Different shades of girls……. (Episode 1)


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recap:laksh chasing swara .all laughing seeing thm

epi 1

while laksh was chasing swara she ran into the kitchen.
swara:monky i am sorry i will not do it again.
laksh:swara devil i will not leave you.
(saying this he started throwing eggs,tomato,chilli powder,garam masala,flour…..and swara was escaping from all these and it all hitted a person )
person:what is this?(with angry face)
swara :(by supressing her laugh)chellam i did not do anything thi monkey only did evryting(pointing towards laksh)
laksh: rago please forgive me chellam i throwed it on that devil but it mistakenly hitted you(with a pout face)
when ragini saw laksh her anger vanished seeing his face and started to laugh.after somtime swara and laksh joined her in laugh..

that tim sumi came
simi:what is this(with angry face)
swara;amma this is kitchen u don’t know .
sumi:i did not ask about it.i asked about chellam
ragini;athai these idiots were fighting when i came and this lucky monkey throwed all the things on me(athai means aunty the one who is child fathers sis or child mother’s brother
wife.actually ragini is sumi’s brother’child)
sumi :u both don’t have any work always making my child to cry.
swara:amma u say know lucky monkey and chellam are looking made for each other know(with blinking her eyes)

(by hearing it both blushed and after sometime thy became normal and started to chase swara and put flour on her.now 3 were looking lik ghost from conjuring. then they went into hall.that time current went.in hall seeing them all started to shout)

shekar:baa pei(ghost) pleas leave me.if u kill me how i will do romance with sumi.
sham thatha:please leave m also if i go who will romance with parvathi.
parvathi paati and shoba paati:please leave us if we die who will watch serials.
swaraglak:(started to laugh.at that time current came.whole family was embarassed)
swara;appa and thatha seriously while pleading with ghost also u are talking about romance.
laksh:paatis while pleading with ghost also you are talking about serial.
(saying this 3 bursted out laughing.at that time sumi came.swara narrated all the happenings and sh gave death glare to shekar and started to laugh. )
sumi;ok ok u 3 go and fresh up.
(all had a good time)

precap:fun and swasan’s meet

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  1. Asha u tamilian…hmmm gud da…rajini fan ah nee?…hmmm loved tis part

  2. Akshata

    awesome update

  3. nalla irunthuchu

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    Awsm dr..!!

  5. SNY

    Asha nee rajini fan ahhh????

  6. Awesome dear ??

  7. Akshaya

    Nalla irundhuchu chella kutti

  8. Janavee

    Awesome ?? enjoyed a lot ??

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  10. Asha

    Thanks for commenting all of u.
    I am a tamilian. I am not only rajini fan I like lot of hero and heroens.
    I think really u liked it.

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