Vidyut Singhania – Vidyut Jammwal
As I hugged her, I saw her pale with shock looking behind me. When I turned back, I was equally shocked. ” Ammu!!! why didn’t u tell me?? Do u think yourself as any heroine in the serials, sacrificing your life for mere things??” Katy yelled furiously. He was not my nerdy katy. This katy roared in anger. How did he come here?? Poor katy!! now, he would blame himself for ammu’s plight. I was in a dilemma. I could not lose my ammu’s happiness, but I could not lose katy too. It is true that I don’t believe in astrology. But my heart would not accept that.”Mere thing?? do u think that your life is a mere thing, katy?? It is not. For me, My family is EVERYTHING. I can do anything for my family.” Ammu yelled back. “Then, what about your life ammu?? Death is inevitable. If it has to happen. It will. Even your marriage can’t stop that. If I had to go, then I had to.” Katy’s eyes teared. I felt numb. How could katy think of leaving us?? Answering my thought, I heard a sound, whacking my ears. Gosh!! Ammu had slapped katy!! I looked at her. Her eyes were red. She shouted, “What do you think of yourself, kartik?? If u speak of your death, I will back off from this marriage ha??Now open your ears and listen to me. I WILL NOT BACK OFF FROM THIS MARRIAGE. I WILL DO ANYTHING THAT MAKES MY FAMILY HAPPY. HAVE U EVER THOUGHT OF YOUR MOM AND DAD?? HOW WILL THEY LIVE WITHOUT U?? THIS IS MY DECISION AND THIS IS FINAL!!” Ammu warned katy. “But u have to suffer for your whole life, ammu. Do understand.” katy tried to convince, but in vain. I know what had happened should not have happened, but fate, u see. But I will support ammu. Though, I don’t want her to ruin her life, I have to support her in this tough phase. AND I WILL.
I was keenly observing the house where my ‘so called’ fiancee lived. Hmm, it was impressive, with stylish interiors and mind boggling architecture. Well, I am impressed. It is difficult to impress me, u see. And I am damn sure that decked up girl would fail impressing me as her lavish bungalow did. Why I have been thinking about all these?? Even if she is beautiful like an angel, this VIDYUT would not budge for sure. I heard that her name was Amaya. But her family calls her by many weird names. I shook my head and looked her family which was talking with mine, about the venues and all. I watched their boring discussion uninterested. First, I have to impress that girl. My good looks will surely do, but not my attitude. As I already said, I am more of a reserved and cold hearted person. I had to impress her so that this marriage happens and my already successful business career will flourish even more. It may sound greedy to u guys, but in VIDYUT SINGHANIA’S life, he had always loved only one thing; BUSINESS. I came to know that she accepted the proposal. My chain of thoughts were broken by the squealing sound of my mom. “Vidyut beta, look the girl has arrived!! I must say, she is so beautifull!!” My mom made me turn to the side where she was coming. Gosh!! this loud and excited family of mine!! Always getting excited for mere things!! As I turned, I saw her coming with her sisters, I suppose. I examined her carefully from top to bottom. She was wearing a pink saree.She is tall, slim and.. I don’t like to say this, but I had to admit that she is beautiful. She didn’t even see me properly. I looked at her, sipping my coffee. So, you are the girl who’s gonna be MRS. VIDYUT SINGHANIA.
“O MY GOD!! jiju is looking so handsome!!” Annie and aru shrieked at me. God!! what happened to their tastes?? Handsome and him?? He looked more of a gym boy than an enterpreneur. Even my self defence techniques wouldn’t help. He is tall and bulky!! Till now, I hated his name, but seeing him staring intensely at me, I hated him completely from the core of my heart!! Haven’t he seen girls?? He gazed at me intensely as he had seen a girl for the first time. And dadi asked me to take to my room and talk to him. The whole family of mine and his gave a huge smile as if they had seen halwa on my plate!! But I don’t know why I am feeling scared. No, ammu!! u can. I am not going to be afraid of this gym boy. As I gestured him to come along with me, he went ahead of me and didn’t even look at me, as if he knew where my room is. I walked behind him, hastily, while I heard the whole family giggling. Gosh!! He has attitude man!! He was continuously gazing at me, while sipping the coffee, couldn’t he wait for a second till I come?? Uff!!
“Why were u staring me like that??” I started the conversation unable to bear the silence which lasted for more than 15 mins. It was a mere whisper. I don’t know why, I am not able to speak louder in his presence. “What?? I could not hear.” He replied bluntly. Urgh!! Too much of attitude!! But I noticed that his voice was very deep and soothing. But his words weren’t. “I asked WHY WERE U STARING AT ME LIKE THAT??” I yelled deliberately to irritate him. But he sat unmoved like a stone. God!! Is he a human or a robot?? But, the shade of his face changed. It became even more darker and aggressive. “Well! I just examined the way u walk, talk and behave” he replied coldly. “I am not any school going kid and u are not any school principal to examine me!” I replied sarcastically. I saw a tiny curve, a very tiny one, appearing on his face, which I assumed to be a smile. Wow, this gym boy could even smile!! I saw him with mischief twinkling in my eyes. Before, I could assume, he hid that and turned into his gruff self again. “Excuse me!! Before assuming some stupid things, I want to clear that I didn’t smile.” he fumbled as if a 5 yr old kid was caught for taking a chocolate. “I didn’t say that u smiled.” I said with a mischievous smile. “What is your qualification??” Wow!! he changed the topic!! “Have u come for a marriage proposal or an interview?? ” I asked him, annoyed. “Look!! Don’t order me!! And u are gonna become my wife, Wife of Mr. Vidyut singhania, the current sensation in business!!” He flaunted proudly. The term “WIFE OF MR. VIDYUT SINGHANIA” sent a shiver in my spine. “So, I need to ask this questions. Don’t interferre!!” he warned strictly. “Look, Mr. Singhania!! I am not any typical indian girl who would accept men’s dominance. You have no right to order me like this!” I replied angrily. “Are u going to tell or just perform any serial heroine stunts just like u did before??” He asked. This man is not at all budging!! After interrogating me like an interview candidate, I told him” See, Mr. singhania!! I am not getting married to u to perform the duties of a wife. It’s just the situation, that’s it. So, Don’t expect me to perform the duties of a typical wife.” “Very nice, to be Mrs. Singhania!! Even don’t expect me to love u and all the other crap!! I am marrying u to expand my business, that’s it.” He told me frankly. Such a greedy man, he is. I think business is his first wife. Always talking about business!!But what was that?? To be Mrs. Singhania?? It sounded weird. ” look, how can u call me like that??” I asked him with rage. ” Girl!! I hate to talk and u are making me talk for every second by your stupid questions!!” He replied aggressively. “If u don’t talk then how can u do business??” I asked him as I flaunted my knowledge of business, to which he just went from my room. He always insults me or put me in an embarrassing situation! Too much of attitude!! I don’t know how will I be able to live with this guy?? God, please do help me!!
Duh!! That girl amaya or whatever, is such a talkative girl full of emotions. Just a striking contrast to me. And a question bank! she always questions me for any damn thing. And what was that? I smiled! Vidyut would never smile easily and she made me smile with her antics. She caught me red handedly too. I don’t know what went wrong today. First, my heart thought her to be beautiful and then I smiled and she caught me smiling. Actually that was not a smile. It’s that I didn’t know how it happened. From next time I should be careful with this vivacious girl. But, one thing that happened was good. She’s also not interested for this marriage. That’s nice, so that she too will not expect me to love her or perform the duties of a husband. As I went down, everyone looked at me with curiosity. My mom raised her eyebrow to know about my decision and I nodded. The whole gathering there shrieked and clapped their hands. My mom called her, who was coming down behind me. When they asked about hers, she too nodded making the gathering go mad. My mom presented her some ancestral necklace. It was decided that our engagement will happen after a week. The duration is too short. But her family insisted due to some family problem, I suppose. I noticed that she bonded well with her cousins and family, unlike me. I saw her running behind a brother of hers. Mad girl!! always torturing one boy after the other. First me, then this poor boy. My mom whispered to me, “she is so good, right?? She bonds well with her family. I hope she would bond well with ours too.” ” Ammu!! be careful !!” I heard her mom shouting as she missed a step and fell over me awkwardly and I caught her from her waist. God!! Frankly speaking, I had never been this much closer with any girl. As I said I don’t like girls and had never allowed them near me. But I don’t know why I am unable to move my eyes from hers and noticed that she could not move hers from mine too. Immediately, she straightened herself and went from there embarrassed. The younger generation in our families howled as they had seen any sharukh movie. “Wow!! Even vidyut could romance!! I thought he is a hitler but he transformed in to a romeo, just meeting the girl!” I heard someone saying. The whole gathering laughed. This girl, just tarnished my rough image. What’s happening in my life?? I could not figure out. What had happened, just happened. Now, I am not going to let these happen again. Be ready, Ms. Amaya, you had not seen the beastly side of me. But in some time, You will.
Guys, deesh here. Thank you for the support guys. Friends, vidyut will be played by vidyut jammwal. Sorry guys, who had opted Barun, Namish and others. I didn’t mean to hurt you. It’s just I thought this couple will be different. Shower your support like this guys. Your comments make me happy. I hope I managed to keep up your expectations for this episode. I just hope that I didn’t disappoint you guys. Please forgive me if it was not upto your expectations. Thanks for reading.

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