Different shades of girls……. (Episode 2)


guys thanks for ur comments.i loved it.
recap:swaraglak messing up each other.
sumi :go and fresh up u 3.
swaraglak:yes boss(by saluting and walking in a line like marchpast)
(At that time sanskar came to give some important file to laksh as they were business patners and rang the bell)
laksh:i will go and open the door.
swara: no monkey i will go and open the door.
ragini:no i will go.

(saying that the 3 were chasing each other.swara reached first and opened the door.)
sanskar:ahhhh…baaaaa….peiii(ghost)……kuttisathan…please leave me i did not get married also ..still have many things to
do in my life.(by giving scared looks)
swara: do i look lik a pei idiot,stupid,monkey2.what do you want?
sanskar:pei madam actually i came to give this file to my patner laksh ,could u call him?
swara:ohhh monkey2 came to see monkey1 ha.
hey monkey someother monkey came to see u.

(actually when swara was talking to sanskar , laksh was scretly romancing with ragini)
hey monkey stop your romance with chellam and come here(raglak felt embarassed).
(when laksh came infront of sanskar he fainted).
laksh:sanskar what happend..
(ragini and swara also came there when sanskar got up he fainted seeing the all 3 together)


guys please don’t scold me for this update bcause this only came in my stupid mind.

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    hahahhahah, there are so many monkey .

  3. nice bt short..

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