After a hectic shopping with those little devils, we returned home. As I entered, Once again I heard chachi squealing with happiness. What made her this much happy? This thought made me chuckle. I was eagerly waiting to come home to know what had happened in the office. But annie and aru dragged me to all the shops and made me to carry those heavy bags. Yaar, I am Arjun, the youngest business man. And they made me to carry bags and roam the streets!! Phew!! It was a tiring day. “Aju! ammu has agreed to marry!! yippee!!” I heard chachi shouting and she hugged me in happiness. My body froze. What!! How could ammu destroy her future like this?? She told us she wanted to pursue her dreams and what had happened all of a sudden?? I saw her. There she was, in the sofa, with dadi sitting beside her. I glared her with blood shot eyes. But, something was not right. She didn’t seem to be alright. Her cheeks were tear-stained. Her eyes were red. Seems like she had cried. Who had forced her then?? I will not spare them. I searched for katy. Man!! where he went all of a sudden?? Then, I saw him coming from his room. My phone beeped. I received a message from katy to meet him at the terrace. I made an excuse and went from there.

“Katy!! What are you saying man??” Aju exclaimed. His eyes turned blood shot. “How could she do this?? I am damn sure something forced her to take this drastic step. And, if I am right she is not happy. I had seen her eyes.” “Even I noticed that aju. Somehow we had to find this.” He nodded. That time all the cousins came there. Ammu too. Aju told the others to go from there as he wanted to talk with ammu. When I moved along with them, Aju held my hand. “Katy, u be here.” I refused. “I don’t wanna talk to amaya about that again. She will speak some nonsense and I am not ready to bear it.” I replied coldly. This is the first time, in my entire life I had spoken like this. I saw both aju and ammu’s eyes tearing. When I turned to go, Ammu held my hand and turned me. She hugged me and cried. I found my vision fading due to the tears. “Katy, I am not able to say the reason now. But, definitely I will reveal it later.

And this decision of mine is for a good cause. Do support me. Please don’t behave like this katy. Please talk to me normally. I can’t bear this torture on my birthday.” ammu beseeched me. “Good cause? to destroy your life??” Aju yelled with sarcasm. I remained quiet. “Do talk to me katy!!” she sobbed. “If u want me to talk , then reveal the cause for your decision, I will lend my support .” I tried blackmailing her which I thought it would work. But to my bad luck, it didn’t work, but ended worse. “Sorry, katy I can’t. ” she fumbled. I replied firmly. ” SORRY!! I CAN’T TOO!!”. I went from there in my anger. I know it is the worst thing I had ever done, but situation made me lose my temper and I lost my sweet ammu , who is so close to me. Sorry, ammu!! I didn’t wish to hurt u. But u made me ammu, U MADE ME.
It had been a week since katy spoke to me. And I ignored aju to escape from being questioned. Every time I made an excuse and ran away. How long will I run?? I can’t live without speaking to katy. Katy and aju are the same for me always. They are my best friends more than siblings. why can’t they understand me, then?? HOW CAN I MAKE U UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS ONLY FOR U KATY!!?? My heart screamed. My life is in a complete mess now. The recent happenings made me pale and weak. I hated my fate which drifted me from my lovely family. I felt helpless. How long do I have to suffer this?? God!! please save me. please do provide me a solution. My heart begged. How I had dreamt about my marriage?? I always believed in love. Like any other girl, I too had a dream about it. It’s just that I didn’t want to settle soon. But, my fate played in my life. Today, that vidyut is coming to see me. I felt absolute hatred for that vidyut singhania. I consider him inauspicious. Being his name mentioned, he brought me bad luck!! I don’t know how will I spend the rest of my life with him?? The mere thought made me teary. Singhanias had been equally excited about this marriage as my family.

They had seen my photo and had liked me. Dadi said that he didn’t see the photo as he wanted to meet me directly. Urgh!! What the hell!! I hated him from the core of my heart. In few hours, he would be here. Annie and aru brought the saree which I had to wear. It was a baby pink kancheevaram saree with gold border. It was beautiful. As I got ready and sat in my room, Aju came inside in hastily. There was no one in my room except for aju and me. He hugged me. What’s happening?? I can’t understand. “Ammu! I know i had hurt u. Please do reveal the reason!! If u value my life.” He said by placing my hands on his head. I was shocked. “Aju! what are u doing?” I shouted. “Ammu, come on tell me!!” he shouted back. Man!! these emotions!! it made me weak and I blurted out. “Why ammu?? Why u hid this from me??” “Because, katy would have felt bad. that’s it aju.” “At least u could have told me.” He told me as he hugged me. I heard glass break. The worst fear of mine turned true.
It is 5.00.p.m in the evening. The weather is lovely. In few hours, my life would change. But, I will not. I will not change myself for any damn thing. And girls!! they mean nothing to me! They can’t change me. I am not the guy who runs behind them. And I am not the guy who makes them run behind me too. As they know I am a hard nut to crack. Yeah, I know I am ruthless and stone hearted. I am a person of DIFFERENT SHADES, you see. But not of love, of course!! I hate those love and stuff. They are just a waste of time. They just make a man weak. And this marriage is just a deal for me to expand my business. I just know that the girl belonged to AA group of companies, my competitor. That’s it. I don’t even know her name, man!! I don’t think I will be able to love her and all those nonsense, which my family expects. Love and marriage are not my cup of tea. And I will definitely tell that girl. For sure!! After all IT IS ME , VIDYUT SINGHANIA,WHO DOES NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT LOVE!!
Guys, deesh here. Thanks for the lovely support, guys. Keep supporting. Your support is my strength, guys. I hope u liked this episode. Guys, for the role of vidyut, For now, I am choosing vidyut jammwal. If u guys are not satisfied, u can tell me. But, just be quick guys. Guys, I am surprised that none of them said Namish. It is not like that I don’t like Namish. It’s just that I thought vidyut and tejasswi will be different. If u guys want him, u can tell me via comments. Please guys if u vote fast, then tomorrow will be the first dhamakedhaar meeting of AmYut. As I said, after this episode, that is from the next one, the real story will start. Thanks for reading.

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    1. Deesh

      thank u so much buddy. keep supporting. Actually, I am thrilled to see ur comment. Thanks a ton yaar. and about vidyut’s character, I will decide based on ur comments. keep supporting.:)

  2. vidyut can be played by barun sobi
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  5. Sreevijayan

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