Katy’s dad – Sanjeev seth
Katy’s mom – Lata sabharwal
Parvati paati / badi dadi – Vineeta malik
Annie, aru’s mom/chachi – Sonica handa

“Happy birthday aju!! May u get success and the strength to fight with failure always!!” I was welcomed by chachi’s high pitched voice. She hugged and blessed me. “Mom!! If u shout like this, then aju bro will go deaf on his birthday!” annie mocked where the others giggled. “Ananya! If I am shouting, then what are u doing? are u chirping then?? ” chachi mocked her back. We all laughed loudly. This is our family, full of fun and happiness. “Aju! come, I have made ur favourite dishes specially ada pradhaman.” Chachi said with excitement. Now, it was my turn to shout with excitement. “Wow!! chachi, u always rock!!” I shouted and hugged her. chachi became very happy and said ” You are my son, aju! you have been and always be. I would do anything for ur happiness.” Yeah, chachi had always considered me, ammu , katy, sid and sandy to be her kids. Everytime when we come, she showers with her love and sumptuous food. Chachi is not a tamilian like us. She is from mumbai. yeah, they had a love marriage. Yet, she learned to cook all delicacies and continues to excite us. “What’s happening here? Always drama!! I don’t think this is a house. It looks like a shooting spot!!” “No, amma seeing aju, I got excited. that’s it.” I think u guys would have guessed who it was. Yes, she is our parvati paati or daadi as annie and aru would call her. Actually she is not our dadi by direct relation. She is the sister of my paternal grandma, Meenakumari, whom ammu had been named after. She is a sweetheart!! I went and sought her blessings.

She hugged me. “Where is Meenakumari??” she asked me. Parvati dadi calls ammu as meenakumari as she thinks ammu resembles her younger sister, who had passed away when she was young. “Ha, where is kartik?” chachi questioned me. “Actually both have gone to meet big dad.” Katy and ammu went to meet him in his office. Our whole family has been into the business. “Oh! to talk about the wedding proposal??” chachi again shrieked loudly. “Arey! don’t shout loudly! I am already old and couldn’t hear properly and u are making it worse!!” Dadi complained by closing her ears. “Sorry, amma!!” chachi said sheepishly. “Dadi, why ammu has to marry first?? She is younger than katy bro. right??” sid asked dadi. “Siddhu,” “Don’t call me like that dadi, it sounds girlish. Call me sid!” sid begged her. “Ok. sid, in our society, we have the sambradhayam(traditional practice) of marrying the eldest girl child in the house. so, ammu, being the eldest girl child has to marry first.” dadi said. “Sambhar, what??” sid asked. All giggled. “Stupid, it’s not sambhar. it’s sambradhayam. You always think about food and sleep. KUMBHKARAN!!” annie told him. “Well said, annie!!” I gave a hifi to her. He glared while we laughed. Dadi smiled at us and went to her room. Chachi called us to have lunch and she went into the kitchen. We had dropped the plan of dayout as my ‘so called’ sweet cousins didn’t want to go without katy and ammu. I suddenly remembered something. “God! how did I forget to gift ammu?!” I yelled. Annie and aru decided to help me in buying a gift for ammu. So, we decided to go after lunch. Sid and sandy preferred to stay at home. I was anxious to know what was happening there. I hope everything would be fine. I don’t want ammu to lead an unhappy life. Like any other bro, I want her to be happy always. I was continuously watching the door, can’t they would come any moment before I leave with annie and aru? These stupids were testing my patience. I could not eat properly. I was just hoping that everything would be fine. Katy! ammu! when will u both come yaar? My heart screamed.

When we entered the office, the receptionist told us to wait for sometime as appa was in a meeting. I always call katy’s dad as appa and his mom, amma. I call my parents dad and mom. I had always considered them as my parents. I was hell nervous. It isn’t that I was scared of appa. It is that I was concerned about his reaction. He is cool and friendly, but something I don’t know what it was, that made me nervous. This is about the family’s reputation. And I know that my family never takes a decision against my wish. This thought made me little better.” Ammu! don’t worry, just pour it out to dad. I am damn sure that he will not act against ur wish.” Katy, who saw me fiddling with my handkerchief, consoled me. I gave him a pale smile. Suddenly, his phone rang. I thought it might be aju. He would be super tensed now. ” ammu, I will be back. It’s an important business call, i will be back. If they allow to meet u, u proceed I will join with u.” katy told me and went. At the same time, the receptionist told me to go. As I went near the door of the cabin, I noticed that the door was slightly open and I heard sounds of someone talking with appa. Crazy, receptionist! She didn’t even notice that someone was there already and she had called me. I made my mind to warn her. Irresponsible people!! I thought. As I went to close the door, I realised that the voice was familiar. Yeah, it was amma!! I peeped through the slight opening of the door which was not closed. Yeah, overhearing is not a good deed, but the name mentioned caught my attention.

” Kartik’s appa!! Just now I met our family astrologer. He told that kartik should be married before he turns 28. Already he is 27 and there are only six months for that to happen. If it does not happen… hhhe…” I noticed the tears that welled up amma’s eyes.
” What will happen lata?? why are u fumbling??” appa asked with concern.
” His life would be in danger!! Please let’s get him married first. I don’t want my son’s life in danger. he’s our only son.”
” But lata, u know about the tradition we follow right?? In our society, first the eldest girl child in the house should get married. Then only the sons should get married and we had been following this for years. Only yesterday we thought about ammu’s marriage. How can we get kartik married??”
“I know. If ammu agrees that proposal, we’ll get her married first and then we’ll get kartik married. But I am in a dilemma. The problem is I can’t force my ammu to marry. She’s like a daughter to me. I can’t put my one child’s life in trouble, to save my other child. God is punishing me by like this”
“Don’t cry lata. you are right. we can’t put one child’s life in stake to save the other. Don’t worry god will show a way to us.”

I felt numb. I couldn’t believe my ears. Tears were continuously pouring from my eyes. My katy would be in danger because of one decision of mine. I slowly went to the waiting hall and sat with a thud. Katy was not there. There was a battle between my heart and brain. Though my brain said that these astrology are just waste of time, my heart was not ready to accept. NO!! FOR ME KATY MATTERS THE MOST. I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO FORGIVE MYSELF, IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO HIM. I WOULD NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. FOR SURE. I saw amma coming from the cabin, wiping her tears. I wiped mine before she could notice. “Happy birthday ammu!! May god bless u my child!!” She blessed me with a smile. All these brought tears to my eyes. I could not have a wonderful family like this. Though, it was her son she didn’t chose him over me. Such was her love for her children. “Ammu!! what happened child?? Why are u crying??” she asked me with concern. “Nothing, amma. It’s just I missed u so much.” She smiled and said ” me too”. “Amma I will meet appa and come. U go home, I will see u there.” I told her and she nodded.

“Come inside, ammu!! ” appa called me. “Actually appa, I need to talk with u.” “Carry on, ammu.” he told calmly. “Appa, actually that marriage proposalll…..” I fumbled. ” Ammu, don’t worry we’ll not take any decision without ur wish. your wish is our command” he told me lovingly. “I am ready for it, appa” I said it in one go. He looked at me. “ammu, u don’t need to force yourself to marry. If you are not comfortable, then you don’t need to.” “No appa! I am ready for it.” I lied. I know that I am ruining my life. But, my katy’s life is important to me. Even, I don’t know who this vidyut singhania was. I was not able to understand the recent happenings in my life. This turned out to be the worst birthday ever. “Ammu, did u see his profile, which I sent to katy?” I nodded. In fact lied. “I really liked him appa.” Then, shall I speak to Mr.Singhania about this?” appa asked me. “NO!” I heard a fierce voice behind me. It was katy. “What happened kartik??” appa asked him. “Appa, ammu is lying. She is not happy with this.” he blurted out. “Nothing like that appa, u talk to Mr. singhania about this” I assured him. “Ammu are u mad??” katy shouted. KATY!! THIS IS MY LIFE. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO TAKE DECISION ON MY OWN.”

“OK, FINE!!” he stormed from there. Appa, don’t take him seriously. I am ready for this.” I assured him. He nodded.

Has ammu gone mad? Why did she take such a hasty decision?? Yesterday she only told us about her dreams and aspirations. what happened to her suddenly?? she was fine some time ago. She was not my ammu. She was someone else. Something had happened when I was not there. I have to find it out. “Katy, come let’s go” I heard ammu calling. I said without looking her, “You go by yourself. I will come by cab. ” “Katy, why are u behaving like this?? You are my brother. How can u ask me to go alone??” “Wow!! ammu!! brother?? then, who was that whom u were yelling at the cabin?? My ghost??” I shouted. I saw her tearing. It is true that I can’t tolerate her tears. But I need to speak harshly to find the truth behind her decision. Something is forcing her and I her katy, will find that. She is my sis; my happiness. I will not let my happiness fade away. I PROMISE.


Guys, this is deesh here. Thanks for your support friends. I am really happy knowing that you are all liking it. And I know today’s episode was boring, but the story needs it guys. Just one more episode, the real story will kick off. Friends, do tell me who u want to play the role of vidyut? Sally had expressed her wish to make it vidyut jammwal. You can also express your wish just like sally. If u guys reply quickly, then I can reveal the character in the next episode. Thanks once again for the support. Keep supporting. Please do share ur views. Thanks for reading.

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