“Darling!!!” Mayu yelled at the top of her voice. Ady, Aashu and Vishy looked at the direction where she was looking and screaming. Well, I know who will it be. She stood and ran to gym boy and wrapped her arms around him. “Good morning Darling!!” she squealed. Gym boy smiled widely at her. I never know that gym boy can smile wide like this before mayu was born. “Lo, shuru ho gayi in dono ki drama” vishy muttered. Ady and I chuckled. “Good morning sweet heart!” gym boy hugged her back. Vishmaya singhania is very much attached to gym boy.. oops… her darling. And she loves his ‘salt and pepper hairstyle’ for which gym boy doesn’t apply any hair colour. She is bold and daring and is vey mischievous. She is always at loggerheads with her twin. Though she is more close to gym boy, she shares a good bond with me and her siblings and her cousins as well. Many say that mayu is like me. Vishy has gone entirely upon aju. The same sarcasm, same care, mischief, everything. Whenever I see vishy and mayu, it is like visualizing my childhood again. They both sat down for breakfast.

“Meenu baby!! Save me!!!” A loud voice made me startle. Gym boy, who was sipping his tea, coughed badly. “Darling, careful!” mayu said as she patted his head. He looked at me by narrowing his eyes. I know what was the reason for his look. “YAN!!!” Everyone here except gym boy shouted. There he was, Yan, running and jumping down the stairs, with sammy running behind him. He hid behind me. “Sammy, what happened?” I asked sammy, who was panting due to running. “Ammu! This boy is driving me mad everyday! This boy is not ready to apply oil on his hair.

If he does not apply oil, then he will turn bald someday! Then how will I get him married? U have to remain a bachelor throughout your life, Aru” Sammy said to him. Everyone broke into laughter. “Bachelor? After hearing this word, I don’t think he will refuse to apply oil on his hair.” Ady said to which Yan looked at him angrily. “Mumma! don’t call me in those girly names. Call me Yan. And you are speaking as if am a girl ” Yan cried. “Any doubt?” aashu said. All giggled. “You!! I’ll see u later!” he muttered angrily. “Happy birthday, bua!” Two voices chorused together.

“Thank u radhu and dhruv” I replied. [email protected], aju’s younger daughter. Dhruv is katy’s younger son. Radhu and dhruv are striking contrasts to their siblings. “Oh god! How did I forget that? Happy birthday meenu baby!” Yan hugged me. “Thanks Yan !” I told him smiling. Sammy looked at both of us smiling. Yan. Short for Aryan. Katy and Sammy’s 18 year old naughty, elder son. He is the superlative degree for mischief and pranks. He easily manages to impress any girl within seconds, much to sammy’s dislike. Yan is a carbon copy of sid. I never imagined in my life that nerdy katy’s son would be like this. “Yo ady! Hey KK!” Yan waved at ady and aashu. They 3 are the 3 musketeers. They call themselves, ‘The A3.’Seeing them, I remember my good old times with Katy and aju. “How dare u call me KK?? You idiot!” aashu shrieked. “Aashu! This is not the way to speak with your brother.” Deeps said as she came down the stairs, helping Annie, who is pregnant. Annie already has a 3 yr old daughter riya.

She is based in dubai now. Her husband could not come here due to work commitments. “Mom, he is calling me KK!!” Aashu cried. “What is KK??” Sammy asked. “Badi ma, it is short for KumbhKaran” Radhu said. Everyone roared into laughter again. “Yan, don’t tease her like that” Ady told him. “Now, u don’t support her always” Yan replied. “What wrong did ady say?? He is correct. How can u tease my aashu like that?” Sammy shot at him. ” What wrong did Yan say?? Aashu, what will he do, if u eat and sleep like kumbhkaran?? Yan, don’t worry I am there with u.” Deeps said as she hugged him from the side. “Love u deeps darling!” Yan said. “Darling??” Aju, who returned from his jogging, yelled. “Happy birthday dude!” Vishy said to aju. “Thank you vishy. Hey, CM!” Aju yelled looking at mayu. “CM? What’s that?” Dhruv asked. “Choti Meenakumari!!” Aju said as he winked at me. I glared at him. “Well, I thought it is short for chandramukhi” Vishy told aju. “Chandramukhi?? That sounds superb!” Aju said as he laughed. Mayu glared at aju and vishy. “How mean?? Look at yourself first, u look like a clown in this horrible hairstyle!” Mayu shouted at vishy. “Mumma, look at her! She is calling me a clown!” Vishy told me in a complaining tone. “Mommy, he is calling me chandramukhi! How dare he?” mayu shouted. I looked at gym boy, who was happily munching his masala dosa. I shot angry glares at him. He looked at me meekly. “Stop it both of u! Otherwise…” Ady Aashu and Yan shouted together. They stopped and looked at them and gave a sheepish smile. “Otherwise what?” I asked, being confused. Something was fishy and I know that though these twins are poles apart, they are always into some mischief.

Before I could proceed more, I heard a loud yell.
“Stop it yaar, Pooja!! Ouch!” Sid screamed, coming from the garden. Aru came beside him laughing , carrying 2 yr old Akshara. Aru is based in london after her marriage. “Pooja, hit him more!!” she shrieked. Pooja. Sid’s wife. A perfect match for him. They are blessed with a daughter, Shruti.

“Where’s shruti?” Sammy asked pooja. “Here!” Sandy and Katy chorused together. Katy carried shruti in his arms. “Hope she didn’t trouble u both” Pooja told them. “Trouble?? She’s such a cute and quiet child. Just opposite to her dad. Sid, u should have named her shanti instead of shruti” Sandy said. All laughed. Sandy is married too. He is blessed with a boy, rishabh. Sandya, his wife and rishabh have gone to the temple. Now, all the members of fab 7 are happily married having a sweet, little family of their own. I am so blessed to have them in my life. Everything is so beautiful. Parenting is a hard job, but it gives a lot of pleasant memories to be cherished. My life is just PERFECT.

“Wohoo!!” Still I remember Aju’s scream after I gave birth to my twins. It has been 15 years and seeing this album, all the cherished memories started playing in my mind. I looked at the picture, where Aju and Gym boy were holding Vishy and mayu respectively with a million dollar smile on their faces. This album, with all my pleasant memories was found in the closet, written ” To CB” on it. I know that it is from my gym boy and it is my birthday gift. He never fails to surprise me. He, along with Katy and aju has gone out. As I turned the pages of the album, every picture filled my heart with boundless joy. The day when vishy and mayu were born still seems like it happened yesterday.

Four years after ady was born, I found that I was expecting again. Yan was 3 and aashu was 2 then. When the doctor told me that I was expecting twins, aju and gym boy went mad with happiness. Gym boy was more careful than the last time. That time, aju and deeps also tortured me with their love and care like gym boy did last time. I enjoyed the joyful phase again. “Ammu, if it is a boy and a girl, then it will be so fun na?? ” he would tell every time. “It will be like visualizing and enjoying our childhood all over again” he would say excitedly. That day remains fresh in my mind. I remember how aju squealed when he came to know that I had delivered a boy and a girl. Gym boy was with me during my delivery , this time too. His presence just gives me a support, which I can’t express in words. His look, his action and the most important thing, his love everything makes me feel strong. The smile on his face, when mayu held his finger and smiled at him is still evergreen in my heart. The bond he shares with mayu makes me emotional. Because, fate never gave me such a chance. My dad was a business man and he could not spend much time with us. But, gym boy is a great dad to our children. Even he is also a business man, but he never fails to spend time with them. More than dad, he is their buddy. We 5 are like a gang of friends, who share everything among us. I am so glad that mayu is sharing a great bond with her darling dad, unlike me. My chain of thoughts were broken as I felt a strong arm snaking around me.
“Mrs. Singhania, thinking about me?” I asked her as I wrapped my arms around her from the back. “Na! Thinking about george!” she replied sarcastically. I chuckled. She turned and wrapped her arms around my neck. I saw the album lying on the bed. So, she saw it. I looked at her. “Did u like it?” I asked her. She smiled at me, nodding her head. “I love u gym boy” she said to me, looking straight into my eyes. “Love u more, CB” I replied back with a smile. “Ok, I wanted to ask u a question” She told me. Still her hands were around my neck. I raised my eyebrow. ” Shall I?” she asked me curiously. I nodded. “Well, Mr. Singhania, what kind of a wife am I for u?” She asked me curiously. This woman is crazy. She knows the answer and she wanted to know it from me. How can I answer her in a single sentence?

Her importance in my life cannot be embodied in words. “Say soon, gym boy!” She yelled. “Wait yaar!” I yelled back. She turned her face in anger and was about to move, when she tripped on her saree and she was about to fall. I held her hand and pulled towards me with my full force. She dashed my chest and looked at me with her hazel orbs, which locked mine. I cupped her face. “You are an artist, who coloured my cursed life with DIFFERENT SHADES OF LOVE” I told her as a layer of tear formed in my eyes. Her eyes began to tear and she hugged me. I hugged her back. These many years of our married life was not a bed of roses. We both had our ups and downs in our life, like any other couples. It was a roller coaster ride till now. It may sound too cliche. How many ever misunderstandings and problems may arise between us, but our love is so strong that binds us together.

I had never imagined that I, Vidyut Singhania, The man who didn’t know the meaning of love, understand the depth of love, will ever speak like this. As I thought about these, I smiled unknowingly. “I asked u what kind of WIFE am I ? Not quality!” She said, bringing me to reality. “You are such a wife who showered motherly affection on me and made me realise the value of a mother. In short, U ARE MY SECOND MOM” I told her. May be, this may sound too cheesy. But, I can’t deny the truth. Because of her, I regained the lost relationship with my mom. As I said these, she took me into a bone crushing hug. She placed her forehead against mine and ruffled my hair. “Gym boy, look u are growing old” she laughed while pointing to a strand of white hair through the mirror. “You are saying as if u are in your sweet sixteens. ” I told her. “Yes, I am.” she said stretching her hands in air and twirled. She looked too cute, while doing that.”Crazy woman! You are a mom of 3 and still behaving like a child” I said to her as I shook my head in disbelief. “Well, when u could romance at this age, then why can’t I twirl?” She asked me. “So, u want me to romance then?” I asked her with mischief twinkling in my eyes. I started moving towards her and she started moving back. Her cheeks turned pink. Still she blushes. As I was about to lock my lips with hers, the door creaked open. We both parted hastily.

It was vishal. “Look, your son is just like your twin. Always comes at the wrong timing” I whispered in her ears. She glared at me. Mumma! Look our school is taking the girls alone for an excursion! Why not boys?? The times have changed. Female chauvinism!” He yelled. I tried my level best not to laugh at his outburst. CB giggled. “Vishy, don’t worry. Probably the next time they would take boys” She tried to console him. “Why didn’t they take boys, vishy?” I asked him. “Because boys didn’t obey the teachers as we girls did. That’s the reason!” Mayu barged in. “See, the mistake is yours” I and CB told together in unison much to our shock. Vishy and mayu laughed at us. “Darling, I am going to the tour! Yay!” mayu squealed holding my hands. She is just like her mom. She is another angel in my life. I feel blessed to have a best family like this. My 3 children are like three blessings to me.

Ady is like me (CB and the others say so and I know too), Vishy is an exact copy of Arjun and mayu is like my CB. Our children add more meaning to our life. And they never fail to make us proud. I am just a complete man now. “Meenu, Dad, this is my latest one!” Ady said as he entered. I looked at his latest painting. It was very beautiful, with each detail clearly described. And it was of different shades. The different shades in the painting added its beauty. But not more than the shades which coloured my life. I patted his shoulder. “Well done, buddy!” “Thanks darling!” he imitated mayu. “Ady bro!” she shrieked and smacked him on his shoulder. “Good job, bro” Vishy gave a hi-fi to him. “Stop it now, mayu” CB said to her, who was glaring ady. “Ady, it is just awesome!” she said as she ruffled his hair. “Meenu!” he shouted. I laughed hard. Later, the others joined me as we all had a group hug. I looked at CB, whose eyes were glistening with happiness. I remembered her saying,” Gym boy, I just hope our children’s lives should also be coloured with DIFFERENT SHADES OF LOVE!!”

Guys, deesh here. Here is the part 2. Hope u liked this. Done with my first ff, guys. Thank u so much for accepting a newcomer. You guys are like my family. My extended family. Just love u guys to the moon and the back. Thank you all, my regular commenters, silent readers and almighty, for supporting me through this journey. Will miss u guys so much. I hope that u guys won’t forget me :p And today, dec 10th is vidyut jammwal’s birthday. Happy birthday to u!! Thanks for being there with me always. Till then, this is deesh signing off!! ( I know that I use a lot of cliche’s and I am sorry for that :p)

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  16. Akshata

    i am really sorry for commenting very late on your wonderful story. you know i love you and your beautiful story dearly, i have never missed any of your update till date. so pls accept my apology and excuse me.
    you make me so emotional, of course i will miss you and this story and our journey from strangers to frnds. come back soon and do msg me that you are back with the bang.
    coming to the chappy, what to say, i have nothing left to say, chappy is awesome as always. love their love for each other, their uniqueness, of course new members of their family. i will miss everything. take care, do well and come back soon πŸ˜€

    1. Deesh

      Nope akshu. U aren’t . in fact I am very late. Sorry friend. I know that u never miss my update. And u are right. From strangers to friends it has been a beautiful journey for both of us ? will miss u a lot. Thank u so much dear. Love u loads. Having a surprise too. ??

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