different shades of girls……. epi 3

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recap:sanskar fainted seeing the trio..

laksh:who said you two to come in front of him.
swara:oh yei monkey he fainted when he saw you.
ragini:corret.but what to do now.
swara:monkey carry him to your room.
laksh:why should i carry him.
swara:because he is your business partner only not mine.
laksh:no no you two help me .
swarag:ok with one condition two big dairy milk bublee and icecream.
laksh:ok ok now help me(in mind)these two devils are eating my mind
(the trio lifted him and went to laksh room . then they fresh up and came and sat around sanskar)
swara:wake him up

laksh:how to wake him up?
ragini:just pour water
(laksh poured water on him he did not get up)
laksh:what to do?
swara:(silently to the trio)shock treatment.
ok now i’ll give a injection to him if he did not wake up me and ragini will use him for lab experiments.
ragini:correct swara i also need something to lab experiment.
(hearing it sanskar woke up fully sweating.the trio bursted out into laugh)
laksh:how are u feeling dude?

sanskar:seriously laksh what are you thinking about yourself .i came to give an important file but u first gave me shock,now double shock.
swara:hello mister monkey2 why are you scolding him first think of yourself talking about marraige at that time also.
laksh:ok swara don’t scold him already he is in a shock.sanskar sorry for the inconvenience
sanskar:could u tell me what happened?
(laksh said everything sanskar bursted out to laugh)
swara:sorry mister monkey2
(sans gave a death glare to her)
ragini: sorry anna(anna means elder bro in tamil)
sanskar:ok i forgive u but with one condition u should be my friends.
ragini:swara we should go for hospital immediatly.
swara:oh i too forgot about that speaking with these monkeys



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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..