Her eyes widened in shock. I saw a layer of tear covering her eyes. God!! What did I do?? It was an utter foolish move of mine. Yeah, it is true that I had planned to say all these, but not in this manner. I should have been little patient. I cursed my heart for being so impatient. I looked at her. “Are u serious??” she asked me. What does she mean by serious?? I am not any flirty guy who tells this to every girl I meet. This is the first time I am saying this. “I am not joking deeps! I really do lll….. LOVE U” I managed to say. Her face was expressionless. I continued. “From the first time when I saw u in the village at midnight, I knew that u are different. I don’t know, seriously I don’t know what attracted me towards u. But your innocence, cute voice, your different approach towards life certainly created a huge effect on me. Ms. Deepti, will u marry this rude and sarcastic arjun??” I knelt down in front of her and told her in a go. I looked at her sincerely into her eyes. Tears were flowing from her eyes continuously and she turned to the other side. The worst fear of mine came true. My dreams crashed down to the ground. The surroundings around me faded away. Suddenly, my eyes started tearing unable to bear this. I went to the balcony and stared at the limitless sky. All our moments flashed. Our first meeting, temple trip, her absence which made me realize the feelings for her, the sudden hospital meet and our budding friendship. She was the first girl in my life. And will be the last too. I felt a soft hand encircling me from the back, breaking my chain of thoughts. I removed those hands and turned. It was her. I looked emotionlessly. She looked at me. “Aju!” she called. I don’t know why no words came out of my mouth at that time. She called me again. I just nodded my head. She took my hand. I was confused by her action. “Can we marry in the village??” She asked me. I just nodded without understanding her question. Then, suddenly it hit me. How stupid of me?? I looked at her. She flashed a smile at me, nodding. I took her in my embrace. My grip on her became more firm as she responded. I pecked her forehead and smiled. She too. “Ghost! u scared me!” I told her and received a smack on my shoulder in return. Finally, my wish to marry her and to bring her into my life is going to be fulfilled. “Finally, DEEPS, U ARE MINE!!!” I shouted at the top of my voice and looked at her, who was blushing. Everything is back to normal, at last. This is one of my best birthdays!!

“Hey vidyut!” arjit called out to me and waved his hand. I waved back. Here I am, in the mumbai airport, after a 3 day trip to bangalore for a board meeting. Seriously man, these girls!! they never forget things. And this CB took this as a right chance and took revenge on me by sending me forcefully to this meeting. Now I really understood her pain and suffering. But from now, I will not repeat it again. It has been two weeks since the so called surprise of mine. Life has been back to normal. Though we are busy in our own works, we make sure that we both spend quality time with each other. I am really excited for two things now. One is that am going to meet her. The second one is that tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary. I still remember her saying that I, one of her birthday gifts last year and our marriage, which happened two weeks after her birthday( I came to know this later) were the best things ever happened in her life. I smiled remembering that. I looked at the time. It was 9:30 p.m. Still, few more hours to go. “Wow, u smile a lot now a days!”arjit asked me as we were on our way to my home. I just gave another smile at him for which he placed his hand at his heart and pretended to have a heart attack. “Dramebaaz!” I told him, shaking my head. The car screeched to a halt and I stepped out of it impatiently like a school kid barging out of school after the school ends. I expected her to wait for me in the entrance and to my disappointment, she was not. May be, she is busy. “Ok bro, catch u later!”Arjit told me as he started to move. “Hey arjit yaar, come in. stay here for some time.” I told him. “No yaar, I have a work. Bye!” He muttered and went hastily. What’s wrong with him?? I brushed those thoughts aside and went inside. As I stepped inside, I found the whole house covered in darkness. I switched on the lights. Nobody was there. “CB!!!!” I yelled. No response. “CB!!!!” I yelled again, being frustrated. Still no response. I searched everywhere. Where the hell she went?? I picked my phone and dialled her number. Damn! she didn’t pick the call. Now, I can’t remain patient. An unknown fear crept inside me. I called arjit. To my bad luck, he too didn’t pick the call. I called her PA and asked about her. She told me that she had left the office 3 hrs ago. Where she could go at this time?? That unknown fear of mine spread all sorts of negativity in my body. I took a deep breath. She will be safe. I consoled myself. I decided to wait for liitle longer. I looked at the time again. I could not wait anymore. I decided to search for her. I took my car key hurriedly and as I was about to open the door, she came barging inside hurriedly and she bumped into me. Immediately, her eyes widened and she hugged me. My blood boiled in anger. I parted her away from me. She gave me a confused look. “Where were u??” I asked her in a rough tone. “Woh, actually.. Today I had finished everything early..” ” I ASKED WHERE WERE U ??” I shouted at the top of my voice. “What’s wrong with u??” she asked in a puzzled tone as she placed her hand on my shoulder. I jerked her hand as anger covered my senses and the bags which she was carrying in her hand fell on the floor. Her eyes started to tear. “What happened??” she managed to ask in between her tears. Her teary eyes and cracking voice brought me back into senses as I realised what had happened. Damn!! That anger of mine! I looked at her. Tears were flowing from her eyes continuously. In a sudden burst of emotions, I took her in my embrace and tears started to flow unknowingly from my eyes. “Where did u go?? Do u know how tensed I was?? At least, u could have attended my call. In a second, I felt like I was going to lose u” I told her in a breath. She looked at me. She wiped a tear drop, which was about to roll down from my cheek. She smiled, shocking me. “Sorry! Actually I didn’t hear the call.” She told me.

“Actually, I should say sorry for behaving too rude with u. How many ever times I think not to hurt u, I still continue to hurt u” I told her, being guilty. “I should not have behaved like that.” I told her. “CB! Why are u so good? why do u forgive me for all my mistakes??” I asked her. She held my cheek. “It’s not your fault, gym boy. Even I would have did the same if I were in your place. You know gym boy, this care of yours made me fall for u. And I can never be angry on u for long. Never ever.” she told me sincerely. But how much ever she consoles me, I feel guilty. “I missed u so much gym boy!” she chirped as she wrapped her arms around me. ” The clock struck 12. “HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!” We both chorused together. We looked shocked, at the coincidence and broke into laughter. I hugged her. “You are a blessing in my cursed life CB!” I told her. “From when did u start speaking like this, Mr. Romeo??” she asked me in a mischievous tone. “Come on yaar! don’t call me romeo!” I complained. “Romeo, romeo, romeo!!” she deliberately called like that and stuck her tongue out at me. I chuckled. “Gym boy, close your eyes.” she ordered me. I obeyed. I felt that something was being placed in my hand and I immediately opened my eyes. It was a box covered with a wrapper. I raised my eyebrow. She smiled at me and looked curiously at me. I felt that she was a little more happy today. I could sense that from her eyes which reflected boundless joy. “Open it romeo!” she told me curiously. I glared at her. “My sweet gym boy, open!!” she told me. As I opened that, I found an envelope and a pic, which I didn’t notice properly. I looked at her. What’s so exciting about that?? Yeah, it was nice, but the way she was curious, made me think that something was fishy. She hit her head with her palm and looked away. I opened the envelope, confused. I felt numb. I looked at her in an unbelievable manner, after reading that envelope. She nodded and I took her into a bone crushing hug. “Are u…?” My words were cut by her. ” Congratulations ‘to be dad’!!” she whispered in my ears. What was that??!! I am going to be a dad. DAD. Tears started to cover my eyes as my heart leaped up in joy. I placed my hand on her abdomen. She looked at me smiling through her tears. I placed my forehead against hers. I could not stop the tears which were flowing from my eyes continuously. “I am not able to… tttell u tthat how I am feeling now!” I told her. “Thank u so much for this wonderful gift CB!” I told her as I kissed her forehead. “Our love is going to be complete. As I have said before, This is a new phase in our already flourishing love gym boy!! ” she told me. We hugged again. I caressed her cheek. Yes, she is right. I picked her in my arms and went to our room. I placed her on the bed. I gently stroke her hair. I looked at her. Now, I know the reason behind that limitless joy. I am becoming mad due to happiness now. In this one year, my life has entirely changed, in fact, drastically changed. Her presence in my life is not just a mere presence, but an everlasting and a beautiful presence which made me approach life in a new angle, where I see just love and happiness. All these are new to me. But I am enjoying each and every moment being with her. Though, I have never said directly to her, my heart knew that I LOVE HER TO THE INFINITY!!!

Guys, deesh here. Sorry for being late. Thanks for your support guys. Hope u liked this new phase in AmYut’s life. Keep supporting!! Thanks for reading.

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    1. Deesh

      Am so sorry dear for making u wait. Oh god!! What a sweet comment dear Naimi!! I am sooooo happy that u loved it. I will try to update soon dear. Yes our gymboy ? loves cb a llllooottt. Will update asap. Love u. Take care! 🙂

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    1. Deesh

      Thank u sooooooo much ragz dear! Thanks for such a lovely comment. I am on cloud nine now. Love u too?? take care. 🙂

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      Thank u so much lovely!! Glad that u liked it!! Take care!! 🙂

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      1. Hmm OK innime appadi kupuda matta okva dr

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      Hi sweety!! Yeah ellarom fine. How r u?? Thank u so much sweety!! Aama sweety IPO enaku revision start ayiruchu. Neenga enkita epo venalum peslam. Neenga disturb LA panla sweety. Take care!! 🙂

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