“Single bells, single bells, Single on the way
Oh, what fun is to watch
those couples fight all day!”
It was night. Addu and I came to the terrace when I heard Vishal singing the above lines in a dramatic way.

Addu broke into peals of laughter hearing that.
I saw Shabbir sitting near Vishal and he seemed to be moody. Oh. So, vishal’s singing was pointed at Shabbir, who looked gloomy.
The ceremony was over. We had a gala time there. And that guy, Sushant. We had become a sort of friends there. He is good. I mean, he spoke to me nicely and even apologized for laughing at me. But the thing is, I wasn’t angry with him. I was pissed of with Addu that time and hence I didn’t speak to him well. And Sushant thought that I was angry with him. Poor sushant. I couldn’t control my smile when he asked me sorry. At first, I thought him to be a rude and unfriendly guy. Later, I came to know that he is not what he seems to be. But, I am happy that I got a first friend here. A guy friend. Usually, I don’t have that many guy friends and am glad that I do got one. My first guy friend he is. Sushant Malhotra.
“Hey Vishy. Don’t you dare to tease my Shabbu!” Suji’s voice broke my trance.
“And you Addu. Don’t laugh. Coz, you and Vishy would face it soon” Suji added making me giggle. “No ways!” Addu and Vishy said at the same time.
“Hmm. Those who say no to love fall as its prey soon.” Gayu said as she entered.
“Come on. I am not like you, Gayu, who is in a dilemma whether to love or not to love.” Vishy said.

Gayu became shocked at the comment. We were shocked too.
“What rubbish? I am not loving anyone right now. Moreover, I have not met the right person yet. If I meet one, I would think about it.” She said.
“Love is not about meeting and waiting for the right person. It happens with the most unexpected person.” Suji said.
“Experience, huh?” Addu asked Suji raising his eyebrow.

Suji chuckled and nodded in no.
“I have heard about it. And this was told to me by Subha Maasi when I met her last.” Suji said sadly.
Mom. I miss her. Every second, every minute, every hour. Though I know that she is with us, I want to hug her and snuggle into her and stay there forever.
Then, I looked at Addu. His smile vanished and he became sulky.
Suji looked at me with a sorry expression. I smiled and muttered, “It’s okay”
I was about to go and console addu, when I saw Vishy placing his hand on addu’s shoulder. I smiled. He got a new bro who’s there to lend his shoulders for him to cry upon.
“Mr. Sadu. You’re looking like an orangutan now. If you’re not going to smile now, then I am going to give you Aaru’s lake treatment to you now.” Vishal said to Addu.

Addu flashed a faint smile to Vishy.
“Suji! It’s all because of you! You made my baby bro sad. Now you’ve to undergo my punishment now.” Vishal told Suji as he winked at us. We understood that he is trying to change the atmosphere.
“I am sorry Vishy” Suji said pouting as she held her ears.

Vishy didn’t budge and lifted Suji and threw her into the swimming pool. We all gasped at first, but later laughed seeing suji’s angry face.
“Not fair, Vishy! When you come to me, asking me for a midnight meal, I will add loads of salt and spices into it. Beware!” She said angrily.
Addu laughed at the happenings and gave a HiFi to Vishy. I smiled at Vishy and he smiled back.
Addu came near her and laughed hard pointing at her when Suji held his hand and pulled him to the pool too.

“You!!” He yelled.
“Yeah. It’s me!” She yelled back. I was busy watching and laughing at them that I didn’t notice when Vishy lifted me and dropped me into the pool as well.
“Vishyyyyy!!! You donkey!!” I screeched.
“Addu, seems like your sister has come from the zoo. She is so keen on calling us the names of animals” Vishy said as he stuck his tongue out to me.

” Vishy. She forgot that she herself is a baby elephant. And it’s good that you pushed her in. She hasn’t bathed for long and she is stinking! Yuck!” Addu screwed his nose looking at me.
I glared at him and splashed water at him.
Addu and Suji splashed water at me. And I splashed at them. Gosh! What fun it is! Playing in the cold water at night with your cousins is gala fun.

“Shabbir, my sweet bro. Relax! She will talk to you” Vishy said to Shabbir.
“What happened? Fight with Aastha?” Gayu asked them.
“Yeah. These couples and their fights. They fight for no reason and they patch up within a fraction of second.” Vishy said.

“You won’t understand Vishy, until you’re in my situation.” Shabbu grumbled.
“Okay. Okay. Now, chill!” Vishy and Gayu said together. Poor them! They didn’t notice that Addu and I were behind them, ready to push them into the pool.
“Ready!” Addu whispered.
“Steady!” I whispered back.
“Splash!” We both yelled as we both pushed Vishy and Gayu into the pool.
“What the hell?!” Vishy shouted as he wiped the water off his face.
“This is heaven, my bro!” I said winking at him.
“Exactly! Now this is called tit for tat!” Suji said smirking.

“Now I will show you what is meant by that” Vishy said as he splashed water at Suji, addu and me.
“Rajmata! Here you go.” Addu shouted as he splashed water at Vishy. Gayu splashed water at me.
We were all busy splashing water at others that we forgot Shabbu.
Then we turned when we heard a clicking sound. There he was, Shabbu, clicking pictures of us.
“Mr. Love sick puppy, this is not fair.” Vishy and Addu said in unison as they pulled shabbu into the pool.
“My phone!!” Shabbu whined while we laughed. We had a lovely time in the pool. This is probably the best day in my life.

“Ayushhhhhhh!!!” A huge scream woke me up.

Damn. Who’s that now? It must be Virat the great. Already, I am tired as that sangeet fiasco ended so late that I hardly slept last night. And now, this Virat is making me go crazy early in the morning. I didn’t budge and I covered myself with the blanket and closed my eyes. And lo! Somebody snatched my blanket and there he was. Virat. My devil brother.
“Virat. What’s your problem? Why are you torturing me early in the morning?” I muttered sleepily.
“Early in the morning? FYI, it’s afternoon. Now, get up soon. We have to work. Do You remember?” I woke up with a jerk as I heard him say “afternoon”.

“What?!” I shouted.
“You heard it right. Now go!” Virat said as he threw a towel at me.
“How come you woke up early? Oh yes. I got it. We’re meeting the Suryanarayans today right?” I said stressing the word “Suryanarayan” as I came downstairs after getting ready.
“Shut up Aayush. Nothing like that.” He said looking away.
“I know what does your so called nothing mean.” I said with a smile and he walked to the car hastily.

Something is brewing up for sure. I hope I meet Gayu today. It’s not like what you guys are thinking. ( This is what I tell myself, but I doubt.) I feel entertained by her presence. Her expressions. Gosh. A grin made its way to my face as I thought about her.
“Aayush! Come on! We’re getting late!” Virat’s yell broke my trance and I sat inside the car.
“Good afternoon,Aayush and Virat!” Sujithra chirped as she welcomed us to her office.
“Good afternoon Sujithra” We both said in unison and smiled.

“Come, let’s go.” She said as she smiled.
Throughout the meeting, I noticed that Virat’s gaze was on Sujithra. She was explaining us about the new project. He was constantly gazing at her without even blinking. I know right. I tried nudging him but Mr. Romeo was busy watching her.
Sujithra stopped suddenly.
“Virat, Are you okay?” She asked him. He is going to be get caught red handed by her now.
“Virat!” She raised her voice.

“Virat. What are you doing? What’s wrong?” I whispered as I pinched him.
“Aaaaaaa….. Aayush!” He managed to hide his scream, looking at me angrily.
“What happened?” Sujithra asked him.

“Nothing. I just called Aayush.” He said.
What a stupid excuse! I hit my head with my palm.
“You continue, Sujithra. This guy has become crazy.” I said.
She let out a small giggle for which I earned an angry glare from Virat.
Finally, the meeting was over. But not Virat’s staring session. Thankfully, this time he came into his senses quickly as he heard Sujithra’s voice. This guy!!

“Sujiii!!” The door opened as SHE came squealing. Gayu.
She’s becoming beautiful day by day. Stupid me. What am I thinking about?
“Gayu. This is not done. How many times have I told you to come by knocking the door. Especially during meetings like these.” Sujithra said.
“Suji. But they are our friends right? No formalities between friends.” She said pouting.
My goodness. She is driving me crazy. And why the hell am I being affected by her presence? What did she say? ‘They’re our friends?”

I gave a mischievous smile at her and then she realised.
“I mean, Virat is our friend.” She said try to cover up.
“Aayush is our friend as well.” Sujithra said.
“Okay. Now let me in, Ms. Entrepreneur!” She said.

We laughed. She came and sat beside us.
“Actually, I am here to tell you a good news.” She said excitedly.
“What’s that?” Sujithra asked.
“Ran is here!!!” She screeched making my ears go deaf.
“Mad girl! Why are you shouting like this?” I asked her as I rubbed my ears.
“It’s my mouth and I have all the rights to yell like this” She said.

“Oh. My. God. Ran is here!?” Sujithra gasped.
Virat looked at me annoyed. Who’s this Ran? Why are they getting excited?
“Sujithra, who’s Ran?” I asked her hesitantly, since this stupid Virat was keep on pestering me to ask her. If he is that curious, he should ask her. Argh.
“Aayush, he is our paternal cousin. Moreover, he helps me with the business as well.” She said and Virat took a deep breath. I chuckled silently.

To be honest, I felt a sort of relieved too. And I don’t know why. Am I having feelings for Gayu? I don’t know. I am hell confused now. But, I know one thing for sure. Virat is having feelings for Sujithra.
“That’s cool!” I heard Addu saying to that muscular guy. I must say, addu is improving day by day. He has started socialising with people now. I just hope he becomes normal.
And this tall, muscular guy, Ran aka Randhir, who is Suji and Gayu’s paternal cousin has come here. I think he is an introvert. Just like that Sushant. As soon as his image flashed in my mind, a smile crept on my lips.

Coming to Ran, he spoke very little with me. But he speaks well with everyone here even Addu. Seems like he has problems with girls. Never mind. I am not gonna speak to him as well.
“Rannn!!” A loud shout came from the hall. It was Suji and Gayu.

They both hugged him and he hugged them back.
“We missed you” they chorused.
“I missed you both as well.” He said calmly.

How could a person be this calm? I am not gonna waste my time thinking about this guy.
“This is Addu and Aaru. Our maternal twin cousins.” Gayu said.
“Oye Gayu! We’re friends now.” Addu said. Ran smiled.
“This is Aaradhya aka Aaru” Gayu said as she dragged me near her.

“I know her. Aadit introduced her.” He said with a smile at me. I flashed a faint smile.
Little did I know that troubles are gonna blow me up soon.
Hello everyone. Hope you liked the new entry. You guys tell me whether are you okay with the cast. And especially of Ran. I have chosen Rana coz, I thought he would be suitable for this. I would think of another person for that role, if you aren’t okay with Rana. Do share your comments and views. Thanks for reading!

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