Virat Malhotra – Gurmeet Choudary
Sushant Malhotra – Sushant Singh Rajput
Vishal – Karan Wahi
Shabbir – Kanwar Dhillon
“This mansion looks like your type” Addu said. I looked at him. “Why would it?” I asked him. “Because ghosts live in such mansions in an isolated place! And, in this messy hair you are looking exactly like a bhootni!” As he said this, he roared into laughter. “Very funny!” I replied angrily. But, he was right. This mansion, where my so called family currently lives, is situated in an isolated place away from the village. As we were looking at that mansion, I saw an old lady who was in the corridor looking at somewhere. “Addu, look at there. Is she our…?” I asked him unable to complete my question. He looked at the direction, which I pointed. His smile faded as he saw her. “Yes, She is Mrs. Suryanarayan” He said bluntly. My eyes started to brim with tears as I realized who it was. “Don’t waste your tears on her” Addu told me in a dangerous tone. His eyes became red in anger. Immediately, he took the luggage and walked slowly, but anger clearly reflecting in his eyes. “Addu, No! Please control your anger” I told him but in vain. Only mom and me know what this meant. I went behind him as he entered the mansion. Oh no! This stupid brother of mine always nods his head when I tell him not to do, but eventually he ends up doing that. His legs stopped near the door. As I reached the door, tears streamed down my cheeks, seeing my mom’s picture which was hung on the wall with a garland. I looked at Addu. He suddenly became calm and composed, completely opposite to that of what he did outside sometime ago. I know the reason. Mom. Aadit Scindia can listen only to her.

” Are you guys Aadit and Aaradhya?” Hearing the voice, we turned to look who it was. We saw a girl, probably of 25 to 26 years old. A cousin of ours, perhaps. Aadit didn’t react and turned his head towards the other direction. This Aadit! I nodded. She smiled at me. I returned a faint smile. “I am Sujithra. Your Mom’s elder sister’s daughter.” She said and she was about to hug both of us, when addu jerked her hand. “What’s going on?” I heard a strict voice. It was our nani… Sorry Mrs. Suryanarayan. Addu didn’t look at her. “Aadit, what sort of behaviour is this? She is your elder cousin. Apologise to Suji. Now.” She said. I feared Addu’s reaction. “I don’t have any cousin. And I won’t apologize to her, Mrs. Suryanarayan!” Hearing that, her face fell, but she managed to hide it. “Aadit! Be in your limits. If you don’t want to hug, then don’t. And I don’t need any apology. But don’t disrespect paati” Sujithra said angrily. Mrs. Suryanarayan looked at me and her eyes moistened. She slowly approached me and was about to hug, but I lowered myself and touched her feet. She placed her hand on my head as she blessed me. This is what mom had taught me.

“Addu and Aaru, suppose if you ever visit your paati, what will you do?” Mom asked us. We were then 16 years old. “I would never go” came addu’s blunt reply. “Addu, I know that you are angry with her. But beta, she is your paati. And what have I taught you both? You should always respect your elders. So Addu, you should touch her feet and receive her blessings. Right addu?” Mom asked him. He just left the place. Mom looked at him worried. “Aaru, at least you will respect her na?” She asked me. I nodded, just to make her smile. Mom smiled at me and kissed my forehead.
**********END OF FLASHBACK***************
It still remains fresh in my heart. Mom, kash you were here to handle addu. Kash, you could hug me now. If mom had been here with us, then there’s no need of staying here with this paati of mine. Mom, now are you happy? You wanted me to do this na. I wiped my tears and looked at Mrs. Suryanarayan. Mom loved paati like anything. But, what’s the use? Mrs. Suryanarayan approached addu, but he took the luggage and went upstairs hastily. “Paati, don’t worry. He would talk with you soon.” Sujithra said to her paati as she hugged her. I looked at them teary-eyed. I have never received the love of a grandmother. Nor Addu. Unlucky us. “I apologise on behalf of addu” I said. Mrs. Suryanarayan smiled at me. I walked towards the stairs without any reaction. As I walked upstairs, I heard her saying to Sujithra,” She is just like Subha”
“Sush!! Virat!! Aayush!!” I heard mom yelling. I sighed. “Yaar, Virat! Jaldi mat aana!! Aaram se nahake agle saal bahar aana!” I yelled sarcastically. “Aayush! What’s your problem man? Aahi toh raha hoon” Came virat’s reply. “Tum aate hi rehna!” I replied back. This is what happens when the pipe in your brother’s washroom does not work. Virat is my younger brother. We are typical punjabi mundas, Handsome and loud. “Virat and Aayush! Jaldi aana! Sush has come!!” Again mom screeched. This sush saahab is always punctual. Biologically, he may be my younger brother. But, from his behaviour and ideas, the society tags him the “eldest son of Malhotra family” As I was immersed in thoughts, I didn’t realise that someone clashed with me and I fell on the bed with a thud. “WTF!!” I yelled and saw that Virat was beside me. “You mad creature!!” I muttered. “Yes, I am the only mad in this family” he shot back. Woh toh hai. Virat is a year younger to me and Sush is 3 years younger to me. If the Malhotra brothers should be defined shortly, then I would say this. 3/4 mad, 1/2mad and full mad respectively. I do act crazy sometimes. Sometimes. This Virat is full on crazy mode always. ALWAYS. Sush is a full mad because he doesn’t act crazy at all. Gosh! Sometimes, I doubt that whether Sush is our brother. My phone beeped. It was from sush. “Come soon. Mom is eating me raw” I chuckled and went to the washroom.

“What??!!” I and Virat yelled together. How can we go to some remote village in the south of India to attend some stupid marriage? “Why? Can’t he marry in Mumbai?” Virat asked. “The bride is South Indian.” Mom replied. “Beta, your dad wants you 3 to attend the marriage. For his sake, attend the marriage.”She added. Now, we had to attend the marriage. Sush didn’t react. He doesn’t react for anything. What problem does he have? He has that girlfriend of his. Yes, books are his girlfriends. So, now you go and pack your things. “Hope you find a bride for you too Aayush. I am okay even if she is south Indian!” Mom chirped. I glared at her. Virat laughed loudly. I hit him playfully on his head. Only did I know that mom’s words are going to become true.
“Smoking is injurious to health” I heard a voice as I was about to lit the cigarette in my hands. Obviously, it was my eldest, interferring cousin, Sujithra. I glared at her and continued my work. “I hope that my brother is not deaf” She said. I chuckled. “Me? Brother? You are funny” I told her as I laughed a little. “Aadit, you are funny. Because you don’t know the value of your life” She said. “Excuse me, don’t preach me. I am not Aaru, who’s innocent and believes your stupid talks.” I told her angrily. “Aadit, you are having your mom’s pic in your hand and you are smoking. Don’t you realise how bad would she feel?” She asked me and I dropped the cigarette. Damn. Mom is my weakness. Sujithra is right. If mom would have been here, she would have slapped me right now. She smiled victoriously and was about to leave. “Look, now don’t tell this to Aaru.” I told her. Yeah. Aaru is just like my mom. That’s the reason am able to tolerate mom’s absence. If she comes to know this, all hells would break loose. “Promise me that you won’t smoke again till your stay here, Then I won’t say to Aaru.” She said. “Blackmailing huh?” I asked her. “Not really” She said. “Addu” I saw Aaru there, to my wildest shock, who looked ready to eat me.
Addu can never be changed. How dare he? He never listens to what I say. After mom’s death, he is just out of control. “Look! Vishy, don’t dare to say that he is your jeeju and all rubbish!” As I was sulking in the terrace, I heard a weird sound. I turned to see who it was. It was a girl and a boy who looked about 23 to 24 years. “Come on gayu! See, he himself is not interested in marrying you!!” The boy said as he laughed. “Shut up Vishy! Woh, it was sent by him mistakenly. He wanted to say that to some other Gayatri, but he had sent to me mistakenly. There are a lots of gayatri in Fb you know.” The girl said. “By the way what’s his name?” the boy asked. “Aayush Malhotra” The girl said, lost. “Blushing huh?” He asked and the girl started chasing him again. The girl was chasing the boy and Mrs. Suryanarayan was too happy to see them. I sighed. My life was exactly like this 3 months back. But everything turned upside down with mom’s death. I wiped my tears and looked at the blue sky. I was so immersed in it that I didn’t realise when I was being dragged. That boy dragged me and started to run around me and the girl chased him. An unknown smile appeared on my face seeing them. I smiled through my tears and got noticed by that girl. “Are you Aaradhya Scindia?” She asked me and I nodded. Immediately, the girl threw her arms around me and hugged me tightly. “How are you?” she asked. “I am fine” I replied politely and went away from there. “Hey aaradhya! Won’t you meet me?” I heard another voice and I stopped. It was that boy. “Hello” I said. ” I am Vishal and this is Gayu” He said. I just plastered a faint smile. I was about to go when I realised that I forgot the way to my room. “Gayu, can you tell the way to my room?” I asked her hesitating. “Of course yes! Why are you being so formal Aaru? Feel comfortable! It’s your home” She said. No. This is not my home. And it will never be my home. Never ever.
Guys, Deesh back with chapter 1. Now I think you would have known who’s the hero. I just hope you accept him in the same way you accepted Vidyut in season 1. Aaru scenes will be more in the upcoming chapters. Sorry if I had hurt you. Thanks for reading and love you guys.

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