‘Who is vidyut singhania??’ I asked him. ‘why are u becoming so shocked??’ ‘Aju come on tell ammu’ katy told aju. I could see aju’s body hardening. His face became emotionless and he turned into the arrogant aju, who he is, to the world. ‘My biggest business rival’ he replied harshly. ‘There are many vidyut singhanias in the world. How could you be so sure that he is the same vidyut u are speaking about??’ Aru asked him. I nodded. ‘katy, what is this vidyut doing??’ aju asked katy impatiently. ‘Wait, let me check his profile which dad sent to me’ katy told us. As soon as he saw it, he became pale.

I sensed that he is the same vidyut. My guess was right.’ I fear it’s the same vidyut’ katy told with shock. That’s it. Now the skies are gonna break.’ I WON’T ALLOW MY AMMU TO MARRY THAT B*****D!!’ he shouted at the top of his voice. ‘Stop it aju! ammu will decide!’ Katy shouted. ‘Don’t worry aju, even I am not ready for marriage right now. See, I turned 25 just 1 hr ago. I don’t wanna settle too soon. And one more thing, it’s not like if I don’t agree to marry this stupid, I will marry some other idiot. I need time and I will talk to our elders tomorrow.’ I told them strictly. All nodded. Aju seemed to be little calm. ‘Now, don’t spoil ur special day, come everyone let’s go to sleep’. I told them and we dozed off there in the terrace.

It was 3.00.a.m in the morning. We had slept late in the night. After the ruckus I made, I could not sleep. ‘Aju! Katy!’ I heard someone whispering and opened my eyes. It was ammu. ‘Ammu!! what do u want ??’ Katy mumbled in sleep. ‘come on idiots, wake up!!’ she shook us. We 3 were all in the corner of the terrace. She asked me, ‘What rivalry, do u have with that vidyut?? actually I don’t want to ask this in front of others as they are young to know about these.’ ‘Even I wanted to know.’ katy joined her. I fumbled. ‘Actually, I have met him often, in meetings and I don’t find him to be a nice person. He is an arrogant beast. You won’t be able to tame him. And moreover, he is my biggest competitor!!’

‘Even u are an arrogant and an egoistic person. You are funny and loving among us . But to the world, u are an egoistic person, aju! ‘ She told me. I was shocked. I didn’t expect this. ‘So, don’t judge a book by its cover.’ katy nodded. ‘So, u already started drifting from me and arguing for a third person!!’ I whispered angrily. ‘Aju, I am not interested in marriage and all those. And this stupid doesn’t matter to me. It’s all about us. If u fight with him without knowing the fact, then the world will raise questions on my aju. And I have already experienced the agony before. So, I don’t want this to happen again.

She told me with a shaky voice. I saw her tear stricken face. ‘Sorry, ammu. I over reacted. Fine!! We’ll first meet him and then decide about it.’ ‘I have already decided about it.’ ammu said. I could see the determination in her eyes. ‘ And we need a strong proof to get rid of him. I don’t want to marry now and I am gonna talk to our elders about it. See, I have many dreams and aspirations. I have just completed my MBA. I want to start a business of my own. And I am not ready for all these.’ Yeah, she is true. She has the right to decide. I nodded and we 3 shared a group hug.

I opened my eyes feeling the morning sun shining fiercely on me. I looked at my phone. It showed 9.00.a.m. God it’s 9!! I turned to my side and saw the kumbhkaran sid sleeping peacefully. I went downstairs. I saw annie and aru sleeping in their room. Since we had all slept late, they were sleeping till now. Except for those 3 zombies. Yeah, Katy, ammu and sandy. I don’t know how do they wake up early man!! I heard some chattering and laughing noise coming from the backyard. When I went there, katy was cleaning the car, Sandy was cutting vegetables and meenakumari was making breakfast in the kitchen.

As I said this is our ancestral house and the kitchen was connected with the backyard. ‘Meenakumari!! u made those 2 innocent do all these chores!!’ I said with a chuckle. She threw the spatula, at me. I defended and caught that. ‘I should have been in the Indian team, you know!’ I said flaunting my fielding skills. ‘Yeah! u would have slept in the field, good for nothing like u have been doing here!!’ she said with sarcasm. ‘You!! Ms. MEENAKUMARI!! u will pay for this!!’ I said stomping my feet. Katy gave us an ‘unbelievable’ look at us. We gave him a sheepish smile. ‘Guys, today we are going to trivandrum after having break fast.’ Katy said. ‘We have to talk with my dad about ammu, right??’ He asked. I nodded.

Though we live in different cities, my dad made it as a point to consult every single thing with his siblings and the whole family. Since dad had gone for a business meeting to Paris, we decided to talk with katy’s dad, i.e., our big dad. He has been a father like figure to us. And we cousins were comfortable with him. ‘Only Ammu and me will talk to him. You can take the others for a day out.’ Katy continued. ‘Katy! Ammu is my sister, how can u leave me and go??’ ‘Listen aju, you are an emotional person, when it comes to family. If u blabber something then everything will be futile. Please understand.’ He consoled me. ‘And we will have a secret meeting about this at night.’ He told me. ‘Fine!!’ I was unhappy with me being left out, but katy was true. Katy, ammu and me are like the 3 musketeers. We 3 had always discussed about many important things in life, as we belonged to more or less the same age group. I hope the meeting with big dad be successful.

We were on the way to trivandrum. After the breakfast, we started and we were in the outskirts of the city. Katy was driving and aju in the rear seat. We were all seated at the back. As soon as we were about to enter the city, katy warned us. ‘Guys, me and ammu are gonna talk to my dad about her marriage. It’s not like we don’t want u guys to be left out. It’s that we don’t wanna a huge gang there. that’s it. And we will have a secret meeting tonight. Till then aju will take u for a day out.’ All nodded and as I stepped out of the car, ‘ALL THE BEST, AMMU!! EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE!!’ I had tears in my eyes. I felt so lucky to have such an understanding group of cousins and family. This made our FAB SEVEN special.

Though we don’t meet often, we don’t stay together, we are always united by the love and care for each of us. Such was our relationship. I smiled at them. Aju pulled me into a hug and whispered, ‘ALL THE BEST MEENAKUMARI!! with a naughty smile. I hit him in his abdomen. ‘Ouch!!’ he cried and I laughed at him and katy and me made a move. God!! Please be with me. I have lots of dreams and aspirations. I don’t want to compromise or sacrifice them for some third person. I am not ready for the marriage now. I do need time. God, how will I make my family understand this??
This is deesh. I will reveal the character of vidyut in the upcoming episodes. Guys, I have decided the lead pair, that is ammu and her love. It will be revealed soon. Thanks for reading. Please do support me guys.

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