Kartik / Katy – Varun kapoor
Sandeep / Sandy – Gautam ahuja
Siddharth / Sid – Faisal khan
Ananya / Annie – Ashnoor kaur
Aaradhya / Aru – Avneet kaur
‘What are you thinking?? ha?’ Ammu screamed in my ears. ‘Don’t shout like this, then people would think that a real ghost has come!! And it’s not ur chennai and my mumbai, where the city would be busy all night, this is a village so talk slowly.’ ‘OK’ she whispered. And what’s this ur chennai and my mumbai all ha? So, chennai has become a strange land to u and mumbai your home??’ she asked me with a scorn. ‘Arey ammu, I live in Mumbai and you in Chennai so I told u like that. And always chennai and mumbai, both are my homes’ I said with a smile. ‘So u are not gonna accept. right?’ she said while dumping the cake on my face. ‘What the..?’ ‘Birthday fun, birthday baby’ she said while laughing.’ And now it’s my turn, birthday baby!!’ I told her and I applied the cream from my face to her. ‘My face, my skin, my lovely skin!! you ruined it man!!’ she shouted and I rolled on the floor with laughter. ‘Let’s take selfie, birthday special.

Come on!!’ I called her. ‘You stupid!! you want to take a selfie after this!!’ she yelled again and I hushed her to make her quiet. ‘Oh, come on!! don’t be a spoilsport!’ I dragged her and took a selfie. Suddenly , her phone flashed ‘KATY CALLING’. She smiled and put the phone on speaker. ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJU AND AMMU!!!’.The person on the other side yelled and here ammu and me were all smiles hearing him. Why won’t she?? After all it’s her Katy and of course he’s my machi and my nerdy cousin, Kartik aka Katy. ‘Thank youuuu!!’ We chorused together. ‘ HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJU ANNA AND AMMU AKKA!!!’ We know these voices. Of course they were our bratty cousins.’ Thank you guys!’ ‘Where are you guys know??’ Katy asked us.

‘We are in some haunted lake. Ask your lovely sis.’ I told him. ‘Haunted lake!!’ he asked, being surprised. ‘Where is that Ammu??’ I could sense fear in his voice. As I said before, Katy is a nerdish and a little hyper person. He is hell scared of ghosts. And the name of haunted lake being mentioned, it was obvious of him to be afraid. ‘Nothing like that Katy. This fool always wants to scare u, that’s it.’ She lied. Of course she would not want her pyaari bro to be scared. ‘OK, leave that. Can you come to the main road now??’ he asked. ‘Don’t say that you are coming here from trivandrum’ I told him. Yeah, Katy and my other cousins lived there which is a 2 hr drive from our village.’ Stop asking questions and come there as soon as possible’. ‘what is he upto?’ Ammu asked me. I shook my head and we made a move from there.
‘Hey guys!!’ I turned back to find my cousins there. ‘AMMU!!’ Katy shrieked as he hugged me. ‘You didn’t change this oldy glasses??’ I narrowed my eyes and asked him. You know na Ammu, this are my lucky glasses. So…’ ‘Lucky, my foot!!’ As I said these words, Sandy and Sid hugged me. They are my london bred younger cousins. Sandy and Sid are siblings, not twins like us. But Sandy and Sid are poles apart in nature. While sandy is an introvert and a geeky guy, Sid is just cool like his name. He is a flirt, but a playful one. As I hugged them they told me, ‘ We missed u so much!’ ‘me too!’ I told them and as I turned back, I saw annie and aru shooting glares at me. ‘How could I miss my lovely sissys ha??’ I told them and they hugged me. Annie and Aru are sisters and they are my cutiepies. They are the same age as sandy and sid. They are in high school now. ‘Annie! Aru! u guys have grown tall’ I told them. ‘So guys, the FAB SEVEN ARE BACKKK!!’ Aju cried in excitement and we all cheered.Yes, we’re back. I missed them soooo much. We’re back; the good old times are back!! My heart thumped in joy. ‘So, come on guys let’s go home!’ katy said and we started from there.

‘We have brought a gift for u, isn’t it katy bro??’ sid asked me, while telling to aju and ammu. We are in our favourite part of our ancestral house, the terrace. The moon smiled at us with her cool rays. Perhaps even she liked our reunion too. The cool breeze made me shiver. I nodded.Finally, we are back. As Aju said THE FAB SEVEN ARE BACK. Now it was like the old times. How I longed for those times?? God has answered my prayers and we are back together. ‘What gift katy??’ Ammu asked me with curiosity twinkling in her eyes. ‘Hmm, this time there are two gifts for ammu.’ ‘What? katy this is not fair. Won’t you give your bro ?? Why always her??’ aju asked me with jealousy. ‘Something is burning na katy??’

ammu asked me and I laughed. ‘Laugh katy, laugh. I’ll see u later.’ aju smirked. ‘Ok give the gift na katy’ ammu asked. As she saw a box in my hand and a cover, her eyes glittered. ‘So, which should I open first??’ ‘Your choice, ammu.’ I hoped she would like my gifts. I was little skeptical about the second one. ‘OMG!!! A NEW ducaty bike!!! but isn’t that expensive?? so bad, katy and co. very bad. u should not have spent this much money. I know I am mad about bikes, but this is too expensive.’ ‘ Don’t worry akka. Ur happiness is important for us; not money.’ sandy, sid annie and aru pacified her. ‘Man, this gift is so cool!!’ aju exclaimed. Ammu. sharing is caring right?? will u share this with me?? aju beseeched ammu like a 5 yr old kid. ‘No ways, aju!!’ Ammu snapped at him. Gosh! they behaved like five year olds. ‘For god’s sake do behave like adults. You guys are 25 now!!

You people are behaving like 5 yr olds. Aju! you already have one!! stop begging! and ammu, you have a big heart, so u will right??’ I consoled them like how a parent consoles a child. They nodded. ‘Akka! open the second one fast!!’ aru shouted. ‘Actually this was sent by our family’ Sandy added. Now I was super tensed. Because, I know what was there inside. That made me tense. I was scared about her reaction. As she opened, she narrowed her eyes and gave me a ‘what is this’ look. ‘what is the gift??’ everyone asked her with curiosity. ‘I hope katy would explain.’ She shot at me. God!! how she managed to know that I know about that. ‘Actually… it is…’ I fumbled. ‘Damn!! tell me what it is!’ ‘Actually the guy in this photo is ur would be husband.’ I managed to tell it in one breath. Now everyone looked at me with widened eyes. Aju, who was munching the cake spat.

‘Katy is this the gift u wanted to present me?? she asked me. I could sense the anger in her voice.”What!! Meenakumari, are u gonna get married??’ aju shouted in shock. Stupid fellow, it was a bad timing and ammu threw the water bottle at him. ‘Are u mad?? just escaped from the blow. thank god!!’ Aju huffed. ‘Stop it both of u!!’ I yelled and everyone looked at me with shock. It is true that I never shouted like this, but the situation made me to. ‘Listen to me ammu, don’t panic. I have already talked to ur would be..’ She glared at me. I continued. ‘Sorry, the groom’s dad that ammu’s wish matters us the most. Trust me, Ammu, I will not let u marry against ur wish.’ I told her sincerely. She gave me a faint smile and nodded. ‘But katy how this happened??’ aju asked. ‘Actually her would.., sorry the groom’s family are our business partners and today they approached your and my dad about this.’ Hmm, what’s his name??’ aju asked. Obviously, he would. Though he teased her like hell, he loved her to infinity. ‘Vidyut Singhania’ I told him. ‘Vidyut singhania??’ he shouted.

This is deesh here. Thank u guys. So, who is vidyut singhania?? What u guys think about it. Please do tell via comments. And about the cousins cast, if u want to give me suggestions, u can guys. In fact, I am confused about it. So, if u have any suggestions, u can give me guys.Thanks for reading.

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