different ff….my love story. episode 2

I was sick for two days and have not went to school. Some how i was happy that now i dont need to go to school. But after two still i had fever but my dad sent me to school. I was waiting on buss station. When buss. My friend alishba was sitting there. I sat beside her abd we talk when buss went to the next station we found azra their she took the buss and on the next station we went out. We went down from the stairs and goes toward school.
Alishba: Mahira, Azra guyz i am going to libaray. Noone is in school at this time. Will u join.
Me: No yaar.
Azra: Wait i will come. Lets go.
Me: Ok guyz i will see you all after 15 mins.
Alishba: Ok bye babe.
Me: Bye.
They went to libaray and i went to school building.
I thought to take heis but then thought no.
I went up by stairs. I thought even criminal will die by going up and down by stairs.
I sat on bench for 10 min when valid, Wali, Rahil, Fred come there.
( Wali: A sweet boy. Nice, Arrogant, Flirty.
Fred: A cool boy. All boys and girl in north of our city know him. Most of hole city know him. He is nice.)

I stood up and went inside our ingang. After two min. My friend also come there. After sometime we had our classes and its was break. ( Its a rule that we have to go out when its break. Only in lunch break u can be down on bench room. Noome can be in school buliding.)
My went outside. I went inside the bath and was about to close the door when someone stoped and come inside. Well ot was a guy. But i cant see his face because his back is facing me. He look the door.
M: Who are u. Go outside. Or else…
Voice: Or else what.
M: Or else i will scream&shout.
Voice: You will not.
He turn around and remove the scarf he had on her face to cover it.
Yes it was rahil. :-/

M: What are you doing here in girl tiolet.
R: I am here to hide.
M: Great. I will go out.
I was about to open when he hold my hand and twist it. My back was facing him.
I could feel his warm heat.
R: Shshhshh. You will not go.
M: Plz leave me.
He make me turn and make me look in to his eyes. We were looking at eachother.
M: Rahil.
R: Hmmmm.
M: I wanted to ask you something.
R: Yes go ahead.
M: You and hebina er GF and BF right.
R: Yessss….we…
M: Oh i see u guyz look good together.
R: But mahira we were together. Not anymore.
M: Whattt. How.
R: Actually it doesn’t worked for us.
M: Oh that why you breaked up with eachother.
He simply noded.
Again i was about to go out when again he hold me. And pinned me to the wall. He took my hands and kissed it.
Me(mind): For the first time i felt love in his kiss. I was so glad that they broked up.
R: Mahira.
M: Hmmmmmmmm.
R: Can i…k…..i..s
before he could say something i kissed him on his lips. I dont now why i did that but i was feeling good. His rough and hard lips.
I broked thd kiss and look at him. Without wasting anytime he kissed my lips. First he was kissing softly softly but then start biting it. I moan. And he smile without breaking the kiss.
We were kissing eachother. Like we were hungry for eachother. Actually he have kissed me times but this one was other the last ones.
We broke the kisd due to lack of oksygen.
He asked.
R: Mahira i dont now if u did this for fun but i really have start loving you. Will u be my soul.
I noded simply and we hugged eachother.

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