Aadit / Addu – Dulquer Salmaan
Aaradhya/ Aaru – Tejasswi Prakash
Gayatri / Gayu – Nikita Dutta
Sujithra / Suji – Dhrashti Dhami
Vishal – Karan Wahi
Shabbir – Kanwar Dhillon
Ayush Malhotra – Aham Sharma

“Addu!! Addu!!” I heard a loud yell which woke me up from my slumber. I slowly opened my eyes. “Wake up yaar! We have to get down at the next station.” She continued. I looked at her. Well, she is my sister Aaradhya.
Of course, these sisters are always hell bent on waking their brothers. I slowly got down from my berth and stepped down. I sat on the seat uninterested. She sat beside me. “I know addu, that you are not willing to meet her or to visit this remote village. But for the sake of our Mom, we have to go yaar.” She said. She is right. But, I am not interested to meet her. She had hurt our mom. And I can’t bear that. Mom is my weakness and Aaru is right. We have to meet her for Mom. I nodded and gave a weak smile to her. She smiled back. “Addu! The station is about to arrive. Come, let’s go!” She said. I glanced the station before I got down. Little did I know that this trip would plan my destiny.

“Gayu! How are you? When are you coming here?” I heard my paati (Nani) speaking happily over the phone with gayu. Though she has grown old, she suddenly becomes enthusiastic, when she talks with her grandchildren, that is us. And over enthusiastic, when she speaks with gayu. [email protected] Gayatri. My younger sister. She is free – spirited and very talkative and childish unlike me. She is currently doing her post graduation in coimbatore.
“You know gayu, Suji has come here to see me, unlike you!” Paati complained. “Paati!” I called out to her. “Your lovely sister wants to peak with you” She said as she handed over the phone to me. “Hello, Suji!” I heard her squealing from the other side. I smiled. “Ha gayu, how are you? When are you coming?” I asked her.

“Tomorrow. Don’t tell to paati. I want to surprise her.” She said. “Ok ammaji! I won’t” I replied and we laughed. It has been ages since I met her. “You know suji, it’s because of you paati is fine. when our parents isolated her, she felt so bad. Though, I, Shabbu and Vishy were willing to take care of her, our career didn’t allow us. But, you are taking care of her in this busy schedule of yours. You are great yaar!” She said emotionally. “Oho! Gayu madam! She is my paati too! And what’s this great and all? It’s my duty to take care of her. There’s no need of you guys to take care of her, while I am here. You guys just focus on yur careers first.” I told her.

Our parents considered our paati as a burden and isolated her. Only we children knew how she suffered in loneliness. “When are these estranged cousins of us are coming here?” she asked me. “Probably tomorrow, I guess” I told her. I just hope that they behave well with her. “Or else paati would be heart broken.” I added. “You are right suji. Ok, I am getting late… See you tomorrow suji! Love you!!” Gayu said as she ended the call. It’s too ironical when all of a sudden, 2 persons emerge from nowhere and call themselves ‘our cousins’. I just hope everything goes well tomorrow.

“Ayush! Aren’t you being too stubborn?” Mom said to me angrily. “You are more stubborn than me, mom!” I told her. “What’s the problem in seeing this girl? We are just asking you to see the girl, not to marry her at once!” Mom shouted. “I fear you would do that too!” I screamed back. “Sush! Tell him na beta!” Mom told [email protected] sushant, who had drowned in his book. He looked at both of us and then continued reading again. Mom scorned at him. ” You brothers are just insane!” She yelled and left the room.
“Sush, aren’t you being too much of an introvert?” I asked him as soon as mom left the room. “Now, you don’t do the role play of mom” He said and I chuckled. “Why don’t you fulfil her wish?” he asked me, without looking at me as his eyes were glued on to the book. “I am a new comer in our business. I want to stand on my own and then want to get settled. Moreover, the girls which I have seen till now are just gold-diggers.” I said. He looked at me and raised his eyebrow at me. “Ok fine, not all” I said, flabbergasted. He just smiled at me and continued his work. I sighed. This introvert brother of mine looks so dumb from outside, but his heart and its buried secrets are not unravelled till now. I looked at him, who was reading sincerely. My baby bro! There will be someone who will unravel it for sure! Little did I know that my own life would be changed by someone that will have an everlasting impact on me.
The cool breeze caressed my face and I felt so happy to feel this. I smiled. Here I was, walking along the platform of the station in the village, where my mom belonged. I and addu sat in the auto and it started. As we went along the village, it’s scenic landscapes just captivated me. I remembered mom saying once, ” You know aaru, I miss my village. The lush fields, gushing streams and the green hills have seen me grow up and they had played an important role in our life. Whenever I go there, I just forget all my pains and worries. I have not went there for 15 years, but I miss it so much” She was right. The landscape is so scenic that it would erase all our pains and worries. I know mom, your wish has not been fulfilled.

Even I don’t want to come here, but I wanted to relive those memories which you narrated to us when we were kids. I wanted your happiness, mom. That’s the reason, I persuaded addu to come over here. He is damn angry and I am afraid how is he gonna behave with everyone over there. I just need your blessings mumma! Be with us always. I know that you aren’t with us now. But you live in our hearts mom. You always will! “Aaru! Why are you crying?” Addu’s voice broke my trance. I immediately wiped my tears. “Nothing… Just mom’s memories… I miss mumma” I said unable to controll my tears and he wrapped his arm around me. “Aaru, you know na, we have come here only for mom’s sake. Mom doesn’t like you when you cry, so don’t cry!” He said and the auto stopped in front of a huge mansion. So, this is the place where we have to stay. I am afraid and I don’t know why. It feels very weird to meet a family which, the world calls it yours and you haven’t heard of that family. Mumma! Help us! I just hope addu behaves normally.

Guys, deesh back with another ff. Hope you like this guys. Actually, I am typing this at this midnight and i am feeling very sleepy. So, if I had made any typos, am sorry guys. Keep supporting me guys. Will try to be regular. Love you all!

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  1. Shrilatha

    Waiting for next epi…awesome

    1. Deesh

      Thank you so much dear ? happy Tamil new year/ vishu

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    Amazing aiyee my favourite dulqure play ?? super who is the partner for teju too good keep going

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      Happy vishu asw!! Come on asw guess who is that.. ? Thank you!! ?

      1. Asw

        I’m from Madurai in TN happy new year & vishu

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      Omg! I thought u were a malayali yaar… Sorry… Iniya Tamil puthaandu nalvaazhthukkal dear ?

  3. Follybraverl

    Awesome deesh dear

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      Iniya Tamil puthaandu vaazhthukkal!! Thank you so much dear ?

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  4. Berdilla

    Superb deeshu chellam

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      1. Berdilla

        I think ayush malhotra _ aham sharma for tejasswi i thought but i wish to see karan with tejasswi deeshu chellam

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      1. Berdilla

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  6. Sindhura

    Little confusion
    Who will be next to teju
    Is this continuing of season1 or new one

    1. Deesh

      What is your confusion di? It is a new one di. And about the pair… Come on guess karo na di!! Thank you so much di ?

      1. Sindhura

        So it’s will be vidyut

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      R u sure di? Ok then. Let me introduce him in chap 1.

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        It’s u who finalized hero but asking me for sure uff

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  7. please make it as Raglak know.. it’s my request.

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      Thank you dear. But am sorry dear… I have already decided the pair. Since am already writing a raglak ff, I don’t want to be monotonous. Sorry if I had hurt u dear… But am helpless.

    1. Deesh

      thank you lovely!! ?

  8. Awwww Dulquer salman?????u made my day dr???ennaku avana romba pudikum??….u r the best sister one can ever have…..Loved it alot….Like always u rocked ??? waiting for further episodes dr..Apro Sushant ????????????he is our darling Da???and about the pairs ennaku theriyum?but waiting for ur relevation?and last but not least inniya tamizh puthandu nalvazlthukal my dr bby sis??????

    1. Deesh

      First of all suji akka, a big big thank you for helping me with the casting ?? Am so so glad that u liked this sisso. And am so happy to see your comment sisso ??? You are one of my precious sissos suji akka ?? Akka, Public! Public! Company secret a solidadheenga ?? Akka ungalukum iniya puthaandu nalvaazhthukal ?? This sweetest comment of yours made this new year more sweeter. Love u loads akka!! ??????

      1. Company secret ah veliya solluvana???no chance Da??infact I’m so lucky to have a sister like u dr??? thank God u liked my comment….Na morning ae padichitu Enna comment pannalanu naraiya think panni atlast comment pannuna???

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    1. Deesh

      Omg!! My cutiepie is back!! I am so happy dear to see u back. How are you? Missed u so much!! Yes it is season 2 ? Don’t say thanks and all dear cutiepie ?? about the pair, i will reveal it soon dear. Thank you so much for believing me ? this keeps me going. You like vidyut and teja na? Actually i am writing one on them and it is in both tu and watty. “Enigmatic Love” its ok dear. Am glad to see u back and i am soooo happy. Loads and loads of love ??? take care…. Muaahhh ?????

  10. Wow nice one…n my evergreen dashing dulquer is there???????

    1. Deesh

      Thank you so much naz. Glad that u liked it ?

  11. Asra

    my deeshu sweety back with season 2….wow am excited dear….dulquer Ohhh my fav dear…aham dharshiti niki are all my fav…..omg omg i can’t control my excitement….sry for late comment my dear….
    iniya tamil puthandu vazhthugal…..waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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      Sorry asru sisso for my very late reply. I am really sorry ? NEET class nala konja busy akka. Yes sisso I am back!! ? neenga sorry solladheenga ka… Thanks a lot sisso ? love u ??

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    Amazing xx

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    arreyyyyyy chalega chalegaa… I don’t mind accepting some grammatical mistakes UNTIL u keep posting… hehehe season 1 was fab… will we have vidyut here too?? I like VidAswi tooooo much…

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