“Vidyut! Amaya! where are u guys??” I heard shanaya di’s voice. Shanaya di is that gym boy’s elder sister. As he heard that voice, he immediately stood and went away from the room. I took a breath of relief. “Amaya!! where were u guys?? It is becoming late. Come fast dear!” Shanaya di said with a smile. I nodded and she went. Everybody in this family are so nice except that gym boy. To my bad luck, I had to move to that gym boy’s private bungalow, that night. I took a green saree from my baggage and went to fresh up.

All the rituals went smooth. After the rituals, papaji announced a shocking decision. ” Today, I am glad to announce the Asst. Managing Director of Singhania groups, my only bahu, Mrs. Amaya Vidyut Singhania!!” I was completely shocked. I noticed that the gym boy was not happy with this decision. After the function, I went to meet papaji. “Papaji, why have u made me the AMD of singhania groups??” “Beta, you are an educated girl. And you belong from a business family as well. So I thought why should u waste your education?? By the way you will also feel bored by staying there all day alone. You will have a change. I am not forcing you beta, it’s your wish.” He said. I loved this idea. Yeah, papaji is telling the truth. Anyways, I too wished to start a business of my own. I should gain some experience. So, why not ? I should give this a try. I nodded with a smile. He blessed me and wished me luck. The only drawback is that I have to work with that gym boy. uff!! I can’t compromise my dreams for that arrogant person. No ways!! I am ready to face that gym boy. I ‘ll definitely prove myself for sure.

It has been a pretty long time, since we got married. Probably 4 or 5 months. I am not sure. Time is flying. And in these months, I came to know one of the most horrible truths, that I am becoming addicted to her. She, being working in the same office as mine, made the matters worse. At first, I hated dad’s decision of making her as AMD. But, I understood later that she is brilliant in her work. And nowadays, I am not able to bear her absence in the office. Sometimes, She had to attend some meetings or presentation without me and I completely hate that. I feel lonely without her. Even though, I am a loner, and am completely used to loneliness, her absence makes me mad. Again and again, those foreign feelings are making me vulnerable. In home, though we live in different rooms, her presence makes my home more lively and I am…. liking it. It is hard to accept these u know. And, we don’t fight like cats and dogs nowadays. Things have been better in our relationship. I am liking, in fact loving her antics, which make a curve on my face. I want to share one such incident, when she made me laugh like a mad.

************* FLASHBACK *********************
It was a tiring day. After all, I had 3 meetings that day. When I came to home, I went to my room and got changed. Then I heard a loud noise. It was like someone was hearing loud music. It just made my blood boil with anger as I guessed who it could be!! As I barged inside her room, I was shocked. That crazy girl was dancing!! That too for a fast beat tamil song. Gosh!! She was dancing like a mad!! She was murmuring and dancing. Actually, it was not dancing. she was raising her hands and shaking her legs. It was too funny. That scene made me laugh. I laughed like hell and seeing me laugh, she stopped and glared at me. “Man!! It was too funny!! How could u dance like this??” I told her in between my laughter. She narrowed her eyes. She turned her face and stomped her feet. Her face was too cute that time. “Gosh!! Your dance made me light!! I was too tired and it made me relaxed” I blurted out. For the first time I complimented her for something and She turned towards me suddenly. “It made u relaxed na??” She asked me with a smile. I nodded. “Where did u learn this crazy dance from??” I asked her. “From dadi.” she said with a wink. “From dadi??!! gosh!!” I exclaimed and we both burst into laughter.
****** END OF FLASHBACK**********************

I have never laughed like this. She made this cold hearted man to laugh like hell. It made me better. And I have started to enjoy her company. That incident in fact, broke the ice between us. We are in better terms now. Actually, we are not very good friends but not like before too. We do talk sometimes, and she has transformed me into a person who does talk sometimes. First, I hated to talk, but now some improvement due to her. We do talk about business, family matters and others now. And now, I have become clear that whatever I did I could not control that feelings of mine. I have started to accept that too. But the problem is I don’t know what these feelings are called. I have never believed in these kind of feelings, but now I have understood that I am unable to control these and I will not be able to get rid of them.

Yeah, it has been 4 months!! I never ever thought that this gym boy could laugh!! And I am attracted to him even more. When he laughs, he is sooooo cute. I can’t describe it in words. His laugh makes me happy. Though he is arrogant, I saw another side of him, completely unknown to this world. He even talks, due to my training!! The person, who I thought to be a devil was actually not. And the most amazing thing that I found in him was that he too cares!! and that too for me!!

I had to attend a meeting in delhi. It happened all of a sudden and I could not inform him as he did not pick his phone. I informed Arijit and papaji. When the meeting was over, I saw that there were 34 missed calls from him!! When I called him back, he yelled. ” Why the hell didn’t u pick the phone?? I have been trying you for the past 4 hrs. Where the hell are u man?? Do you know what is the time now?? It is 11.00.p.m. Tell me where are u?? I will pick u up.” ” Actually I am in delhi now.” I fumbled. “What?? Why didn’t u tell me before??” he yelled more. “I tried to reach u vidyut. But, u didn’t pick the call. And I had informed papaji and arijit.” Before I could proceed more, he had cut the call. Damn!! He is hell angry!! I had to reach mumbai early. It was 4.00.a.m. in the morning, when I reached home. I had a spare key with me and as I opened, I found him sleeping on the sofa. He hadn’t changed his dress too. God!! He had been waiting for me!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. This gym boy had been waiting for me. I felt so bad for him. Poor soul!! I knew that even he had 4 meetings that day. He would have been tired. I felt touched by his concern for me. I sat beside him.

I saw him. His face showed tiredness. I slowly caressed his hair. He hadn’t removed his shoes too. I removed it. I felt sooo bad by seeing him in that state. It brought tears to my eyes. My hand was continuously caressing his hair and tears were flowing from my eyes continuously. I pecked his forehead. And suddenly, a hand pulled me. It was him. I fell over him on the sofa. He looked intensely. It was more intense than ever before. Slowly he wiped my tears. “Sorry. I was scared. That’s why I shouted at u.” He whispered huskily as he rubbed his cheeks with mine. His husky voice made me go mad. I was astounded by his apology. Gosh!! That day he gave me a lot of surprises. I didn’t know what had happened to me and I hugged him. It was passionate. He was surprised at first, but he too wrapped his arms around my waist. That day, we slept by hugging each other in the sofa. It was the best sleep I had ever. That day I came to know what a caring person he was.
**************END OF FLASHBACK***************

Gradually, I am liking him. I am clear about that. Though, he is not a Mr. Perfect, I am liking his flaws too. I don’t know whether he likes me or not. But, I don’t care. All I care is that I am liking him. The cold hearted Vidyut singhania is actually changing!! And he is changing for good. His presence makes me feel good. He has changed my life.I never ever thought that this marriage which I thought to be a hell is turning into a heaven for me. And day by day, I am falling for him by his DIFFERENT SHADES.

Guys, deesh here. Thanks for your lovely lovely comments. And I am fine now guys. Thanks a lot. Keep supporting!! Thanks for reading.

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