As I was losing myself in him, I don’t know what had happened to him that he suddenly drifted from me with a jerk and went from the room. What happened?? It was like that something was stopping him. Now we are in good terms and are starting a new journey together, but what is stopping him from taking another step in our relationship?? May be , he needs time. But he could have told me. But, why he is hesitating to tell me about it?? Something is fishy. I should find about it.

“Congratulations, Katy and sammy!!” I yelled in excitement. Sammy smiled at me. Sammy is such a sweet girl. We bonded over a short time and she has become my best friend than my bhabhi. “Katy!! Stop blushing man!! Sammy should be blushing, instead!!” I told him, while everyone laughed. “Now, it’s time to dance!!!” Aju announced. It was a couple dance. Poor aju! Since, it’s a couple dance he preferred not to dance. And he is arrogant enough to reject the requests of many pretty girls here to dance with them. He is single and not ready to mingle.

I hope that he gets a good girl , who can understand him better. I brushed my thoughts and looked at my gym boy. He shook his head in no. “Gym boy!! Come on!! Please, for me!!” I beseeched him. After that incident, which happened in the room, I didn’t talk about that to him. Nor he did. I didn’t want to talk about that now. This is not the right place. I will talk to him in the night. So, till then, I decided to be normal. “CB, Look!! I don’t like dancing.” he said. “You don’t like dancing or you don’t know dancing?” I asked him mockingly. “Whatever!” He told me bluntly. “Please! They are going to start now. I will help u in dancing. Please don’t say no. Please!!” I begged him. “No ways!”

“Fine! Don’t come. I had always dreamt of dancing with my life partner. When my life partner is not ready to dance with me, Why should I waste time in requesting u? I will ask another person, to be my dance partner.” I told him angrily. Suddenly, I felt two hands dragging me to the dance floor. I knew it! I knew that this type of treatment will bring him to the dance floor. I can’t imagine of dancing with some other guy in the place of my gym boy. I just lied to make him dance with me. I looked at him. His eyes were gazing me intensely. All the couples, especially the young couples were ready on the dance floor. The song was playing.
Tenu itna mein pyaar karaan
ik pal wich sau baar karaan
Tu jaave je mainu chadke
maut da intezaar karaan
Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai
tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake (2)
His hands held my waist firmly, while my hands were on his chest. We swayed slowly to the music. The firm grip of his arm over my waist, sent a wave of heat all over my body. He twirled me around him. He could dance!! Idiot gym boy!! As the last verse played he looked straight into my eyes and dragged me more closer to him. He caressed my cheek and gazed into my eyes deeply. I felt like as if he sincerely meant those lines to me. His eyes conveyed me how important I was, for him. Eyes convey the best messages than words. And his eyes conveyed the best ever.

Kuch bhi nahi hai yeh jahaan
Tuh hai toh hai isme zindagi(2)
Ab mujhko jaana hai kahaan
Ke tu hi safar hai aakhri
Ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahi
Na dena kabhi mujhko tu faasley
Main tujhko kitna chahti hoon
Ye kabhi tu soch na sake
Tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko chahta hoon
Ye kabhi tu soch na sake

As we were moving slowly to the dance
, I stepped over my saree and was about to fell awkwardly on the dance floor. But he caught me at the right time and our eyes locked again. The incident which happened in our first meet, where I fell over him like this flashed in my mind. He lifted me in the air and rotated me. He brought me down and made me stand over his shoes while still dancing. This increased our proximity and I could feel his hot breath fanning over my neck. It was such a heavenly feeling. While marrying this man, I never thought that my life would change so beautiful like this. It was like our hearts were dancing to the tune of our love, which make us complete. He dipped me down in the classic pose and his lips brushed my neck creating goosebumps. As the song ended, the huge applause around me failed to bring me into senses while I continued staring at him.
Finally, Katy is engaged. All were happy. Including me. Obviously, I would. But somewhere, in the corner of my heart, I missed her. Especially, during that couple dance. It was ironical that being one of the most eligible bachelors, I missed that innocent, plain jane. Many ‘supposed to be’ pretty girls asked me for a dance and I refused bluntly. It was not like that I hate dancing. But I don’t want to dance with these big headed girls. The weird part is that I imagined her to be dancing with me, while watching the other couples dance. Gosh!! What’s happening to me?? The most ironical part is that she made me to behave like the exact aju, the funnier and the livelier aju with her, which I usually don’t behave with strangers easily. The temple visit in the morning made us to become friends. But one thing, I know clearly now. I am missing her right now. That too badly. I am missing u deeps!!

“Amaya beta!!” I heard mummyji calling me. Yeah, they came here to attend katy’s engagement. “You are looking so beautiful today!”She said to me smiling as she took some kajal from her eyes and applied behind my ear. I smiled. Gym boy, who was sipping his drink, too smiled at me. “When are u guys planning to make me dadi??” She asked us. Her question made me blush as the thought of us having a small, cute family of our own rose in my mind. I don’t know what happened to him he suddenly spat his drink, hearing her question. “Mom! What’s the hurry?? Look, it has been only 4 months of our marriage. We need time for this.” he said. “It’s not about months. It’s about family. Don’t postpone such important decisions beta!” mummyji told him. “Mom!! We need time. Don’t force us.” he replied. “Looking at amaya’s blushing face, I don’t think that she is having any problem with this. It seems like u are having problem with it.” she told him. “Yeah! I am having problem with this. I don’t want a family of my own right now!! Do u understand??” he shouted. Thank god, we were behind the hall, where the guests were present and due to the loud music nobody came to know. “Vidyut!! This is not the way to speak with elders” I told him angrily. “You don’t interfere in this!!” he yelled at me and went from there angrily. His words brought tears to my eyes. His words pained me. I am his wife. I have all the rights to interfere. What wrong did mummyji say?? Why is he behaving like this?? Then the incident, which happened in my room, a few hours ago flashed in my mind. Something is wrong, for sure. And I am not going to forgive him for this easily.

Damn it!! I shouted at her. She must have been upset. I don’t know where the hell she went. My eyes were continuously searching for her and I am becoming restless. At last, I found her in the terrace. She was crying. It stabbed my heart. I know I should not have shouted at her like that. But, my anger covered my thinking ability and I yelled at her. I placed my hands on her shoulder. No response. I made her turn to look at me. Her eyes were red, cheeks were tear stained. Duh!! She is not looking at me. “CB!! I know I should not have shouted at u like that. I am sorry! ” Still no response. She is hell angry with me. I held her hand. “Mrs. Singhania!! Please don’t test my patience. I could not tolerate your silence. Please. I am really sorry! I apologise.” I told her sincerely. It started to rain. She looked at me. “Don’t ask sorry to me. Go and apologise to mummyji.”

“I will” ” Why did u speak like that? What wrong did mummyji say?? It is her duty to advice and guide us. And what problem do u have in starting your own family??” she asked me. “Look, I am not ready for this now. I need time.” But why?? You are settled, having your own successful group of companies. Then?” she asked me. “Actually..” Damn!! I fumbled. “Actually, I want to succeed more and more! And starting a family for now will be a distraction.” “Don’t lie, mr. singhania!! I know that this is not the real reason. Something is there. You are hiding it from me.” “What nonsense?? why should I hide?? There is nothing to hide.” I told her angrily. “You are lying! So, u thought me to be a stranger, so u are not telling me!!” She told me in between her tears. “So, u don’t trust me right?? Now I understood that your confession was fake. You just needed me for your business and you still need me for that.

” That’s it for me. My anger reached to its peak and I pinned her to the wall, clutching her shoulders tightly. “How dare u say that my feelings towards u is fake?? how dare u??” I roared in anger “Leave me!!” she shouted. I didn’t budge. “You wanted to know why did I speak like that, right?? I will tell. Now listen!! It’s for u! For u man!” “For me??” she whispered in shock. “Why should u?? I am happy with this.” she asked me. “That day, I read your diary and found out that u aspired to be an enterpreneur. But u got married to me early and couldn’t. Now u are managing the business with me. In fact, gaining an experience. But, this will be not enough. You have to work more to become successful. And I WANT U TO BE INDEPENDENT, STARTING YOUR OWN COMPANY, RATHER THAN MANAGING BUSINESS WITH YOUR HUSBAND. FOR THAT, U SHOULD BE RELIEVED OF BURDEN. HENCE, I DECIDED THIS. I thought we can start a family after establishing your career.NOW DO U UNDERSTAND??” I yelled. She was shocked. Her eyes started tearing and she looked at me. She wrapped her arms around me immediately. Her tears wetted my already wet shirt and I hugged her back. I knew that she would be hurt after this. ” It’s true that I aspired all those. And what are u saying is also right. But, Why are u so good?? I hate this.

It’s because of me that u have to lie to mummyji. You could have told the reason.” “If I had told her, then u would have been blamed. I didn’t want that to happen.” “Why aren’t u selfish like other husbands??” “I am selfish. You are my happiness. I need my happiness.” “From when did u start speaking like this??” “From the moment I recognised how important u are to me.” She smiled at me. “You are the best thing that ever happened to me” She whispered in my ears. Her husky voice created heat over my wet body. To my wildest shock, she placed her soft lips over mine. Gosh!! I could not believe this. After all these fiasco, she is kissing me?? I too reciprocated with equal passion, as her fragrance started devouring my soul. After a while, she broke it and she whispered making me startle. ” You are my priority! I am ready to take the next step in our relationship!!”

Guys, Deesh here. Thanks for your support. It really makes me happy. Hope u like this chapter. And I need one more suggestion. Do u guys want them to take the step now or later?? Do tell me via comments. Keep supporting!! Thanks for reading.

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