“CB!!!” I yelled after reaching home. CB. Short for chatterbox. I had kept this name, as I thought it was a tailor made name for her. “Why are u shouting, Mr. singhania??” She asked while coming down the stairs. “Where’s the food man?? I am damn hungry!!” I complained. “Oh fish!! The cook is on leave today. How did I forget that??” She gave me a pathetic look. I glared at her angrily. “Ok! Calm down!! Let’s eat outside today.” She told. “My car is on repair. How will we go now?? Flying?” I yelled with sarcasm. The other car was in my family home, as Shanaya wanted to go for a long drive. “God!! When did this happen?? Then how did u come home??”

She questioned. Duh!! She opened her question bank! “Arijit dropped me.” I told her coldly. “Yippeee!! I got an idea!!” She screeched making my ears go deaf. I looked at her. “We have my brand new ducaty bike!! We’ll go by that!!” she cried in excitement. ” Bike??” ” Then are you going to walk on foot to the restaurant??” “Ok!! Let’s go!!” I gave in. As I was about to sit on the bike, she gave me a deadly announcement. “Today, I am gonna ride this! You sit back!” She announced leaving me shocked. What??!! “You aren’t riding. I will ride.” I told her strictly. “Look!! It’s my bike. So, I will only ride!! If u don’t want to come, then don’t come. I am going.” Urgh!! these girls!!

I had no other option other than to sit back. Man!! She drove like a wind!! It was 10.30.p.m. and so there was not much traffic and I must admit that she rides good. The breeze made her hair fly and some strands of her hair fell on my face. Her hair smelled good. The fragrance of her hair filled in my nostrils. She howled in excitement as we flew in air. It was dangerous. Gosh!! I have never experienced such an exciting bike ride in my life. she forced me to howl as well. It was so much fun!! How did my life change like this?? When did I start to enjoy like this?? I had no proper answers for that, but I knew that SHE is the reason. As we reached the restaurant, “How long will u hold me like this?? We have reached the restaurant. Take your hands off from my waist” She told me sheepishly. Damn!! I had been hugging her!! How did I fail to notice??

We had our dinner and went back home. The ride was absolutely fabulous and I have never enjoyed like this in my life. Now a days, I understood one thing. I am changing gradually and It is because of her. This change is for good.
The previous day’s ride was too good. I had the best of fun in my life. I made him howl too!! It was so exciting. I knew he is changing and I am gradually falling for him. I am damn clear about my feelings. My chain of thoughts were broken by my phone. My phone flashed. “KATY CALLING” As I picked the call, Katy yelled, “How are u ammu?? Is everything fine??” ” Yup, katy I am good. Everything is fine here. How about u all there??” “Yeah. everyone is fine. Ammu! I want to share a news with u. It is that I am getting married.” He replied in a blushing voice. “Idiot!! Why didn’t u inform this to me before??” I yelled in fake anger. “Ammu! I am sorry actually this was fixed just a day back.”

“What? Congrats man!! who’s the girl?? How is she?? What is she doing??” “Ammu! Stop! Don’t bombard me with questions.” “Ok! But do tell!! please!” “Ok baba! Her name is Samhita. She is an IFS officer. She is very bold and daring….” As he continued, I could sense that he was blushing. “Katy! Stop blushing man!! God! She is an exact opposite to you. How did she accept?” I told mockingly. Shut up ammu!! I will tell about it later. First tell me when are u coming?? The wedding is after two weeks. Please do come soon na. Already the preparations have been started. If u come then, the fab 7 will be complete.”

“I know katy. But u know na after being appointed as the AMD, It’s really difficult to come. I ‘ll ask papaji and tell u. Please don’t be angry on me. I’ll try for sure!” I tried to convince him. Even I wanted to go there well ahead of the marriage. But I have to ask papaji. I hope he allows me.

Yay!! Papaji is such a sweetheart. He allowed me. In fact, he even booked the tickets for the fight which is for the next day. He told me that Our family should be always the first priority. Business should be the next. He was right unlike his son, who doesn’t understand about the importance of family. I am sooooo happy!! Finally, I’ll meet all after such a long gap. When I asked about vidyut, he said that he doesn’t like all these. He also added that If I took him there that too a week before, he would become mad on me. Yup, he was right. So, I have to go alone. Even though, I liked to go there, I don’t think I will be able to live without him. I am gonna miss him like hell. But, I am damn sure that he won’t miss me. I don’t know why but the thought that he will not miss me brought tears in my eyes. But, I will miss u gym boy. I will definitely miss u.

Damn! where is my black shirt man?? For the past half an hour, I have been searching for this shirt like a mad with a towel on my waist. “Mr. Gym boy!! where are u?? I want to share a news with u.” She yelled as she came barging inside the room. Her eyes widened as she saw me. I was shirtless. “Mad woman!! Couldn’t u knock the door and come inside??” I yelled. She immediately closed her eyes with her hands. I chuckled seeing her action. “I am sorry…” she fumbled. “Now turn!” I told her after wearing a shirt. “Why were u yelling as if u had won a gold in the olympics??” I asked her. “You know what, Katy is getting married!! Yay!!” Her face brightened and she looked like a child, once again making me smile. “That’s nice” I told her. “I am going to trivandrum!! Yay!!” She squealed. “When are u going??” “Tomorrow!! That’s nice na!!” “Tomorrow??” Immediately my face darkened. Damn!! I will miss her man!! I will not be able to live without her absence. She told me that she will be there for two weeks. I don’t know why, for me, 2 weeks sounded like 2 years. I know I am exaggerating, but I am going to miss her. ” Thank god! I will be free without your constant chattering!!” I lied. She glared at me. I laughed. “Even I will not miss you gym boy. I will be very happy without u.” She replied. My face darkened. My body stiffened. My blood boiled in anger after hearing those words of hers. I didn’t know why. I held her hand and pulled towards me. She banged my hard, toned chest. I saw fear reflecting in her eyes seeing my blood shot, red, eyes. But seeing her eyes, my body softened. My eyes too. But, not my grip on her. I held her close to me, by wrapping my arms around her waist. “Won’t u miss me??” I asked her coldly. She slowly leaned towards me and whispered in my ears, “I WILL, gym boy.” And to my uttermost shock, she placed her soft lips on my rough stubble, pecked my cheek and ran away blushing. Gosh!! What was that!! She kissed me. It was not an actual kiss, but It is the first time and it is amazing. She did something to me, man!! I am becoming mad!!

It has been 2 hrs since she had left for trivandrum and I am already missing her. What to do man?? Time is staying still for me and I am unable to bear her absence. The man, who had loved business is not able to concentrate on work now. Still, I am not able to figure out the feelings I had for her, but I am damn sure that I will not be able to live without her and I NEED HER!!

Finally, It is good to be back!! As I went home, chachi screeched in excitement. Hearing her scream, all the others came. “Hey ammu!! We missed u a loooottttt!!” My cousins chorused together. “Me too!!” Katy hugged me. “Congrats man!!” I wished him. “OMG!! katy!! still u haven’t changed your glasses?? For god’s sake please do change. Otherwise, your fiancee will run away. By the way, show the pic of your fiancee man!!” I asked him. As he showed me the pic, I was shocked to the core. I looked at katy and then my cousins. “My god!! How did katy choose like this?? I mean, The girl looked modern and from her looks anyone can say she is bold and vivacious.” All my cousins broke into laughter.
It was a wedding of one of our distant relative. The bride was little modern. ” Gosh!! I would never ever marry modern girls!!” Katy exclaimed to us. “Then what kind of girl do you want??” I asked him. “Hmm, The girl should be traditional. She should have long hair till her knees. She should be from an educated family. She should know to cook traditional dishes. After I come home, She should wipe my sweat with the pallu of her saree….” he said dreamily. “Yuck!! Katy bro!! Which film did u watch?? Such stupid ideas!!” Sid grumbled and katy hit him. We all roared into laughter.

***********END OF FLASHBACK***************

“God!! Is it the same katy??!” I asked in shock. The girl, Samhita, was really beautiful but, she had short hairs, which was upto her shoulders, contrasting to katy’s desires, which made me shocked. By her looks, I could notice that she was a girl of great courage and had a modern outlook. Actually that surprised me was how katy chose samhita?? As they say, Love changes everything, Katy too changed his mindset. I was really happy that katy chose a modern girl. He needs such girl. Aju revealed to me that sid had put a picture of george @ nivin in my room and I became mad with anger. As I went to chase him, Annie and aru dragged me for shopping and I went along with them.

Trivandrum. Here I was, after being unable to bear her absence. Dad was shocked to the core by my decision and he agreed happily. My heart thumped in joy that I was going to meet her. I really feel that I am changed. Not totally, but a little. Though, I am arrogant to the whole world, I am less arrogant with her. I could not stay without her for even a minute more. To my extreme shock, when I went there, I was told that she had went for shopping. I told everyone , not to reveal to her that I am here and I wanted to give her a surprise. Everyone giggled and nodded. Kartik hugged me and I wished him. He and sid took me to her room and asked me to rest there till she came. As I entered the room, I saw a big photo of a young man, with a beard. Curiosity seeped through me and with great difficulty, I asked. “Who’s that kartik?” “Jiju! He is george. Ammu’s first crush.” Sid giggled. Kartik was about to say something more and before he could they were called and they went. My blood boiled in anger. My eyes turned blood shot. Who the hell was this george?? Then I remembered that on the day of our engagement, when we played the game of truth or dare, she had mentioned this name. What’s there in this guy that she had a crush upon him?? I don’t know why I felt so angry. I can’t bear the thought that she liked someone else. Wait!! Am I expecting her to like me?? What’s happening?? My head was aching.

I had a bath to cool my mind and was changing in her room. Suddenly, the door opened. Gosh! I was only in my pants. It was her. Her eyes widened in shock and she ran towards me and hugged me. Probably, she didn’t notice that I was shirtless. By her touch, my anger vanished. Her slender fingers on my toned abs, did something to me. It was like I was craving for that. I reciprocated. I was happy that she too missed me. Suddenly, she realised that I was shirtless and withdrew herself from me. I wore my shirt. “What a surprise, gym boy??!!” She squealed. I could sense the happiness in her voice. Though I felt happy that she missed me, somewhere in the corner of my heart, I had the curiosity to ask her about her crush. Unable to bear more, I asked her, “Who’s he??” pointing to that pic in a cold tone. She fumbled.

“Actually… He is…” “Don’t exaggerate man! Tell me who’s that?? ” I yelled. I tried hard not to yell but her fumbling increased my anger and I yelled. She started to shiver in fear, seeing the anger of mine. “He is george. My crush.” she told me in a breath. “Do you like him??” she didn’t reply. “DO YOU LIKE HIM??” I shouted. she nodded. That’s it for me. I didn’t know what had happened as I smashed her soft lips by my rough ones. I sucked them harder and harder. One of my hands was on her waist and the other was on her back. My hand was constantly roaming on her waist .

One of her hands was on my back and the other was clutching my hair. First, she didn’t participate, but, later she too reciprocated with equal passion. We were totally lost. It was a pure bliss, which I have never experienced before. This was our first kiss. It was magical. After a while, I broke it. I saw her. Her eyes were closed. I didn’t know what made me to behave like that. I whispered in her ears, ” YOU ARE MINE!!”

Guys, Deesh here. Thanks for your lovely comments friends. This is my longest chapter. I hope you all like it. I am not good in romance, so please forgive me guys, if it was not to your expectations. Keep supporting guys!! Thanks for reading.

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