My phone flashed. It was a reminder for my baking class. God!! Already today I am having a lot of meetings and I have to attend this baking class too. But I had to. I have been attending this class for past one month and I have learnt baking and can bake cakes to some extent. Now the time is 4:30 p.m. And after this meeting, I have to attend the class then reach home and have to start baking. It was her birthday tomorrow. And this is my simple attempt to surprise her. I just hope that she would like this. Because, I am very poor in speaking cheesy lines and giving surprises. But before she likes that, she has to forgive me . It has been 3 days since her arrival and she is hell bent on avoiding me. I tried to talk to her many times. Many times, but in vain. And I had listened to her unspoken feelings that night, under the pretence of sleeping. Only then I realised how wrong I was. I should not have forced her. She was right. I thought only about her career, not about her feelings. I sensed the sorrow and pain in her voice, which was because of me. From then, guilt filled in my heart and it pains to know that u had hurt the person whom u love the most. It really does. I have been spending sleepless nights from then. It pains even more when she does not talk to me but talks with others. More than pain and anger, I felt hurt and helpless. My anger, which became dormant after overhearing her heart felt talk that night, was slowly becoming active due to her ignorance towards me. Still, I controlled myself from exploding in anger and tried to be calm. It was really difficult like a short tempered person like me. I know I was wrong. But humans do mistakes and I too did. And I realised one more thing. Here on, this gentle man behaviour of mine will not work. I have to be the old vidyut, The angry and stubborn version, to get her back. I know I am not less stubborn now, but I know I that I have to be more stubborn to bring her back in my life. Tonight, I will talk to her in my way. Astonishingly, I started to bond with her cousins. Her cousins were here for her birthday. Especially kartik. I didn’t know that nerdy person had a different shade too. When that curious bunch of her cousins offered me their help, I didn’t know that the consequences would be horrible.
They came here two days back. To my wildest shock, they came to know about the tiff between us. They wanted me and CB to patch up and the most horrible thing was that they offered to help me. And this stupid Arjit too joined them. I was forcefully dragged and was made to accept their offer. Couldn’t my life become even more worser than this?? Kartik was a silent spectator. CB was with Samhita in her room. Ladies gossip, perhaps. Arjun had gone out. I don’t think so that he would join even though if he were here. Many ideas popped up in their crazy minds, which made me turn purple in horror. Gosh!! Now I understood that how my CB is like that. Uff!! At first, I thought it was manufacture defect, but now I came to know what defect it was.
“Jij, why don’t u recite a poem to her?” sid asked me. Poems and me?? It was a total mismatch. I don’t even have even a slightest idea about writing a poem. And I was obvious that mine would sound worser than a nursery rhyme. I shook my head in negative. “I don’t write poems.” I told them. “No ways!! Even I write better than him. I remember very well. Once, in our school, we were asked to write a poem about love. And this idiot ‘s poem looked like a villain’s dialogue!! Urgh!!” Arjit told them and everyone giggled.
“Then I will help u.” sid offered his help. “U will definitely like my poem, u see.” he told me raising his collar. “We should tell that, not u” ananya shot at him. “OK, my poem goes like this.” He announced proudly. As he was about to say, my phone rang. I made an excuse and moved from there. May be, It was my good luck that I managed to escape. But to my bad luck, Arjit followed me and waited till I finished speaking. Damn!! He looked at me. “Today, u can’t escape Mr. Vidyut Singhania!!” he told me smirking. “I know that u too missed her and realised your mistake. And I think u both were right from your own perspective. So, now come along with me and try to learn and implement some innovative ideas from them.” He told me. “Innovative?? Do u find those crazy and cheesy ideas innovative??” I told him in shock. “U have to bear this as a punishment for your deeds” he told me as he smacked my shoulder playfully and chuckled. Finally, he spoke to me normally. It has been a long time, since we spoke like this. “Missed this yaar” I told him emotionlessly. I don’t know why I can’t express my emotions expressively. He smiled at me. ” Me too. Ok leave all this. Can I suggest U one poem??” he asked me. I shook my head in disbelief. “Not again!!” I told him. “Please man don’t be a spoil sport!!” he told me.” And one more thing, also notice my body language. It should be romantic ok??” he instructed me and I agreed reluctantly. He cleared his throat as he started to say.
He knelt down in front of me and started.
“Have I told you yet….
how much you mean to me….
Have I told you yet….
about all the happiness you bring!!”
“Have I told u yet..
that this is not my cup of tea??”
I yelled him in sarcasm, cutting him in the middle unable to bear the nonsense. How will I be able to do all these? I am very poor in these. Damn!!
“What the hell man?? Why did u cut me in the middle?? Wait, I’ll come again” he yelled at me.
As he finished this so called poem, he looked at me with curiosity. “I can’t say these types of cheesy poems. I am very bad at it. And u know that. ” I told him. “Yeah, I know. But just give it a try man! She would like it. Anyways, try once then we will see. he told me.
“Have I told you yet….
how much you mean to me….
Have I told you yet….
about all the happiness you bring”

Have I told you yet….
that you mean the world to me
Just in case, I haven’t
I want you to know that
You are the best thing
that’s ever happened to me”
“Not like this yaar!! WHY DON’T U USE PUNCTUATION MARKS MAN?? GOD!! I need more emotion!! ” he told me in a complaining tone, while he looked at me, after I finished reciting that nonsensical poem. ”
“Emotion?? hell with your emotions!!” I shouted at him as I threw the rose which I was holding till then while telling the poem.
I didn’t notice that this poem fiasco was witnessed by CB and her bunch of cousins. I looked at her pathetically. She hit her head with her palm and went to the room. Everyone there broke into peals of laughter. I glared at arjit. “Enough is enough!! I didn’t ask any help from u guys. If u can’t help me then don’t worsen the situation for me” I yelled at them and left from there.
Now, what would she think of me?? Damn!! Everything is gonna happen bad for sure. I was in the garden, while I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was kartik.
“Vidyut, If u don’t mind, can I say something??” he asked me. I nodded. “Don’t take me wrong. I don’t think that u will be able to all these crazy ideas. Instead u convince her in your way. I think she would accept that. Because she had told me that she loved your open heart speak. So, U go and rock in your own way!! And don’t worry about the stupid cousins of mine. I will manage them.” he told me. Wow. What was that?? Here is a man who understood me well. Even though, I have hurted his sister he speaks to me well and behaves normally with me. Before I could reply, he continued.
“Now don’t give that skeptical look of yours to me. I know the fault was neither yours nor hers. It was just the situation and it happens. Even in my case, such things continue to happen. I heard you speaking with her pic that day, how u are feeling guilty. So, now stop feeling guilty and make her realise the love u have, had and continue to have for her.” He told me and went from there, not even letting me speak. I looked at the direction he went. He is right. I never expected this shade of his. I then remembered CB saying that Kartik may seem like a nerd from outside, But only a few knows that how mature and sensible he is. From that day, our equation changed.
****************END OF FLASHBACK************************************
When I reached home, I was told by kaka that she had went out with her cousins. My phone beeped. It was a message from kartik. “Whatever are u going to do, prepare soon. We’ll be back by 10.” My lips curved to a tiny smile. Good. I have 3 hrs from now. I changed my cloths and started to bake. I just hope that everything goes well.
Few more hours to go. I would become 26. Few months back, I wished that he would be with me on my birthday. But, now I don’t think so. Here I am, with my cousins in a resort, on account of my birthday.
“So, this year we have 2 new additions to our gang. One is jij and the latest is bhabhi!!” Sid announced. Everyone cheered. “This year, there is a different gift for u guys.” Katy told us. “Ha, why not?? This time you would gift her a car and me a bullock cart!!” Aju cried sarcastically. “Aju, u don’t even know to maintain your gifts. first learn to maintain them and then ask for a gift. Do u remember what was the plight of the watch which I gave u last year??” katy shot back at him. I raised my eyebrow at aju. He smiled sheepishly. “Woh, actually, I had mistakenly dropped it into the washing machine and… it stopped working.” he told me as everyone roared into laughter. “Which watch would work after getting a nice water wash, aju??” I mocked. “Ok, leave all this. Ammu, here is your gift. Advanced happy birthday AMMU!!” Katy and sammy yelled as they handed me their gift. ” What a changeover!! This time it feels really nice to receive a gift from sammy. ” I told them as I hugged sammy. “Wait, why are u guys giving me your gifts this early?? u usually give me at midnight 12 right??” I asked. “Ammu, this time it’s different. U are married. So…” Katy told me. “What if am married?? You are my cousins and u have the right to.” I told him. “Ok, guys stop this drama. Meenakumari! come let’s cut the cake! I am feeling damn hungry and this cake is just tempting me more” aju dragged me. “Bhukkad!!” we all yelled together in a chorus. As we held our hands to cut the cake, everyone shrieked, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJU AND AMMU!!” I felt happy. After all I missed this. Even though, I am having a blast here. I missed him. Terribly, to the core. I was feeling restless. All I want is to go home, right now. Still, I am avoiding him. But, everyday he comes to my room, peck my forehead and leave. And I know these, because I pretend to sleep. Nowadays, I can’t sleep well. I can never sleep peacefully without hearing his warm breath fanning over my neck. I could sense the limitless love he had for me. But my brain still wants me to have his punishment. Suddenly, I remembered one thing. Last year, my gym boy was one of my birthday gifts. I never ever thought that it would change my life like this. I don’t even know whether he remembers my birthday. In these days, I avoided him and hurt him. I know he was hurt. But to my shock, he was behaving like a perfect gentleman. He tried to talk to me, but I failed all his attempts. I also saw him trying to recite a poem. Gosh!! It was too funny and cute that in a second, my heart started to melt. How hard it was for me to laugh?? I bit my inner cheek hard and went to my room hastily. Only I know, how hard I laughed after so many days. The sight of him holding a rose made me laugh even more harder. Stupid gym boy!! He held it as if he was holding a dumbell. I am missing him so much now. Though I am angry with him, I just want him to be beside me now. It would be the best birthday gift. MISS U A LOT GYM BOY!!
Guys, deesh here. Finally, my exams are over. Hope u like this epi. Thanks for your lovely support. Next epi, would be about our gym boy’s surprise. So guys, what do u think?? Will he able to convince our CB?? Hope this epi wasn’t boring. Just thought to show some fab 7 moments. Thanks for reading.

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  1. hey deesh missed u yaar …..it’s remarkable yaar ……..have i told you yet …how much i go crazy for ua update …….it’s so good ….love u …….TC …..hope ua doing good in ua academics…:-)

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much Naimi for such a sweet comment!! Yes buddy, I am doing well. Take care.. 🙂

  2. Fairy

    Wowwew!!!! Update ws amaznggg!!!loved dere fab.7 Moments…ohooo gym boy dnt wry my CB wl surely forgive u soon 😉 …n m i dreamng i mean gym boy n poem hahahahha dat looks jst lyk a dream to me..plz someone pinch me… 😀 .awww!!!bechara …he had done sooo much,rags now plzzz forgve him dear.. *pout pout…waitng eagerly for his surprise 🙂 🙂 post nxt part soooon..keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 n happy dat ur xamz got over deesh 😉

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much fairy. Am glad that u liked the fab 7 moments. It’s not a dream dear ? I will post asap. Thanks a lot dear fairy!! 🙂

  3. Berdilla

    Hi deeshu dear its awesome i loved it but i missed miss deeps dear friend

    1. Deesh

      Thanks sweety. Sorry, I could not give deeps scenes in this epi. But I will try to give it in the next epi. Thank u so much sweety!! 🙂

      1. Berdilla

        Ok dear deeshu chellam

  4. deesh missed you yaar……it’s remarkable ……..have i told you yet ….how i go crazy for ua updates……love u yaar…..each n every scene was too good in todays epi n definitely our gym boy gonna convince her n i am so eager to read ua next update if possible post it soon plz…TC

  5. Sindhura

    Upload soon yar

    1. Deesh

      Thanks di. Sure. I will.

  6. Amazing?

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much lovely. 🙂

  7. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update dear..d update was really funny..poor vidyuth… hw was ur xams dear..hope all went well

    1. Deesh

      Thanks a lottt sree!! Yes bechara ?? . yes dear, I did it well. Thank u soooo much!! 🙂

  8. Ragz_teju

    it’s fabulous.. I loved it to the core… vidhyut is so sweet he was trying hard to convince amaya hope he succeded

    1. Deesh

      Thanks dear. Glad that u liked this shade of his. You’ll see in the next epi dear!! Thanks again! 🙂

  9. Sally_blr

    I cant tell you how I’m feeling. Some lines were so emotional and made me cry and next few lines made me laugh. My friend is asking me oye drama queen what is wrong with you? Awww Vidyut is learning baking I’m so excited for his surprise I know Ammu will cry with joy looking at it. Im all smiles and my cheeks are paining.

    1. Deesh

      Your comment is making me smile like an idiot. Thank u so much sally!! I am really glad that u liked it. Yes dear, u guessed it right. Keep supporting!! I am uploading the next epi tonight. Do read that. 🙂

  10. Asra

    hi dear…Hw r u?…i hope ne xam nalla panirpa…u get good marks dear…ur sis really miss u dear…
    and coming to ur update…Amazing dear…loved loved loved it core…no words dear…fab7 moments r osam…poem omg superbbb…amaya plz forgive ur gym boy dear..He is Vry poor….i ask one question to u..surprise amaya vuka illa engaluka… vidyut amaya ku surprise kudukurathu kula..un update surprise oda stop pani engaluku surprise kuduthida…
    and am sry dear fav scenes sa nalaiki kula Kandipa solren…sry for late….
    waiting for nxt one dear…plz update soon….tkcr…

    1. Deesh

      Thanks sisso!! Na exam nalla paniruken. Naanum ungala romba miss pannen sisso. And ur question ?. Rendu perukume surprise dha!! Adhu maari neenga end kita sorry solla koodadhu. Deal?? Neenga epo venalum sollunga. Oru problem um illa. Next epi iniku night upload panren. Ungalukum unga family kum en advanced iniya deepavali nalvazhthukkal!! Take care!! 🙂

  11. Jazzy

    Heyyyy I m missed u a looooooottttt I m very happy that u posted and today u included fab 7 amazing and I was laughing readings their crazy ideas hahaaah and the poem omg I could imagine him saying solo it was too hilarious and ammu’s comment he was holding the rose as if a dumbbell haahahah and now I m feeling bad for him now ammu should forgive him now the punishment is over and excited for next part

    1. Deesh

      Thank u sooooooo much jazzy!! Glad that u liked fab 7 scenes. I will post the next part by tonight dear. Thanks again!! 🙂

  12. Akshata

    awesome update…. oh my poor gym boy, he is working so hard to convince Ammu. everybody knows that he is not romantic person but his efforts are clearly visible. vidyut learning baking also to impress ammu. not to forget he was reciting poetry with rose in hand only for her. he is doing every possible thing to impress her which is not his forte but still trying.. wow that was commendable. loved this vidyut.

    1. Deesh

      Thanks a lotttt akshata!! Glad that u loved this shade of his. Thanks again. Happy diwali dear!! I have posted the next epi. Do check it out. Thanks again!! 🙂

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