My heart started beating fast. Her blushing cheeks made me go mad. A sudden urge of kissing them arose inside me. As I placed my hands over her bare, slim and petite waist, I saw her shivering. The grip of my rough, sturdy arms became more firm and I held her like my possession. I leaned closer and closer. I saw her closed eyes. My thinking ability completely ceased. I could not recognise these foreign feelings. I cherished and relished those moments. As I brushed my lips slightly over her chubby cheek, she opened her eyes in shock. My hands placed on her waist started drawing patterns on her waist and she breathed heavily. Her hands which were on my chest encircled my neck slowly. I inhaled her scent and her grip on me became more firm. I slowly moved my lips to her neck. Suddenly, I realised What I have been doing and withdrew myself from her. I also realised that the younger generation was witnessing these. To my shock, none was there. Only me and her. I saw her eyes still closed.

I didn’t know what had happened to me and why did I behave like that. Suddenly I noticed that she was staring at me. Before she could open her question bank, I ran away from there. On my way to the downstairs, I saw arijit and my cousin. ” Finished your romance ha?” they asked me mockingly. I came to know that they had left the place as soon as we were looking at each other intensely. I took a deep breath of relief and rushed down. Once again, she did something to me. Till now I can’t figure out what it was, but it is making me mad. Yeah, that proposal part was planned by me. It was just a pretence act of mine to make my family and hers to believe that we were happy about this marriage which we are not in real. When that idiot cousin of mine gave me a dare like this, I just thought to make use of this opportunity. But the events that happened later was completely out of my control. My heart once again admitted that she was beautiful. I don’t know whether the words which I uttered came from my mouth or from my heart.

How come it must have come from my heart?? definitely not. Stop thinking like this man!! As I held out my hand towards her, I saw her eyes reflecting the fear of the consequences. Damn!! Her eyes did something to my cold heart. I felt the ice of my heart melting and sudden flow of heat covering my body. As I tasted her skin, I wanted more and more. And the rest!! It just happened!! Till now I am not able to overcome those happenings. How the hell this happened? I banged the bonnet of my car in anger. Man! This did not happen with any other girl. Then how come it happened with this girl? All these were new to me and my head is aching due to these recent happenings. I cannot understand and for the first time my mind panicked that how I am going to live with this girl with these foreign feelings of mine being out of control. Duh!! How much ever I am trying to act more cold and rigid, this girl is failing my each and every attempt. Damn!!
Today is the day of my marriage. After those horrible events that took place in the engagement, I have been cursing myself for not shouting him from doing those. But, I didn’t. I was not able to. I felt comfortable under his arms.

How come is this possible?? I hate this man. But why I was not able to refuse or recline?? God!! each and every moment is making me nervous. But, this will not happen from now on. I have purchased pepper sprays and packed some chilli powder too. No bride in the world would buy pepper sprays for her marriage!! Except for me!!If he ever dare to come near me or to do those acts which he did that day, I will not spare him. I will not hesitate to use those ‘so called’ weapons of mine. My marriage is happening according to the tamil rituals. I am dressed up in a maroon, rich kancheevaram saree with gold border. My family, especially my cousins were really sad. I am shifting to mumbai after this marriage as this gym boy’s head office is in mumbai. Obviously, they would be sad. My heart felt heavy, after all the best moments in my life was spent with my family. And the FAB SEVEN!! The mere thought of separation from them made my eyes teary. I felt a hand wiping those tears.

It was Aju. “Meenakumari!! I am going to miss u man!! U have been with me for 25 years. I will miss u ammu!! ” He told me with tears in his eyes. I hit him playfully. “Even I am going to miss being called Meenakumari!!” I told him. Katy and the others entered the room. Katy asked me, ” Ammu!! Are u ok with this marriage? still there is time to think.” Katy!! Don’t worry.I am ready.” I lied to make him happy. Poor katy!! He thinks that he is the reason for my plight. To lighten the atmosphere, I asked katy, how I looked. ” Ammu!! You look like a decked up baby elephant!!” Aju sneered. All giggled. ” You!! Stupid!! how dare u call me an elephant??” ” Not elephant ammu, baby elephant!!” That sid joined aju. All laughed even more. ” You look like a pig.” I yelled angrily. “Shut up aju!! Don’t ever dare to tease my ammu like that.” Katy came to my rescue. “You know katy, truth always sounds bitter” Aju shouted back. “I am not going leave this idiot!!” I yelled and hit him. “Ouch!! Mad girl!!

It is paining!!” He shouted and we, the fab 7, shared a group hug. Aju yelled, ” Let’s take a groupfie!!” We all posed with smiling faces. God!! Please keep my family happy always like this!! I heard my mom calling us to come down as it was the time for the muhurat and the groom had arrived. Gosh!! My life’s biggest event, my marriage is gonna happen now. A sudden feeling of nervousness made me fumble. How I am gonna manage that cold hearted man?? Will I be able to tame that beast?? God!! Help me!!
I was sitting in the mandap. The marriage was in the morning according to tamil rituals. And I had to wear dhoti! I was not comfortable in this attire. I heard some sounds coming from my right and turned. It was her. Damn it!! Again, this stupid heart of mine admitted that she was gorgeous. And my intense stare on her became even more intense. As she sat beside me, she mumbled,” Why are u staring intensely at me?? Am I looking like a ghost??” duh!! She opened her question bank!! ” Sort of!!” I replied coldly. She frowned. Good, vidyut. Maintain the same tone. After an hour, the panditji announced that the wedding was over and we are husband and wife from now. I was so happy about the merging of the 2 major companies into one than my marriage. Pretty greedy right?? I know. But what to do?? Business is always my first priority.

After the rituals, we decided to depart. Our flight was in the afternoon. We would reach mumbai by evening. I saw her crying. Girls and these tears!! I hate people who cry. This girl sitting beside me in the car was constantly crying, making me angry. As I placed my hand over her shoulder as a polite action, this girl immediately wrapped her arms around me. I was shocked by this sudden move. I felt my shirt wet, probably due to her tears. I don’t know how my anger vanished suddenly. In fact, I am liking it!! As her grip on me became firm, those foreign feelings of mine once again ceased my thinking ability. I don’t know what had happened and I too reciprocated. The time stopped for me. I caressed her hair. What’s happening to me?? NO!! THIS CAN’T HAPPEN!! Suddenly, I returned to my gruff self and pushed her hardly. “Don’t ever come near me!!” I yelled angrily. She was shocked by my action. Here after I won’t let these foreign feelings of mine to win. Never ever.
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