“Meenu! Meenu! Wake up!” I heard a faint whisper. I was in a deep slumber and it was difficult for me to open my eyes. I slowly opened my eyes and found him. I looked at the time. It was 11.00.p.m. ” It’s just 11.00. What happened??” I said annoyed. He immediately covered my mouth with his hands and looked to the left of mine where gym boy was sleeping peacefully. Ady glared at me. I looked at him with puppy eyes. He dragged me along with him, while having his hands on my mouth. “Where are we going now?” I asked him as we came out of the room. “Meenu, don’t open your question bank now.” he told me bluntly. “Sadu papa ka sadu beta” I mumbled. He chuckled. He gestured me to sit behind him on the bike as he started it. As I sat, we made a move. He covered my eyes and took me somewhere as soon as he stopped the bike. As I bombarded him with questions, he told me, ” Now I know why he calls u a question bank!” he laughed hard. “ADY!!!” I shrieked. “Calm down beautiful lady, Otherwise u’ll wake up the dead spirits!” he roared into laughter again.

The cool breeze made my heart leap up in joy. As he removed the blindfold, my eyes popped out. It was my favourite place. The haunted lake in my village. We came to the village, as a FAB 7 get together 2 days ago. I smiled at him and he smiled at me back. “So, meenu r u ready??” he asked me eagerly. “For what??” I asked him back. He placed a parcel on my hand. “Gift?” I asked him for which he nodded. “What’s the need of gifting me so often??” I asked him strictly. “Because I love u so much!” he said as he hugged me. “Stop buttering me” I said to him. “Don’t u want to see what’s inside it??” he asked me. It made me curious and I started to open it eagerly.

As I opened, my eyes started to tear with happiness. It was a portrait of me and him when he was born. It was so natural that I felt that I am being transitioned to that special moment. I hugged him. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMA, sorry MEENU!!” He yelled which echoed everywhere. “Ady, now u don’t arouse the dead spirits!” I told him. He gave me a ‘U COPIED MY DIALOGUE LOOK’. I smiled at him sheepishly. “Thank u mera bacha!!” I told him. “Did u make this??” I asked him, being amazed. He nodded as he flashed a typical gym boy smile. “Did u like it??” he asked me curiously. Ady is a good artist. He makes beautiful vignettes and our house is decorated full of his works which makes the others gasp in awe. “I just loved it so much! This is priceless!!” I told him. “Anything for u!” he said as I ruffled his hair. Nothing makes a mom happy than her child’s creation for her.

This is Aadit Singhania @ Ady, my 19 year old son. Well, he is not only like gym boy, but a mixture of Aju, Katy and gym boy like his name. He is mature and a geek like katy, sarcastic and loving like aju and little rude and a hard nut to crack like gym boy. Not to forget that he has a loving and caring gym boy shade. He is short-tempered but very caring. And very close to me. Mamma’s boy. In fact, Meenu’s boy as he says. He calls me meenu, thanks to that idiot twin of mine. For a mom, her first kid is always special. He is another blessing in my life. “Meenu!! Don’t do like that. You know that I hate it!” He complained. “You know that I love it” I told him mischievously as I did it again. “U make me think that whether you are my mom or I am your dad” he told me. I laughed. Yes, he is right. Often, gym boy says that too. “It’s getting late. Ady, come let’s go.” I told him.

As we were about to go, my phone flashed. It was aju, as usual wanting to wish me first. Bechara! Again failed to wish me first again. “HAPPY 43!!” He screamed from the other side. “Happy birthday aju!! And u are yelling like only I have turned 43.” I yelled back for which I received a chuckle from Ady. “This time too, u didn’t wish first” I told aju as I laughed. “First your gym boy, now your laadla!! Duh!” He snorted. Yes, I am 43 now. And I could understand his jealousy. Now ady is the first to wish me on my birthday. Time is flying so fast. It looks like just today, I got married to gym boy. This journey till now has been a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. He was always beside me, holding my hand which gives me unknown confidence to face all the problems. He was, he is and he will be always there for me. A smile appeared on my face as I thought about our beautiful journey together.


“CB!” My gym boy’s voice woke me up. I opened my eyes. “Happy birthday CB!” He wished me as he kissed my forehead. I hugged him. “Thank u gym boy!” I told him as I caressed his hair which looked like stars shining in a black, dark sky. “Look, there’s a white hair!” I told him as I placed my finger to pluck that. “No. CB, Don’t pluck it. She likes this. What does she say? Salt and pepper hairstyle!” He told me. “Ha, U and your sweetheart!” I said annoyed. “Don’t be jealous Mrs. Singhania!” He told me. “Whatever!!” I mumbled as I closed the washroom door.


“Boo!!!” Hearing that scream, the plate in my hand fell down as I was startled by the scream. I looked to see which devil was that. “Aashu!” I cried in shock. “Meenu ma!!” she chirped as she hugged me. “Happy birthday Meenu ma!!” she screeched. “Aashu, look what have u done? U scared me!!” I told her in a complaining tone. “Sorry!” she held her ears and kissed me on my cheek. “Nautanki!” I told her. “Love u” she hugged me again. “Meenu ma, Look What have I brought for u?” she said as she handed me a box. It was a cake. My favourite one. “A cake?” I asked her, being shocked. She nodded. “This is chef Aashirya’s signature cake!” she bowed down her head. “Thank u chef!” I said in between my laughter due to her antics. Aashirya. Aju’s 17 year old daughter. A big foodie and a great cook. Wants to become a chef. She is sweet, cute, sometimes childish and my pet. She calls me meenu maa. She is just like my own daughter. Ady and aashu share a very good bond. “What’s for breakfast?” she asked me eagerly. “Masala dosa.” I replied. “Yippee!” she shrieked. “Thank u so much meenu ma” she chirped as we both bent down to clean the mess.


“Meenu” ady called me, flashing his smile as he saw masala dosa on his plate. It’s his favourite and aashu’s too. “Haapy birthday momma!” two arms wrapped me from the back. “Thanks mayu!” I told her. “Where’s Vishy??” I asked her. “Bunty ka soap slow hai. Still bathing. It’s been an hour he went. Even girls don’t bath for this much time! I recommend your lovely son to use dettol handwash. Let’s see at least then he would bathe soon!!” Ashu, ady and I broke into laughter hearing that. “Hey chashmish!! You don’t dare to comment on my bathing habit.” I heard a loud voice. “How dare u can call me chashmish?” Mayu snarled back. “Then what do u want me to call u?? Kish mish??” Vishy shot back. “Ady bro, seems like they have started again” Aashu said keeping her hands on her head. “Vishy! Mayu! Stop it now!!” I shouted at the top of my voice. They stopped and looked at me in horror. Have u guys gone nuts?? You both are 15 years now and still u both are fighting like 5 yr olds. Sit down quietly and have your breakfast now!” I scolded them. They both muttered a sorry and sat down. Vishal Singhania @ Vishy and Vishmaya Singhania @Mayu. Our twins. Uff! I and aju have never ever troubled mom like this in our childhood ( Not entirely true, but little) . I took a deep breath and placed the plates on the table. Suddenly, Mayu screamed, “Darling!!”


Guys deesh here. Here is the epilogue part 1. Actually, I am in a hurry, hence I am posting it in 2 parts. Don’t take me wrong. Am really sorry guys. Actually, it’s difficult to cover all of them in one chapter. Sorry again guys. Part 2 will be posted soon. Hope u guys like it. Thanks for reading.

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