’ll call him champ!” aju said happily. “Idiot, aju! U need an official name for him. U can’t keep calling him champ everywhere!!” Sammy shot at him. I hit my palm on head. Gosh! What’s happening?? The baby has not come still and here they are fighting for the name!! “Stop it guys!!” sandy shouted and everyone became silent. “There’s still time to think over. Look di, she has become pale.” he said as he side hugged me. Thank god!! I took a breath of relief. “Sorry!!” everyone chorused. I smiled. It’s so good to spend time with them. I really missed them. Suddenly, aju cleared his throat. We looked at him curiously. “Actually, I am in.. I am in LOVE” He announced. We were shocked. Especially me. Sid placed his hand on his heart. “Bro!! I am the only son of my parents. Don’t kill me by giving shocks like this!” he pretended to faint. “Dramebaaz!! If u are the only son, then who is sandy??” Katy said as he smacked his shoulder. ” Don’t consider him. He is not a human. Sandy is a robot!” he said and sandy glared at him. We giggled. “Who’s she aju??” I asked him eagerly and he narrated the entire events. I was shocked. More than shock, I was happy. Finally, Aju too found a girl for him. I just want him to be happy always. So, here was a girl who captivated aju’s heart. That was enough for me to know her. Because, aju never opens up easily to any random person. By hearing those, I am sure that she will be suitable for him. I looked at her pic. She was beautiful. I could see the happiness in his eyes. My heart leaped up in joy. This day couldn’t be so beautiful than this. “Have u informed to dadi and others??” katy asked. “I will inform them soon. I am sure that they will accept her.” “Definitely they will.” I assured him. He smiled. I just hope that they should. God, please make my twin happy like this always!!
“How long gym boy??” I spoke impatiently unable to bear this. I was blind folded and he was taking me somewhere. “Just few more minutes” he said. “Here we are!” he told me as he removed the blind fold. I slowly opened my eyes. It was a beautiful place, beside a lake and surrounded by towering hills. The cool breeze made me shiver. “It’s so beautiful gym boy!” I chirped happily. He smiled. We sat on the shore, and dipped our legs in it. I placed my head on his shoulder. He caressed my hair. The moon smiled at us with her cool rays. I narrated him the morning happenings and he laughed. This laugh of his!! Oh my!! I was so lost in him and our eyes locked. He slowly leaned over me and kissed me. It was so gentle and I could realise the care and love he had for me. As we parted apart, I looked at the moon. “How beautiful she is!!” I exclaimed. “But not more than u” he told me. Blush covered my cheeks and I managed to hide it. “Duh! couldn’t u think of any better dialogue than this?” I told him in a complaining tone. He chuckled. “At least, U can say this in a soft tone” I muttered and looked away. He pecked my cheek. My eyes widened and I placed my hand on my cheek. “U look so cute when u look shocked” he said by pulling my cheeks, shocking me more. I suppressed my shock. “Gym boy, are u expecting a girl or a boy??” I asked him. “Don’t know CB. Just I want my child and u to be healthy. You know CB, Last year, at this time I never thought that my life would change so beautiful like this. You have changed this stone hearted man and made me unravel all the different shades of mine, which were unknown to me. U are the first and the last girl in my life ” He told me and he placed his forehead against mine. I hugged him. My life has become so beautiful. He is right. Even I never thought that my marriage, which I thought to be a hell has become a heaven for me. He is the personification of love and care. How much hard he looks from outside, he isn’t. He is frank and genuine. This quality of his, makes him stand out of the crowd. Though, he has never said any formal I love u, like any other person, his eyes, actions and every move of him makes me realise his unconditional love for me.
Guys, deesh here. Sorry for being late. I am writing this chapter for 3 rd time. I don’t know how it got deleted 2 times. It really made me low and I took a lot of time. Sorry guys. Thanks for your lovely support. Hope u like this. Keep supporting! Thanks for reading.

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