The sun rays entering the room, indicated that it was dawn. I slowly opened my eyes and found myself in the embrace of my gym boy. A smile appeared on my face. He was in a deep sleep. He was looking so cute. My hands automatically caressed his soft, silky hair. Actually, I love caressing his hair. I pecked him on his forehead. Today is a new day in our life, where our real journey is going to start. I will never ever leave u , gym boy, never ever. You are my soul. I promise that I will always keep my soul happy. I will never let your happiness fade away. This is Mrs. Amaya Vidyut Singhania’s promise!!
While I was busy in these thoughts, I didn’t notice two chocolate brown orbs staring intensely at me. I felt a hand on my cheek and turned. It was my gym boy. He smiled at me and whispered, “Good morning, Mrs. Singhania!!” I smiled back and wished him. How cute he looks while smiling?? “Today is a mark of our new journey !!” I exclaimed happily. “Yeah!! I am happy that You are mine only mine!!” He told in his trade mark cold voice. Duh! Too possessive!! But I like it. “Yeah, I am only yours! ” I told him with a smile. He clasped my hand tightly with his. “I will never leave your hand!” He told me sincerely. I smiled. “Couldn’t u say this in a more romantic way??” I complained. “Romance is not my cup of tea” He told me bluntly. “Look, who says this? That day u were the one who….” My flow of words trailed off. Gosh!! I blabbered! “I was the one who…?” He asked me in an intense voice, as he moved closer to me. My cheeks turned red again. This gym boy always makes me blush! “Tell me!” he whispered in a husky voice and he lifted my chin. He looked directly into my eyes intensely. Gosh! It always makes me go weak on my knees. “Tell me!!” he whispered in a more husky voice. Unable to bear this sweet torture more, ” You were the one who kissed me first, that day!” I whispered in his ears and kissed his cheek and ran away from the room.
Mornings here always makes me happy. The morning breeze, the ladies returning from the temple, The farmers who go to the field, their wives bidding them bye, the children preparing to go to school, all these makes me happy. Life here is so peaceful. Here I am , in the balcony of my room, admiring the beautiful morning. As I was thinking about these, I heard a tinkling sound of the anklet. I looked at the direction, from where it came . It was her. Dressed up in a blue salwar, she was looking gorgeous. She was consoling a child who was crying to go to school. She advised him pretty well that the boy agreed. I was really impressed. She was about to go after sending that boy who gave a flying kiss to her. “Good morning deeps!!” I yelled. She turned and looked at me. She scowled. But later her lips curved into a smile. “Good morning Arjun!!” She said with a smile. These words of hers boosted my positive vibes. I don’t know why. “Where are you going early in the morning??” I asked her. “To the temple”. She replied. “Wanna join??” She asked me eagerly. Temple?? I don’t believe in god. Mom and ammu always compel me to believe in god, but in vain. They drag me to the temple sometimes. But now, I felt that I should go. “I will be back in 5 mins” I yelled excitedly and ran to fresh up. While running, I didn’t notice that katy was coming into the room and dashed him. “Aju!! Where are you running excitedly??” he asked me in a confused voice. “Temple” I told him in a breath. “TEMPLE??” He shouted at the top of his voice. I gave a sheepish smile and ran from there.
What was that?? Today’s morning is the sweetest morning which had ever happened in my life. I am smiling till now, remembering what had happened then. Gosh! I am smiling a lot now. Actually , I had woken up early in the morning. I had been busy in admiring my CB that I didn’t realise when it dawned. She was looking so innocent in her sleep. Suddenly, I noticed that she was stirring up and I immediately put up the act of sleeping. Thank god! She didn’t find. Otherwise she would have teased me like hell. I took a breath of relief. She caressed my hair!! That moment! It was so beautiful. And that peck!! I came to know how much she cares for me from her single touch and peck. She told me that from today, we are going to start a new journey TOGETHER. Yeah, we will be together ALWAYS. She is the reason of my newfound happiness and I am very selfish in that case. I don’t know how was my life till now. But, I can’t imagine a life without her now. Nowadays , I feel that my life is very beautiful. And I know the reason. SHE.
“Katy! I will miss u!!” samhita said in a dull voice.” Samhita! Today is our engagement and we will surely meet there in the evening. Why are u upset??” I told her. She glared at me. “Aju was right. You are such a nerd!!” She shouted. “I am leaving” She told angrily, stomping her feet and as she started to move, I held her hand and pulled her. She banged my chest. “What the hell?” She shouted. “I will miss u samhita!” I told her in a loving whisper. Her eyes widened and she smiled. “Forgiven!” She said in a soft voice. We both hugged. Yesterday, we had a lovely time, talking with each other, the whole night. And I understood that she is the best match for me. I promise to keep her happy always.
Today is katy’s engagement. All are very busy in the preparations. Including me. We reached trivandrum in the afternoon. Here I am, dressing up for the ceremony, while the gym boy is having a deep sleep. I was totally puzzled that what to wear. I was about to wear a gold saree, when I heard a voice. “No. Don’t wear that. Wear the red one which you are having in your left hand.” It was obviously, my gym boy. How the hell he managed to utter all these while having his eyes closed?? My eyes widened in shock, while he chuckled. I shook my head and went to change.
When I came to the room after changing, he was nowhere to be found. I don’t know why it bothers me. Though I know that he would be here somewhere, inside our house, the thought of him not near me always bothers me. Suddenly, I felt two hands encircling my waist. I know who it was. “Missing me??” He whispered huskily in my ears, creating a tickling sensation all over my body. “No. Why should I ?” I tried to speak coldly like him, but in vain. “Mrs. Singhania, Don’t try to act like me. You are poor in acting.” he told me with a chuckle. “Ok! I admit! I missed u.” I gave up. He laughed. “By the way you are looking nice.” He told me. “Uff! Couldn’t you say it better?” I told him angrily. Actually fake anger. I love his true shade. Though he doesn’t speak any sugar coated words, his simple words always leave an impact on me. “How should I say?” He asked me as he placed his lips on my neck. Gosh! I felt hundreds of butterflies flying in my abdomen. “Vidyut! Leave me. I should go down.” I tried to say in a strict voice, but it didn’t sound like that. As I uttered these words, he moved his lips over my neck in a pattern intensely, without paying heed. My cheeks turned red. And I am slowly losing myself in the newfound love of mine.
Guys, Deesh here. Sorry, I took too much time to post. Thanks for your lovely support guys. Keep supporting. I will try to upload the next part as soon as possible. I am not sure of this chapter. Hope u guys would like it. I know this is short, but please forgive me for that. Especially savi. Sorry yaar. I will try to post a lengthy one next time. Thanks for reading.

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