Arjun/Aju – Karan wahi
Amaya/Ammu/Meenakumari – Tejasswi Prakash Wayangankar

‘Aju!Aju! where are you man? are you ready?
I heard my sis yelling at me. As I came down, Isaw her shooting glares at me for being late.
‘even girls wouldn’t take this much time! there is only 10 mins to 12. how r we going to reach?’ she shot at me angrily.
‘could you please tell me where are we going at this hour? to dance with the ghosts at 12?’ I asked her with sarcasm.
‘so, you are back! my aju is back!’ she shouted making my ears go deaf. I gave her a smile. she smiled at me. I could see tears brimming in her eyes.
‘so, are u going to waste the time in these senti dramas?’ I asked her. she shook her head and we made a move.
‘Aju, the weather is so lovely, isn’t it?’ she asked me. I looked at her and nodded. I looked at her. she was happy. I could see genuine happiness in her eyes. Obviously she would be happy. After all her brother, that’s me has been back to normal. After the disastrous events that I had faced, I had been in distress. My smart sis of mine had brought me here, to our native village,which is cradled between the western ghats, to make me better and she did make me better, infact she brought back the same old aju. Not this place made me better, but her words did. After the encounter with her in the morning, I realised how foolish I was. I, Mr. Arjun shivakumar, the youngest and the successful businessman had been accused of murder. Though I had been proved innocent, the past happenings made me go mad.

The media made a mountain out of a mole hill , which made me lose many important deals and resulted in the decline of my group of companies.
‘So, Mr. Arjun is back with a bang, right?’ she asked me. I smiled and nodded. I didn’t notice that we were going through the coconut grove on the foothills of the western ghats. ‘Where are we going yaar, tell me atleast now’ I pleaded. She gestured me to turn and look. I was surprised to see a lake there. It is not that I have never seen a lake, it is just I didn’t know that there was one here. There was a boat , decorated with lights. I looked at her doubtfully as she dragged me and made me sit on the boat. As I sat, she shouted, ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJJJJUUUU!!!’
‘God!!! How did I forget this?’I forgot the most important day of my no, our life.’ This is not only my birthday, Ms.Meenakumari, IT’S OURS!!!’ I shouted with excitement. Yes we are twins. I am the eldest being 10 mins elder to her.’ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!!’ I sang as she laughed at me. ‘By the way aju , did u like this surprise??’ ‘ That was wonderful meenakumari.’ I winked at her. ‘HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO NOT CALL ME MEENAKUMARI??? Call me amaya or ammu!’She shouted at the top of her voice. I roared with laughter.

Finally it is good to be back. Yes, she brought me back to normal. ‘So, happy 25 th birthday to us!!! She shouted excitedly as we held our hands together to cut the cake. We don’t resemle each other in appearance. I am tall and bulky and resemble my mom in features whereas she is also tall but she is slim and resembles our dad. We may be poles apart in nature, but we are always by the side of each other. Nothing could break us.

‘Hey is this the lake that sweety told you yesterday??’ I heard my bro saying. He rolled his eyes. ‘This is the haunted lake that sweety told you!! OMG!!! You have gone crazy Meenakumari!!!’ I looked at him with anger, actually fake anger. I hated being called meenakumari, actually it is my real name. I was named meenakumari because it was my paternal grandma’s name and we were born a year after her death. So, I was named meenakumari. But this fool escaped as he was a boy and he can’t be named meenakumari and till now he thanks god for making our granddad alive as he would have been named after him!! He teases me by calling me like that and to be frank , even I like if only my bro calls me like that. If anyone would call me like that, I would have punched straight on his face!

‘Yes it is the same haunted lake’ I said with a chuckle. He give me a ‘what kind of nonsense is this’ look. ‘Yeah how did i forget that ghosts love haunted places ‘ he winked at me.’ You!!!’ I sprang upon him and hit him. ‘ouch! it is paining mad girl!’ I bursted into laughter
Finally, my bro is back. My first best friend is back!! After a lot of struggles, he is back. Though he looks arrogant and egoistic, only me and my crazy cousins know about his funny and loving side. I am the happiest person in this whole world today!!!
Guys, this is deesh. I am new here and I hope u would support me. This is about different shades of love in our life and hope u would like this. This episode was about sibling love. I hope this episode wasn’t boring. Please do comment and share your views. I want to know whether I can continue this ff or not. Do comment guys.

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  1. Akshata

    awesome update and interesting too. is this swaragini ff? if yes then use ragini’s cover photo, so everyone will come to know abt it. yes update soon

    1. Deesh

      Thank you akshata, ur comment made my day. But I am new here and I don’t know how to change the cover pic. Can u tell me how?

    2. Deesh

      yes, it is a swaragini ff. More characters will be introduced in the upcoming episodes.

      1. Akshata

        same like you did for this update. i mean you have selected that heart cover photo for your update but from the next time use swaragini’s photo.

        find the below line in “submit article” and select swara or ragini’s photo.
        *Uploading a picture is optional. When not uploaded, we will use the one from your previous story or use default.

  2. Deesh

    thanks akshata. I will. and i need a nerd character for my ff. which actor can i choose?? pls do tell.

    1. Akshata

      can you pls give me your fav actors list. so we can choose one of them.

      1. Deesh

        vidyut jammwal, varun kapoor, siddhant gupta

      2. Deesh

        but i have already posted the second epi. hope u would like the cast i selected. but still i am confused. after reading u guys can give me suggestions, as i have already posted it.

  3. Ragz_teju

    awesome dear..

    1. Deesh

      thank u.

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