Different shades of girls……. (Intro)


Hi guys this is my very first FF.Please comment all comments are welcomed.i’ll give the character skecth and intro.if you like i’ll continue..

swara ;daughter of sumi and shekar .laksh is her brother. loves ragini her cousin .doc by profession.apple of everyone eyes.like to play pranks.has many shades.called as kutti.
laksh ; son of sumi and shekar. swara’s brother. love to irritate her sister .has a secret crush on ragini.business man by profession.called as monkeyfor his antiques.younger to swara.
ragini;cousin of swara and laksh .loves swara.she lost her parents ,living with swara.she is also a doc by profession.younger to swara.loves sumi and shekar lot.called as chellam.has many shades.
sanskar;business man by profession .son of anu and prasad.
sumi;mother of swara and laksh.loves ragini.a housewife.
shekar;father of swara and laksh.loves ragini.a business man by profession.
anu;mother of sanskar. a house wife.
prasad;father of sanskar .doc by profession
parvathi paati;grandmother of swara,laksh,ragini.mother of shekar.
sham thatha;grandfather of swara,laksh,ragini .father of shekar.
shoba paati;grandmother of swara,laksh,ragini.mother of sumi.
(paati means grandmother in tamil,thatha means grandfather in tamil)

a girl seen doing something of the boy face.when he gets up he shouts seeing the mirror…
(the girl is non other than swara and the boy is non other than laksh)
laksh:aah pei(ghost),some one help me(then he realised that is non other than himself and shouted)swara idiot devil i will not leave u.
then he reached the hall where all the family members are sitting.all started to laugh seeing him.
laksh;where is that devil i’ll not leave her.
swara:what happened monkey(with a laugh supressed face)
sumi;what hapened laksh why are u looking like this (by controlling her laugh)
laksh;ask your daughter(with serious face)
shekar;what did u do swara?
swara;appa actually i did make up to him using mom’s make up set to make him look beautiful and put paste around his mouth as i thought it will be easy for him to brush.
shekar;well done my kutti.
laksh;what is this appa u are always support her.
after telling this he started to chase her.all were laughing seeing this.


Credit to: asha

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  1. It was awesome yaar love it. Very nice intro. Please continue its’ very interesting .???

  2. Akshata

    nice concept. update soon

  3. thank u anjali and akshata

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