Different shades of my girl… kkb… Epi 1


I entered the college only to be welcomed by a tight slap…….and after wards a water balloon that splashed on my face …..I stood there being embarrassed and quickly hugged the one who did this….yeah I hugged her….she hit me on my chest with her full force as soon as she was calmed again a balloon water balloon on my head but this time water was black colored making mY favourite white shirt black…..I was about to catch other girl that did this but to my bad luck both ran away and a boy opened water tap and directed the pipe water on me…..I was now wet from tip to toe…..he also ran away in their direction and did high five with them….I didn’t do anything and ran in their direction….They ran and said catch us if u can abhishek mehra…..and I was running after them calling out their names……I know I did mistake but they took revenge and now they are running away……I will not leave them…..


I was running but he appeared in front out if no where….I knew I will be his first victim he grabbed me by my waist and tickled me…..I was laughing out aloud like a maniac….he was not stopping…..Purab Came and rescued me…. and we again ran….he said I will not leave u dumbo…..

He is cute and purab being his brother is extra cute and handsome….I must say I m not less than anyone…..my bestie cum sis joined me…..


After he left my lil sis I quickly tried to hide but what he grabbed me by my waist…..and I was shocked at what I did….Being the shy girl I was he didn’t expected me to do this but I kissed him and as he was in its effect I flew away……he stood there shocked and looked at purab and siso who watched this…

Purab POV

She kissed him…..OMG OMG OMG…..The shy Girl became bold……she kissed him and flew away….me and bulbul stood there shocked…….

hey its my first ff on abhigya hope u like it…..it will be complete different story…..and length depends on ur comments…..


  1. Heidi



    and I will write both fanfics and they will be different from each other onwards coz I was writing this fanfic and I thought it isn’t posted so I again posted but by rewriting as I hadn’t saved it so that one is different

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