Adit/ Addu – Dulquer Salmaan
Aaradhya/ Aaru – Tejasswi Prakash
Gayatri/ Gayu – Nikita Dutta
Sujithra/ Suji – Dhrashti Dhami
Aayush Malhotra – Aham Sharma
Vishal – Karan wahi
Shabbir – Kanwar Dhillon
Virat Malhotra – Gurmeet Choudhary
Sushant Malhotra – Sushant singh rajput
The sun was slowly making its way through the windows. I rubbed my eyes which were burning due to the lack of sleep. This is my first train ride and it was horrible. I, being the eldest of Malhotra siblings, was pampered a way too much. All because of this stupid wedding which we had to attend, in the southernmost tip of India, Kanyakumari. The venue is a village in Kanyakumari district which can only be accessed through train. We have to spend a whole month here, all thanks to Dad. Our family friend, Vikram uncle’s new project is being established in this village and dad wants us to help him. While Virat is too happy that he could escape from the city buzz for a month, Sush doesn’t care about all these. He is happy in his own world. I looked at Virat, who was fast asleep and Sush was in a deep slumber with a book open. I took the book and kept in his bag. We 3 are poles apart. But none, none can separate us. Such is the love for each other. Though Sush talks less with others, he shares a good relationship with Virat and me.

“Uncle, we reached. But, I could not find you anywhere” I told Vikram uncle over the phone. “Sorry Ayush beta, I am held up with a work here. So, I could not come beta. Why don’t you guys take a rickshaw and come here? It is not too far from the station.” He said. Gosh! I am already exhausted with this bumpy train ride and now we had to take a rickshaw! I agreed to him politely and ended the call. “Virat! Sush!” I yelled. Virat was busy in his phone, playing a game and Sush was busy admiring the picturesque landscape. My anger rose seeing these 2. Here, I am worried about how will we go home , but these 2 are busy in useless things. “Virat! Come on!” I had to drag Virat out of the station. Sush followed me. “Ayush, what happened?” Sush asked. I told him. “Why are you making a ruckus for this simple issue?” He asked me. “It’s okay if we go by a rickshaw for one day. It will be a different sort of an experience” He said, no advised. I decided to end this topic for the betterment of me. We were walking from the railway station with our luggage. The cool morning breeze was so soothing. The village was so beautiful. But, I am not in a mood to admire this now. As we were walking in search of a rickshaw, my eyes caught the sight of a familiar face which passed by. I found it too familiar, but I could not recognize it. Who could it be? Then suddenly, it struck me. It was HER. The girl whom I sent a wrong message assuming her to be the girl, which mom chose for me. Her name, what was her name? Damn! I forgot it. I turned hastily and called out to her. ‘Hey you! Purple salwar!” I called out to her. No response. I called out to her again. She turned swiftly and looked around. I waved my hand. She walked towards me. “Yaar, aayush! WTH are you doing?” Virat asked. She looked at me from top to bottom. She raised her eyebrow in a questioning manner. Duh! She doesn’t remember me! “How dare you call me like this?” She told me angrily. “Don’t you have manners?” She continued. Virat was trying his best not to laugh. I glared at him. “You are misunderstanding him. Let him speak” Sush came to my rescue. She took a deep breath and nodded. I mumbled a thanks to him. “I am Aayush Malhotra. Do u remember? I had sent you a wrong message that day.” I explained. The anger on her face vanished. I took a breath of relief. Gosh! She looked ready to kill me, then. Thank heavens! Her anger vanished. “Then why did you call me like that?” She asked me. “Woh, I forgot your name…” I told her meekly. She smiled a little. I smiled at her back. “I am Gayu” She said as she held out her hand. I shook hands with her before she left. Thankfully, she helped us to get a rickshaw too. After a horrible journey, this meeting made me happy and the reason, Only god knows!
“Aaru! Please, don’t do like this yaar!” I heard Aadit’s voice as I was walking through the garden. I saw Aadit, who was busy convincing Aaru to speak with him. I didn’t know that this fiery-tempered cousin of mine fears for his twin sister this much. I know that he doesn’t like this atmosphere and Aaru either. Aaru is trying her best to adapt while Aadit is so stubborn. I can understand that whatever happened till now was not good. To add fuel to that Maasi’s death worsened them more. But he can’t behave rudely with elders. Paati was right. Aaru is a carbon copy of Shubha Maasi. Unknown to others, I can notice that she is fighting her inner battles. Aadit may look so rugged and a stone heart from outside. But he is not that bad. He is an honest person and that is what I like the most in him. In a day, I could know about them a little. He loves Shubha Maasi and Aaru so much that he could do anything for them. “I won’t do like this yaar… Please! Don’t stay silent like this. I can’t tolerate your silence. I can’t leave this habit in a go, but slowly, I will try to get away from that. Pakka promise!” Aadit said to her. Aaru, who was turning her head to the other direction till now, slowly looked at him. “No more cheating!” She told him and he nodded. She hugged him tightly. I smiled at the twins’ bond. I came to know from Paati that Aaru is 8 mins younger to Aadit. I just want these two to be a part of our cousins gang, comprising of Gayu, Vishy and Shabbir. Oh God! Shabbir! How did I forget? He is coming here today. Just as I realized, I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Suji!” Shabbir hugged me. “Shabbu! How are you? Why didn’t you join us earlier? Always, you come late!” I told him. “Awww! Suji! Calm down! You know na, I am managing dad’s business now. It’s difficult to come all of a sudden. Sorry!” He said as he held his ears. I hugged him. Finally! All my cousins are here. For the first time in my life, all my cousins are here. But, I will not let go of this chance. I will make the twins a part of us soon. Very Soon.

“I have decided to get Shabbir married” Mrs. Suryanarayan announced. We were at the dining table for breakfast. Everyone was there, Sujithra, Gayatri, Vishal and Shabbir. Addu, who was sitting beside me, gave a “What nonsense is this” look to me. I just gestured him to be calm. “We don’t have any connection with this family. This is their decision and I don’t give a damn about this.” Addu whispered. As soon as Mrs. Suryanarayan said these, everyone except us howled and yelled in excitement. “Oho! Shabbu bro is blushing!” Gayu teased him. “Shabbu! Congratulations!” Sujithra said to him as she hugged him. “Shabbbbiiirrr is getting married!!! Wohoooooo!!! Now, we’ll have a lots of fun time together!!” Vishal squealed, making everyone laughed. “This time, we’ll have Addu and Aaru with us too. So, double the fun” Gayu said. Addu stood and walked away from there. Mrs. Suryanarayan’s smile faded.“Congratulations.” I wished politely to Shabbir and followed Addu. “Addu! Why are you behaving like this?” I asked him. “What was the need to wish him?” He asked me. This addu’s ears are so sharp. “Addu, it’s manners to wish someone on such happenings. Why are you seeing him as our cousin Shabbir? We would do the same, for any other person. So, chill.” I told him. “What chill? I just hate this place.” He said angrily. “Addu, you said to me that you won’t give any damn about this family. So, leave it. Just relive the memories of Mumma , which is still alive in this place.” I told him. “You have become like Mom, convincing me more easily. This is not done, baby elephant!” He said in a mocking tone. “How dare you call me an elephant?” I yelled and began to chase him. We failed to notice that everyone was looking at us fondly.
Life here is a total bliss. The cool breeze, lush fields, towering hills and this beautiful lake is just perfect. Here, I am, sitting on the shore of this beautiful lake with my girlfriend as Aayush calls it. People call me a loner, introvert, rude, arrogant, egoistic and many more. But little do they realize, that I am none of those. Some call me desireless, as I don’t do the things which the guys of my age do. It is so sad that people expect a guy to be same like others. I have my own list of wishes. Many say that I hate love. An oxymoron, isn’t it? The thing is, I believe in LOVE. Not like love at first sight types, but I do believe in love. I want to have a small family on my own. It is true that I don’t talk much. It is just because I think talking about stupid things is just a waste of time. I don’t have a friend. Books are my partners, whom I can completely reside in. Because, they don’t expect back from me, unlike others. My brothers are the only souls, I talk to. My mom wants me to be like my brothers and socialize. My dad wants me to grow in business like Aayush and Virat. Everyone wants me to be like someone else, except my brothers. They love me for who I am. I am happy being on my own. I don’t care about the outside world. I don’t know whether this is right or wrong. But I like it. I love living my life on my own terms. I love being MYSELF. I LOVE BEING SUSHANT MALHOTRA.

Guys, Deesh here. Sorry for the late update. Busy with Neet preparations. Will try to be regular from Monday. The male lead is Sushant Singh Rajput. Hope you like this chapter. I know the story is moving in a slow pace right now. But only for a few more chapters. Keep supporting. Thanks for reading. Love you guys.

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